Gryffin solidifies two years of preparation with his 16-track debut LP, ‘Gravity’

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It’s been more than a two-year odyssey for Gryffin since the groundwork for his freshman full-length effort, Gravity, was initially set into motion during the fall of 2017. The project’s aggregate roll-out, which constituted a formal five-track EP release last December, as well as close to a dozen official singles, has decisively come full circle following its lead single introduction with “Nobody Compares To You.”

From bubbling beneath the charts with unofficial SoundCloud remixes to formally producing music in tandem with an abundance of Grammy-nominated acts, Gryffin has navigated a meticulous avenue to his current feat: Gravity out in its entirety, containing a track list that spans 16 sublime titles.

While there are more than a modest number of never-before-heard Gryffin productions to briskly dive into, the 11 previous singles from Gravity cannot be forgotten, including hits like “Remember” with Zohara, “Tie Me Down” with Elley Duhé, “All You Need To Know” with Slander, “OMG” with Carly Rae Jepsen in addition to a myriad of others.

In preparation for the album’s forthcoming release just over the past month, Gryffin unwrapped two final gifts as he continued to exemplify that there would not be a single mediocre listing on Gravity with “Baggage” alongside Gorgon City and AlunaGeorge, and most recently, “Body Back.” In terms of brand new music from Gryffin, perhaps the most enticing listen from the unbeknownst album designations is his long-awaited union alongside Seven Lions, which was debuted during the very first GRAVITY II LIVE spectacle in Brooklyn this past August.

Comprehensively, Gravity is engulfed with transcendent productions that encompass further collaborations with DROELOE, a reunion alongside Zohara, and a duet between MARINA and Model Child. For those fortuitous enough to be in attendance for any of Gryffin’s live performances this past summer, he treated fans to his ethereal drumline-induced introductory piece as the project’s commencing piece that provides the cherry on top to one of the year’s most remarkable dance music bodies of work.

Stream Gravity in full below, and purchase tickets to any of Gryffin’s forthcoming GRAVITY II LIVE shows during the remainder of this fall and winter.

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Gryffin taps Gorgon City and AlunaGeorge for final album single, ‘Baggage,’ shares ‘Gravity, Pt. 2’ release date

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Gryffin taps Gorgon City and AlunaGeorge for final album single, ‘Baggage,’ shares  ‘Gravity, Pt. 2’ release dateEDTcYjYoAAWanw

2019 has served as an intensive campaign for Gryffin, with the artist’s announcement that he’s finalized the latter half of his long-awaited debut LP, Gravity. Having released the first arm of the project towards the end of last year, Gryffin wasted minimal time in the months thereafter, attributing a handful of additional album singles to his name, including “All You Need To Know” with SLANDER, “Hurt People” with Aloe Blacc, and most recently a high-profile union, featuring pop icon, Carly Rae Jepsen.

After exclusively revealing to Dancing Astronaut at Lollapalooza that the balance of his freshman album would arrive sometime before his reinvented live show kicks off this October, Gryffin officially announced earlier this week that Gravity, Pt. 2 is slated for an October 10 due date. The information arrived in tandem with the news that the album’s final single, “Baggage,” officially out today, would feature the likes of both Gorgon City and AlunaGeorge.

The “Baggage” arrival has proven an all but covert landing, as it hastily garnered ample anticipation after Gryffin test drove the track during his Perry’s Stage slot at this year’s Lollapalooza showing. Laced with AlunaGeorge’s sensuous, breathy vocals, “Baggage” sees Gryffin appoint UK-based duo Gorgon City for production backing. The quartet’s first-ever collaboration materializes as a perfectly poignant and danceable requiem to the summer season.

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Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge recounts alleged attack by collaborator

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Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge recounts alleged attack by collaboratorAlunageorge Live

Recently on BBC’s Next Episode Podcast, Aluna Francis, lead singer and songwriter of AlunaGeorge, recounted an alleged attack by a collaborator while they were working together. Next Episode covers #MeToo’s intersection with the music industry. During the recent episode, Francis recalls being lured to an unnamed collaborator’s hotel room when he offered to let her charge her phone in there. She describes the scenario once they were alone in the room, noting that the man became “a completely different person – his behavior went from naught to 100.”

Francis elaborates,

“[He] pinned me down and he’d taken his trousers down and he was trying to put his dick in my mouth. So I wrestled him off, and he was still laughing cause he thought it was a game and that I was having a really fun time having a pretend rape situation.”

Francis admits she never considered reporting the attack. The “To Ü” singer describes escaping the attempted assault and going back to the studio where she confronted the collaborator. “He did all his apologies and talked about how he was so incredibly sorry and [that] this has never happened before,” says Francis. “You’re dealing with it all the time. Even if it goes up to a high level, you’re still playing out this role of ‘It’s fine.’”

