Arty and Audien unravel trance anthem ‘Never Letting Go’

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Arty and Audien unravel trance anthem ‘Never Letting Go’Arty Audien

Audien has made his profound return to trance music with a long-awaited collaboration with Arty “Never Letting Go.”

Stoking intrigue surrounding the auspicious release, the duo started teasing the impending collaboration on social media. Shortly thereafter, the producers let loose both an edit and original version of the track on Anjunabeats. “Never Letting Go” combines euphoric notes with mystical vocals. The punchy drop is catchy enough to thaw listeners’ dispositions long after the song’s conclusion.

Arty has released an extensive catalog of music this year under both his Arty and Alpha9 monikers. Conversely, Audien took some time away from consistent track output, and surprised fans with a return to Anjunabeats to release “Higher” that has since become sought-after enough to find itself among both a sundry of live sets and traveling atop worldwide radio waves. The duo have certainly left the door open for future collaborations, given the rapturous execution of this first endeavor.

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Alpha9 unveils new single, ‘All We Need’

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There is nothing stopping Artem Stoliarov in 2018, as the producer releases another track under his Alpha9 project.  The Russian producer has released over five tracks this calendar year mixed between progressive house alias Arty and trance alias Alpha9.

Alpha9’s newest track is named “All We Need,” and the upbeat chords propel the mystical song forward. The track is the perfect trance song to serve as the backbone of a live set, and those who see him live will certainly come across “All We Need” again.

Arty’s Pure Trance Alter Ego Remixes Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’

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Virtual Self has been one of the most interesting story lines in EDM over the last several months. Porter Robinson released his new alter ego focusing on an unique and unexplored world and obviously it became an instant success. Several artists have tried their hand at remixing Virtual Self and most have come out incredible.

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Arty returns to his progressive roots with new release

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Whether he is releasing under the moniker of Alpha 9 or Arty, Russian producer Artem Stoliarov is on a roll with new releases. His newest single under Arty is titled “Sunrise,” and the feel-good track takes him back to his progressive house roots.

April Bender’s vocals serve as a focal point for the song until the drop, which is an upbeat chord progression fit for a night out. Arty commented on the release:

“It’s important for me to continue making the music I enjoy the most and ‘Sunrise’ definitely falls into that category. It’s both a milestone and an incredibly important track in my career as I get back to my Progressive House roots and I’m extremely excited to officially share it with my fans after successfully sneaking it into my live sets for the past few months.”

“Sunrise” is out now on Armada.

[Dreamstate Interview] Arty/Alpha9

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After a year of hit releases under his Alpha9 moniker (including ‘The Night Is Ours‘ and ‘Skin‘), Arty showcased the trance vibes he is known for at Dreamstate SoCal 2017. From the sidelines of the ‘Dream’ stage, I was able to get a glimpse of the many emotions that fans expressed during his set—fans that

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Arty remixes Moby’s Iconic ‘Porcelain’ and discusses his creative process and Moby’s Influence

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Moby, otherwise known as Richard Melville Hall, is one of the founding fathers and most influential figures in dance music. Many say he is the reason dance music found popularity in the U.S. and the U.K, thus catapulting electronic dance music to the global phenomenon it is now. The American musician recently wrote a memoir Porcelain: A Memoir, where he dedicated a chapter to his experience remixing his song “Go.” In honor of this, Moby has asked a wide range and some of the most respected music producers of today to remix four of his most seminal tracks “Go,” “Why Does my Heart,” “Natural Blues” and “Porcelain.” Over 40 artists will release their remixes of one of the four tracks in the spirit of creative spirit and collaboration. The project is called Black Lacquer

Few are more versatile than progressive house and trance producer Arty. The Russian DJ and producer, whose real name is Artyom Stolyarov, was drawn to music at a young age leading his grandmother to enroll him in music school at the age of eight. Originally a pianist, Stolyarov graduated from music school at the age of 14 and decided to forego becoming a professional pianist because his passion for the instrument had faded. What did not fade, however, was his passion for video games and electronics, which thus led him to discover electronic music production.

Upon entering the music production world, Arty quickly created a name for himself, and in 2009, the producer was signed to Anjunabeats. Stolyarov creates under two different monikers– Arty for his progressive house hits and Alpha9 for his Trance anthems. Still with Anjunabeats today, the producer was asked to remix Moby’s “Porcelain,” which he considers to be one of his all time favorite songs. Arty comments on not only how honored he is to be given the opportunity to remix an iconic song, but how difficult it is to change something that many consider to be “perfect” as is. Arty’s take on the song is a slight variation of the original with its addition of a few upbeat chords and a vocal layer. Arty discusses Moby, his influence on himself as an artist, and his creative process when approaching this legendary remix.

Read Our Interview with Arty below.

What does this track mean to you / why did you choose this track?

“Porcelain” was the first record that I heard from Moby since this track was the part of huge commercials on Russian TV back in early 2000’s. From then I fell in love with it, so when Moby’s management reached out to me about the remix opportunity, I could only think of “Porcelain.” Having a chance to remix your childhood song is not something you want to miss out on. It’s a huge responsibility, but at the same time, a great opportunity. I just tried to do my best.

How has Moby impacted not just this industry, but you as a musician? What does Moby mean to you?

He shaped the dance music industry and has always been a huge inspiration for many generations of producers. He has been able to make all sorts of styles by putting his signature sound behind his productions and songs. He is an Iconic musician.

Can you tell us about your creative process and why you made the decisions you did in your remix of this song? 

Since this song means so much to me, I didn’t want to take too far from original. So my remix is more of me revisiting the record and trying to imagine how it would sound nowadays. As easy as it sounds, making this remix was quite challenging, plus you unintentionally put so much pressure on yourself because of the status of the song. But in the end I was happy with final result.

 What will Moby’s musical legacy be?

I’m sure that his music will stay forever in many people’s hearts, and it will inspire more musicians in the future, since, in my personal opinion, his music is timeless.

You can only listen to one version of “Porcelain” for the rest of your life. Is it your remix, another remix, or the original?

It would definitely be original song, since none of the remixes would beat it.

If Moby were to remix one of your songs, which one would you want him to remix? 

If this dream would come true, I would ask him to remix “Kate” or “Last Kiss,” cause those are probably the most meaningful and personal songs I’ve ever made.