Australia Votes Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Legalizing Same Sex Marriage: EDM Reacts

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Australia is usually a decently progressive nation/island/continent but oddly enough the kangaroo kingdom was far behind the times on one major social issue. The country still does not allow same sex couples to legally marry. In order to gauge public opinion on this issue the Aussie government sent out a mail survey to literally every

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Alison Wonderland Takes Us to Her “Happy Place” In New Release [LISTEN]

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This is her first solo release in over 2 years!

Trap Goddess Releases New Track That Will F*** You Up On a Spiritual Level [LISTEN]

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Australian bass babe Alison Wonderland just released a new track rightfully named “Happy Place”. Listen here. Released on Trap City, the 3 minute track perfectly encompasses Alison’s signature sound. Similar to most her original tracks and even most of her edits and remixes, Alison lends her haunting voice to the track. Most notably, the hook

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Alison Wonderland – Messiah (Ryan Browne Remix)

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Since its release nearly a year ago, Alison Wonderland and M-Phazes‘ “Messiah” has seen a range of remix treatments, but none quite like this.

Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Browne has crafted a powerful rework of the track that dabbles in genres ranging from metal to dubstep – all while holding fast to the track’s original emotive power. He’s shown the work that went into the track in a short video posted to his Facebook page, which shows the producer performing both the drum and guitar aspects of his remix.

With the incorporation of these instruments, Browne gives the listener a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. As dance music fans increasingly push for live instrumental components in their favorite artists’ performances, productions like Browne’s are crucial to eliminating the button-pushing-only stereotype that exists in the dance music community.

Browne’s “Messiah” remix is a mercilessly complex journey that transcends genres and categorizations to take the listener on a wild ride.

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SLUMBERJACK Releases a VIP Edit of “Naked” and It’s Solidly Rad

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SLUMBERJACK has arrived with the highly-anticipated VIP rip of their “Naked” collaboration with one of bass musics Queens, Alison Wonderland. The version you’re about to experience has been played exclusively in SLUMBERJACK’s set. It brings a refreshing yet dramatic and hard-hitting feel while incorporating dynamics of the original. This is an Anthem. The heavy bass

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Alison Wonderland Next In Long List of Sexual Harassment Stories in the Entertainment Industry

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Alex Sholler, aka Alison Wonderland, recently took to twitter to account her unfortunate story of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. In wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment stories, many powerful social figures and celebrities have taken to various social media platforms to share their stories. In the past week, countless celebrities and non celebrities alike

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Alison Wonderland shares story of sexual harassment

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Over the past few weeks, reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault have made headlines across the country. From accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to accusations against music producer The Gaslamp Killer, women of all backgrounds are coming forward to tell their stories of harassment and assault. Additionally, a social media campaign called “Me Too,” started by actress Alyssa Milano, has been spreading like wildfire, showing the widespread occurrence of such incidents.

In light of recent events, Alison Wonderland took to Twitter to share her personal story with sexual harassment in the workplace. The producer has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights and has previously spoken up about sexism and mental illness, using her platform to reach fans around the world and let them know they’re not alone.

In the following series of tweets, the producer tells the story of how she was sexually harassed by a former boss and how human resources failed to penalize him or investigate the accusation. She finds the man’s wife’s Facebook profile and sends her a message to let her know what happened.


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Alison Wonderland Comes Forward to Tell Her Own Story of Sexual Harassment

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And here’s another powerful woman in Dance music coming forward to reveal her story of sexual harassment and how she decided to deal with it!

Alison Wonderland drops unreleased Skrillex remix at Terminal 5 show in NYC [VIDEO]

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Alison Wonderland has been heating up some iconic venues on her nearly sold out North American tour as of late, including Red Rocks Amphitheater, Newport Music Hall and recently, Terminal 5 in New York City. It was here where the Australian producer sent her crowd to dubstep heaven with an under-wraps Skrillex & Ronny J remix of Ekali‘s “Babylon.”

The remix first came to light over Labor Day weekend at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, where Ekali dropped it during his set. The blogosphere has been buzzing ever since, prompting news via Ekali’s Twitter of an official remix package.

While Ekali has not been shy about teasing the project, there is not yet a release date. The three track remix EP also includes edits from Josh Pan x X&G and Sober Rob x Oshi. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming project, and watch the clip above to get a taste of how Skrillex & Ronny J’s edit sounds live.