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Set the mood for ZHU’s consecutive performances at Governors Ball, Schimanski with these five discerning cuts

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Set the mood for ZHU’s consecutive performances at Governors Ball, Schimanski with these five discerning cuts45250692 2522516467775598 5204283229149855744 O

Few electronic artists’ productions are as idiosyncratically cinematic as ZHU‘s. The producer who frequently lends his own characteristically breathy vocals to his tracks commands a musical mystique that was amplified with the release of his 2018 album, Ringo’s Desert. The producer’s sophomore LP arrived as a sensuous, cross-genre scorcher that showed off ZHU’s signature, haunting vocals, while all the time seeking to evoke the landscape of the desert.

The environmentally influenced concept album channeled the desert’s scorching conditions into the effort’s production, as ZHU lyrically recounted the demise of a relationship that once simmered with heat, only to eventually burn out. Given its breadth of musical emotionality and mainstream appeal via collaborations with heavyweights such as Tame Impala, Ringo’s Desert cinched ZHU Dancing Astronaut’s nomination for 2018’s Album of the Year.

ZHU will appear at New York’s Governors Ball festival on June 1, to deliver an affective live performance that will be followed by hosted at Brooklyn mainstay, Schimanski. Dancing Astronaut has compiled five of ZHU’s most dexterous catalog inclusions ahead of the enigmatic producer’s back-to-back appearances.

1. “In The Morning” – ZHU

The third track listing on ZHU’s debut LP, GENERATIONWHY, “In The Morning” touts many of the elements signature to a ZHU production: a moody, sultry overall feel, ZHU’s own tantalizing vocals, a grounded bass line, and synth arrangements that effect sonic drama. ZHU couples low piano notes at the song’s opening with his vocals to set the tone early in the production.

2. “Automatic” -ZHU, AlunaGeorge

The synergy of ZHU and AlunaGeorge‘s vocal talents radiates with an indisputable brilliance on “Automatic.” The vocalists’ duet is a sensuous conversational interplay conducted through verse. A highlight of the plucky house number is the sax solo that closes out the track at song’s end. “Automatic” graces ZHU’s 2015 EP, Genesis Series.

3. “Cocaine Model” -ZHU

Perhaps one of the songs that best focalizes the sensual filminess of ZHU’s vocals, “Cocaine Model” is a light producer with a gossamer sonic sexiness. ZHU’s vocals float atop lush pads, as the track’s beat pulsates forward. The easy flowing number centralizes sumptuous melodies, which function as hallmarks of the tune’s makeup, second only to ZHU’s silky vocals.

4. “One Kiss (with Dua Lipa) ” – Calvin Harris (ZHU Remix)

ZHU reframed Calvin Harris‘  Dua Lipa-assisted smash single in a rework that significantly slowed the pace of Harris’ original. ZHU distorts Dua Lipa’s vocal, casting a tonal shroud over her contribution to deepen the singer’s verses. Sung contributions from ZHU himself filter in as the remix develops. The titillatingly dark take indulges in low seated rhythms and arpeggiated synths, to yield a re-imaginative effort that offers a house stylization distinctly different from Harris’ own.

5. “Still Want U” – ZHU, Karnaval Blues

Doleful lyrical confession characterizes “Still Want U,” a cut that hails from ZHU’s 2018 effort, Ringo’s Desert Pt. 1. “Still Want U” is a downtempo showing that connects the producer with fellow vocalist, Karnaval Blues. ZHU and Karnaval Blues’ vocals are a piercing combination.

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SG Lewis releases fervent ‘Dark’ EP

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SG Lewis releases fervent ‘Dark’ EPSG Lewis 2 E1542386043204

SG Lewis has released the second piece of his compelling three-part project. This middle section comes in the form of a five-track EP entitled Dark, following the release of Dusk earlier this year. Following this release, Dawn will follow, completing the trilogy in its homage to the conception, rise, peak and fall of a night out in youth club culture.

Evolving from Dusk‘s notes of disco, electronica and funk, the overall feel of Dark is notably heavier, with nods to an array of underground house genres. Deep house, bass, and progressive come in to play throughout a tracklisting filled with notable contemporaries, including the EP’s last single, “Again,” with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs to create a euphoric slice of deep-house. The various moods of Dark include appearances from THEY.London Grammar‘s Dot Major, AlunaGeorge, and singer/songwriter Bruno Major.

Dark has also been released with a video component — an eponymous short film viewers can watch here. Together, this project is shaping up to be a statement for SG Lewis as an artist with depth and complexity and as a forward-thinking creator.

SG Lewis continues to complement his releases with live shows, now moving on from North America and starting a European tour in November.

AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’

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AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’Unnamed

AlunaGeorge have released their first self-released EP entitled Champagne Eyes. The British duo made up of Aluna Francis and George Reid produced the whole release during time spent in New York City, where they made the focus of the EP to return to the sound that fueled their breakout release Body Music in 2013. Alluring, sexy beats partnered with lyrics that delve into sex, power, and the fluidity and complexity of identity have become AlunaGeorge’s trademark, further explored this time through each track on Champagne Eyes.

Featuring collaborations with R&B artists Cautious Clay and Bryson Tiller, the EP covers a dreamy swath of electronic and soulful sounds. It also sees the duo reconnect with Baauer on a track, after he remixed “Attracting Flies” off of their first album in 2014. Champagne Eyes serves as a welcome comeback for the duo as they explore their signature style in a new, more seasoned way.