Madeon Releases Highly Anticipated Album “Good Faith”

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Recently, DJ-producer, Madeon, officially released his long-awaited album Good Faith. It seems like years since the announcement of this album was made; it seemed like it may never come, but it finally has! Since the release of Madeon’s first single this year “All My Friends,” fans have been dying to get their hands on this

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Grimes unearths album plans alongside double-cut, ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’

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Grimes unearths album plans alongside double-cut, ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’Grimes

Grimes, Canada’s queen of elaborate concept projects and sonic thought experiments, has materialized for another unearthly release, the two-sided “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth.” The multi-talented icon of all things eternally odd has delivered two renditions of the song, a radio-intended cut, or Algorithm Mix, as well as an extended Art Mix. She’s also set a date, February 21, 2020, for her forthcoming LP, Miss_Anthropocene, which she’s said will lean heavily on climate change-adjacent themes, from the perspective of… wait for it, a misanthropic demon. The 10-track album is expected to be a stark departure from its 2015 predecessor, Art Angels, which was riddled with frothy, often disjointed pop singles and to which Grimes now refers as “a piece of crap,” and a “stain” on her life.

The song’s cosmically odd appeal harkens back to her Visions era. The ethereal downtempo production wistfully jaunts beneath Grimes’ signature moody, high-pitched croons. It’s the second single from the impending album, preceded by the equally astral and thematically weighty “Violence,” produced by smoldering mau5trap talent, i_o.

“So Heavy” arrives alongside an environmentally despondent visualizer: a foreboding portrait of Earth some years from now, scorching and uninhabitable, from the vantage point of outer space, where Grimes is engaged in a sword fight with a dragon. Armored literally and aurally, Grimes is a valiant envoy to usher us all towards our fiery ends.

The wait for Madeon’s sophomore album was all in ‘Good Faith’ [Stream]

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The wait for Madeon’s sophomore album was all in ‘Good Faith’ [Stream]Madeon

Madeon‘s come a long way since his explosive acclimation into electronic earshot by way of his viral and now revered “Pop Culture” mashup. The unequivocal product of a vast palette of pop, Madeon’s music has become a wholesome, unflinchingly fun fixture in the electronic space. Across his extensive production tenure, he’s released an album to mass acclaim, gleaned production credits for Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and a sundry of artists of a similar caliber, collaborated with and toured alongside Porter Robinson, and recently launched a whole new live setup.

Today, in a long-awaited edition of New Music Friday, Madeon’s delivered on his promise of Good Faith, a laudable sophomore LP effort. Fans got a triple-tiered tasting of the album in the months leading up to release day. Indeed, “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream,” which Apple secured for the launch of its new iPhone campaign, and “Be Fine” served as buzz-bringing harbingers of Good Faith‘s dance-pop charisma.

In a recent interview, Madeon told Dancing Astronaut he acquainted himself with a colorful culmination of inspiration while crafting the new album. He cites Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Tyler, the Creator as influential listens during the Good Faith production period. The LP, out now through Sony’s Columbia Records, spans nine original tracks.

The French electro-pop icon is currently touring North America.

Mura Masa and slowthai say ‘Deal Wiv It’

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Mura Masa and slowthai say ‘Deal Wiv It’Mura Masa

Mura Masa and slowthai have proven again their formidable appeal as a producer-vocalist ensemble, linking up for the second time to say “Deal Wiv It,” another cheeky nuanced number, following last year’s “Doorman,” which appeared on slowthai’s Nothing Great About Britain LP.

“Deal Wiv It” packs melodic jaunts and bass struts, equal parts Talking Heads and The Clash, alongside slowthai’s painstakingly British, punky irreverence: “They say, ‘You’ve changed,’ / Fucking deal wiv it.”

Mura Masa’s next album, R.Y.C., is expected at the turn of 2020. The Grammy-winning “Walking Away” remixer recently collaborated with Clairo on “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” expected to appear on the official tracklist for the forthcoming LP. The new single arrives alongside a coinciding visual, starring both “Deal Wiv It” creators.


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GRAVEDGR‘s in deep with his latest release: “6 FEET UNDER,” to be precise.

Straight from Heavyweight Records’ bass kitchen, the new track marks GRAVEDGR’s most lyrical song on record. Combining his propensity for trap produtions and bass in all its forms, “6 FEET UNDER” spins an audacious web of sin, regret, and repentance; though the narrator knows well he is destined to transgress again.

The hard-hitting number is a fruitful harbinger for a larger evil on the horizon, GRAVEDGR’s forthcoming album. The LP, set for a February release, is expected to trace its creator’s circuitous internal discord over the length of 12 original tracks. Listeners can rest assured more raging bass is well on its way from the shadow-faced producer’s camp.

J. Cole suggests 2020 drop date for 6th studio album

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J. Cole suggests 2020 drop date for 6th studio albumJ.cole SUZI PRATT WIREIMAGE

J. Cole has set a 2020 release date for his next studio effort. The hip-hop maverick announced the project, entitled The Fall Off, during his headlining set at the first-ever Day N Vegas festival this past weekend.

Standing tall onstage before a mock political campaign backdrop advertising the album, J. Cole looked out into the crowd as a voice recording proclaimed,

“A man whose humility knows no bounds. A man whose pen is so potent, each word of his verses reportedly cost $2,000. We need someone with big ideas and bold solutions. An expert in diplomacy. A candidate that can heal the intergenerational war… vote The Fall Off for 2020.”

