Sunday Morning Medicine: synthwave, dreampop & deep house to bliss out to

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

At the top of the deck for me this week is a melancholic offering from Christian Löffler‘s incredible second studio offering Mare. In many ways, the Mohna featuring “Haul” represents the best of the album—at once gloomy and optimistic, sparkling with an organic effervescence, and layered with an endlessly repeatable texture.

The track sees Löffler build a nuanced soundscape out of tediously tweaked samples over a solid deep house framework in what has become his signature style. Impressively, many of the sounds used to create the album were field recordings from a retreat the producer made to a coastal cabin near the Baltic Sea where much of Mare was conceived.


Body of Light’s “Light Is Gone” is a standout from the group’s 2013 LP Volanta Di Amore. The restrained, almost unfeeling vocal betrays the core of the track which pulses with a melancholic romanticism. This atmospheric offering flexes in the space between our narrator’s yearning and his seemingly unshakable sense of inevitable disappointment.

Perhaps it’s telling that the track ends in an ascendant, almost hopeful synth progression. Then again, a full listen of the LP sends this gorgeous tangle right into the supremely sinister gothic-inspired sound waves of “Watch Your Back,” so maybe not.


The Blaze, cousins and producers Jonathan and Guillaume Alric, have gained a serious cult following for their genre-defying and often cinematic music. “Territory” is one of the duo’s finest works to date with a captivating narrative video and a song that fully embodies the term ‘slow burn.’  The track’s synths at times nod to French electro—particularly around the halfway mark—but the track’s overall ambiance subverts expectations with spare deep house melodies, subterranean interludes, and a syrupy-slow, pitched down vocal hook.

While their hypnotic videos feel integral to contextualizing their music, “Territory” is a beguiling effort that holds up through endless repeat plays.


Los Angeles based duo Ardency seem to turn everything they touch into a lush, synthy dreamscape and “I Saw The End” is one such gem from their latest EP Honeymoon. Crisp vocal phrasing slices through the track’s wavy atmosphere, a duality echoed in the visceral lyrics—like when our narrator’s companion lurches out of reach, before turning back for one final disclosure.  Shimmering, ambient sounds cushion the titular, gut-wrenching end times which, in Ardency’s expert hands, is somehow equal parts gorgeous and devastating.


Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.

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PREMIERE: Moglebaum Creates Serene Beats with “Echo Of Time”

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If the phrase “beautiful EDM” piques your interest, we’ve got good news for you. 5-piece group Moglebaum is releasing their first single in over a year. These instrumentalists and beat-makers have sounds akin to Bonobo and Chet Porter, and Beats Antique and use their talents to create what they call “organic electronic”. It should be no surprise that

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Ascend to an alternate dimension with Tycho’s uber chill two-hour Burning Man sunrise set

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Each and every artistic endeavor from the San Francisco-based designer and producer Scott Hansen is an effervescent effort, each more nuanced and meticulously crafted than the artist’s previous pursual. As Tycho, Hansen’s built a curatorial empire. From carefully curated sun-drenched captures on Instagram, to his design work, let alone his renowned and spiritually renewing sets at festivals around the world, Hansen’s artistic outpouring is a celebration of minimalistic beauty at its finest. For the artist, to live to is create.

Tens of thousands of Burners poured into the Black Rock Desert this year in a celebration of art, music, creativity, and community where Tycho set forth to delve into one of his most soothing sets to date. On the fifth day of Burning Man, Aug. 31, he took The Dusty Rhino for a dreamy ride into the sunrise, gliding from one track to the next in his seemingly effortless, archetypal approach.

Tycho’s set allows its listener to ascend to an alternate dimension within its two hour playtime. While it’s filled with Hansen’s own work, including “Awake” and “Epoch,” as well as many other tracks off the LPs, Hansen seamlessly weaves chillwave outliers throughout.

Listeners can hear artists like Caribou, Kidnap Kid, or The Bamboos all weaved into a cohesive two-hour stream. It’s clear Tycho and his audience ascended to alternate spaces this burn, in a culmination of tunes like these, it’s also likely this set will live high in a register of memorable life experiences among all who experienced it.

Even Tycho went so far as to call it his, “absolute favorite morning of all time” on SoundCloud.


Sensations’ Fix – Acudreaming
Tycho – Sunrise Projector
Tycho – Ascension
Home – Resonance
Tycho – Continuum
Boards Of Canada – Kaini Industries
Dorisburg – Votiv
Rival Consoles – Ghostin
Boards Of Canada – Wildlife Analysis
Jonny L – Tychonic Cycle
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
George Fitzgerald – Your Two Faces
16 Bit Lolitas – Peninsula
Weval – I Don’t Need It
Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly
Jimpster – Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix)
Weval – You Made It
Tycho – Epoch
Tycho – Dye
Boards Of Canada – Corsair
<<< Sunrise (Cloud Obscured) >>>
Tycho – Awake
Home – Above All
Tycho – Horizon
<<< Sun Visible >>>
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix)
16 Bit Lolitas – Not The Only One
Robert Babicz – Where Are You (Aparde Remix)
Tycho – Slack
Joon Moon – Chess
Tycho – Daydream
The Bamboos – The Wilhelm Scream

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Premiere: Tyzo Bloom – Before U Go (feat. Lauren Marie)

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Out of Southern California, Tyzo Bloom is a rather new name for most yet he’s a stand-up example of how important of a discovery tool SoundCloud is despite the platforms recent turbulence. The uncovered talent currently holds small yet consistent catalog of indie electronica outputs that are characterized by their use of ethereal, organic instruments similar to the way Odesza and Big Wild do.