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Breakaway Music Festival presents an antithesis to the musically mundane [Event Review]

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Labor day weekend marked this year’s second installment of Prime Social Group’s Breakaway Music Festival, an annual festival series that finds its home in cities in and around major league soccer venues. This year’s holiday weekend event found itself gracing the grounds of Columbus, Ohio’s Columbus Crew stadium. While the city has been recognized amongst the country’s fastest growing metropolis, currently standing at number three, a drive through the state may suggest a different narrative. The route to Columbus and much of the state of Ohio is ridden with farmland, the surefire sign of Midwestern heartland. Fortunately, Columbus could not be more of an antithesis to this pseudo-Ohio narrative. Prime Social group, in particular, is a driving force behind this “mundane-Midwest” myth-busting.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.16.36 PM

Photo courtesy of Alex Powell.

Prime Social Group is a full-service concert promotions group based in the city that focuses on college markets across the country. Some of its events exclusive to Ohio include a 90’s themed summer festival, the Ohio University Number festival, and the multi-city spanning Halloween-themed Haunted Fest which has booked acts for this year that include Hardwell, Yellow Claw, and more. PSG’s event set out to see a continuance of its Breakaway Festival later this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Zedd is set to headline. Prior to the Columbus event, it had stopped in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tiësto, Slushii, Borgore, Jai Wolf, and Louis the Child are names that are slated to hit the stage later this fall in Columbus on behalf of PSG. Between a consistent envelope pushing booking team and a pronounced understanding of the idiosyncrasy that the college market desires, PSG’s rosters speak volumes for its respective cities’ entertainment markets. It’s safe to say the electronic music scene would not be the same in the Midwest—and certainly not in Columbus—without the companies’ efforts.

Columbus’ 2017 Breakaway return was an aggressive amalgamation of hip-hop and electronic artists, one that broke the boundaries of sonically-constricted line-ups. Priding themselves on booking up-and-coming artists that reach beyond the confines of genres, Prime Social group saw out that they achieved to create a breakaway experience in its own right. This year’s festival was a testament to that success.

Last year’s Columbus festival bill saw the likes of hip-hop’s ultimate sweetie, Chance the Rapper, as well as Dillion Francis, RL Grime, Alison WonderlandCorrupt, and Gryffin. Filling in the hip-hop shoes of Chance’s aggressive annunciation meets poetic style this year was SuperDuperKyle. Most well known for his breakout single “iSpy,” featuring American genre nonconformer Lil Yachty—who was also at the festival—SuperDuperKyle brought forth an outrageously energetic performance. Çhanneling Kid and Play’s nineties aura was an artist who lured the crowd in for an auspicious evening. Followed up by 3LAU, Oliver Heldens, Lil Yachty, and then rave rap’s finest Travis Scott on the main stage.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.16.15 PM

Photo courtesy of Tyler Church.

Across the way, on the prime stage Friday evening was an undercard assemblage of equally impressive acts such as Crankdat, Shaun Frank, THEY., Malaa, and Getter. The prime stage exemplified a yearning for some of electronic music’s more heavy-hitting acts at the moment. The impressive array of hip-hop and electronic was a match made in heaven for its respective young audience and exemplified PSG’s audience understanding.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.26.12 PM

Photo courtesy of Tyler Church.

Despite massive amounts of rain dumping on Saturday’s attendees, the festival’s booking was a quintessential crowd pleaser. Starting off the second day with the heavy-hitting REZZ collaborator, the up and comer K?D, the afternoon was primed for an exhilarating experience. Leading up to the closing of the two-day festival was Galantis who was followed by Diplo on the main stage— whilst Mija and EDM’s favorite kitty Cashmere Cat closed out the prime stage. Columbus laid host to some of music’s most exuberant acts.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.15.56 PM

Photo courtesy of Tyler Church.

By bringing some of the world’s biggest names to the stage alongside supporting local and regional artists, the event was an energetic enigma. Despite being dealt mother nature’s infamous festival surprise the festival was an overwhelming success for its young audience and a telling testament of an ever-expanding company and cities’ success.

Featured lead image courtesy of Jacob Potzner. 

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