“Before U Go,” the LA producer’s new single featuring vocalist Lauren Marie, instills a mood of summer sunsets with its assortment of ambient chimes, shimmering vocal chops, and striking percussive elements. Tyzo Bloom’s use of colorful elements in conjunction with Lauren Marie’s bright vocals work seamlessly together to create a commercially palpable yet left-of-center offering.

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Stream ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ for BBC Radio 1

Big Wild announces Invincible EP with new single, “I Just Wanna”


Stream ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ for BBC Radio 1

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A little over a month remains until September 8, the release date ODESZA‘s third LP project, A Moment Apart.

Rest assured too that the boys, Clay and Harrison, are not resting lightly on amping up its release — with several tracks being teased over the last month, a special live online fan Q&A, and a stunning Red Rocks performance featuring much of their new album material. The album will feature the mellifluous vocals of Leon BridgesRegina Spektor and RY X.

Most recently, the Seattle-based duo has taken their indie-electronica talents to the behind the decks of BBC Radio 1 for a laid-back collection of tunes for the ‘Bedtime Mix’ with Phil Taggart.

In a humble move, the guys of ODESZA opt not to necessarily use the BBC Mix as a platform to show off their album material but, more so, to broadcast their acute, eclectic musical tastes. The product is a seamless and sumptuous acoustic journey through sonic time, taking you on a dreamlike pilgrimage through a track list that includes Air’s “Alone in Kyoto,” Gidge’s “Huldra,” and Odd Nosdam’s “Ethereal Slap.”

Listen to ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ here.

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Premiere: Frameworks – Kings (Original Mix)

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Manchester-based performer and producer Frameworks is has shared the second piece from his forthcoming album. “Kings” is the titular single from the instrumental artist’s atmospheric downtempo LP, which is set for release later this summer via  Emancipator‘s imprint Loci Records.

Signaling itself an ambient labor of love, “Kings” harpoons back to the lush, symphonic compositions that make up Matthew James Brewer’s sonic catalog. The entire track is littered with subtle complexities — delicate strings, pulsating bass lines, and thrilling vocals — which showcase Frameworks’ adeptness for pulling together indie electronica and jazzy hip-hop into one stunning dialogue that is simultaneously sorrowful and hopeful.

“Kings” follows Frameworks’ remix of Tor’s “Vaults,” a fellow Loci label mate who will be touring together this summer along with other Loci artists. Alongside this tour, Frameworks is also slated to hit two large International festivals this August, Shambhala and Oregon Eclipse.

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VXL – Cæruleum #26C4EC

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“Cæruleum #26C4EC” caught my eye on YouTube on the side of my feed because of how interesting, visually I thought the photo was. I clicked on the link and watched a layered kaleidoscope looking backdrop with a single man wearing sunglasses in the center pervades throughout the entirety of the track. But not only is

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Beacon breathes new life into Tycho’s ‘See’ with first-ever vocals

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San Francisco-bred artist and designer Tycho is always in the mood for unique surprises. Fresh off the release of his stunning Coachella set at the Do Lab and his cinematic Epoch album in 2016, the artist has put forth another fortuitous gift.

The ambient musical project known as Tycho, or the brainchild of Scott Hansen, has always showcased instrumental melodies, with vintage-style synthesizers and organic sounds of the human element. Today, June 8, marks the first time that Tycho has featured vocalists on one of his tracks, with New York-based duo, Beacon updating “See,” initially featured on Hansen’s fourth studio album, Awake.

Read more about how their collaborative process was birthed, via Tycho’s upload to YouTube.

“The story of ‘See’ is metamorphic. The track emerged instrumentally — as per Tycho’s characteristic output — on the 2014 LP Awake. Months later it was remixed into a bubbling pop song by New York duo Beacon. 2017 brought the next phase, as Beacon’s Thomas Mullarney III joined Tycho at Coachella to perform ‘See’ (the first time the band has ever featured a vocalist). Now “See” has reached its final stage, re-recorded as a proper collaboration. Tycho touchstones abound, swirling melodies, stuttering percussion, lifted by a voice in flight.”

Tickets and tour information are available here.

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Cashmere Cat invites fans to submit music for his next mix

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Forget representation, social media following, or booking gigs. Garage, house, and future bass connoisseur Cashmere Cat has invited fans to submit their music to him so that he can feature it in his next mix. In his social media posts announcing the offer, the Norwegian artist states, “I am making a new mix. I want to make new music. Send me yours?”

For any producers trying to break into the electronic music scene, this is a great opportunity. This is also a great opportunity for music lovers to discover music by new and undiscovered talent. Cashmere Cats is killing two birds with one stone, and we are excited to hear what is in store!

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Danger Drops Debut Album 太鼓

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Danger, a name now synonymous with some of the darkest and cinematic cuts in electronic music, finally releases his long awaited debut album ‘太鼓’. Meaning ‘percussion’ in Japanese, the album is out via self-owned label, 1789 Records. Starting in true Danger fashion, with the crackle of TV static and a thumping bass note, the LP

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