It’s no coincidence that the album’s title rings with an air of familiarity to J. Cole listeners. The LP shares its name with the concluding cut, “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off,’” from the rapper’s last studio outing, KOD. The echo between KOD’s finale and J. Cole’s next album indicate that The Fall Off has been in the works long before KOD ever hit the market. J. Cole has yet to declare a formal release date for the impending LP, but preliminary singles are sure to follow.

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Anthony Baldino Releases Debut ‘Twelve Twenty Two’ LP

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Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA-based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues. The likelihood that you haven’t heard his world is nearly impossible, with music and sound design in too many trailer campaigns to list, including Prometheus, Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Star Wars: Rogue One,

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Armin van Buuren’s 7th studio album heeds its name: ‘Balance’ [Album Review]

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Armin van Buuren’s 7th studio album heeds its name: ‘Balance’ [Album Review]ArminvanBuuren MiamiDag4 BartHeemskerk 11 Socials

Seven is widely heralded to be among the luckiest of numbers, but luck really has nothing to do with the release of Armin van Buuren‘s seventh studio album, Balance.

Rather, Balance emblematizes the artistic diligence that has ceaselessly driven the van Buuren project forward since the producer made his debut, 76, in 2003. A producer does not put forth seven incisive studio albums by resting on his laurels, after all, and van Buuren has never been known to do so. The trail of Balance predecessors, Shivers (2005), Imagine (2008), Mirage (2010), Intense (2013), and Embrace (2015) are ample proof of van Buuren’s exhaustive commitment to the electronic craft. Moons Of Jupiter (2019), his longtime collaborative effort, GAIA’s inaugural longform outing, adds good measure.

Balance is four months Moons Of Jupiter’s junior, and, sitting at 28 total tracks, the compilation album is a formidable followup to van Buuren’s June effort alongside GAIA partner, Benno de Goeij. Moons Of Jupiter‘s track list comprises 42 cuts. The sheer expanse of the album would typically warrant a sizable break for van Buuren longer than four months well-deserved, and perhaps even expected. Not so, he says, with the debut of Balance, and to that we say to trance’s tried-and-true trance champion, welcome back.

The dexterity of van Buuren’s production, paired with his acute ear for the radio-driven commercial dance sound that befits the airwaves and the Main Stage alike have never been more apparent before Balance. Neatly packaged along other subgenre canvassing, the Ne-Yo-assisted “Unlove You” and the David Hodges feature, “Waking Up With You” exude van Buuren’s affinity for the larger-than-life dance-pop dominion.

And with the same stroke of his pen, van Buuren effortlessly turns the musical tables with inclusions that scale trance’s stylistic continuum, such as “Don’t Let Me Go,” which situates van Buuren in his beloved progressive trance wheelhouse. He’s comfortable there—of course. But our faithful maestro recognizes the reward in stretching towards the unknown. The delight of Balance is the question that it begs: does van Buuren even have a sonic comfort zone anymore? If he does, it’s nearly impossible to discern along the chromatic length of the LP’s nuanced numbers. From the funky plucks and whistling vocoder of “Sex, Love & Water” to the porcelain piano melodies and synth-line ferocity of “Show Me Love,” van Buuren is proving he trembles at the foot of no aural opportunity.

Creating ‘Balance’ was a great journey for me to be able to reflect the new chapters in my life, have a really good time working with legendary artists, and making new sounds while still giving fans my signature trance sound.


Balance, as just one singular stream of the album in its entirety will illuminate the veracity of its title—not just in name, but in its design. With its broad assembly of dance styles, anthemic chord progressions, vocal-centric constructions, and ear-catching lyrical concepts and hooks, that, across the studio showing, resonate poignantly or spike listeners’ adrenaline (often both successively), depending on the tune, among other trappings. Balance is proof not only of van Buuren’s creativity, but also of his experimental ardor.

Listeners can catch van Buuren on the North American Balance Tour beginning January 22.

Read Dancing Astronaut’s interview with Armin van Buuren on the release of GAIA’s Moons Of Jupiter album, here.

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Armin van Buuren Releases His 7th Studio Album, “Balance”

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Today, less than a week after scoring his eighteenth consecutive Top 5 spot in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll (now #4), Armin van Buuren finally unleashed his new artist album, ‘Balance’. To celebrate the release of his seventh artist album, the DJ and producer teamed up with three well-known street artists and

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Mr. Carmack confirms album for November release

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Mr. Carmack confirms album for November releaseMr Carmack

Mr. Carmack continues his prolific 2019 bout, confirming on Instagram he’s releasing a new album in November. After two EP releases this year, Demolish and Rebuild, the Hawaiian beat maker announced the release of his first full-length since 2014’s Dimebag. The album is called Viista, and the announcement caption on Instagram read,”Album out in November – 5+ years of work – these are the 11 songs that drove me to tears writing them – self mixed self mastered.” Judging from his previous two experimental projects this year, these words from the esteemed producer carry weight and the forward-thinking sound design should take full-flight on this long play.

Last year, he posted a tracklist, indicating that he was working on his new album. Now, that album is coming to light. Mr. Carmack is set for his 10-date US Immersion tour which will take place in November and December, just in time to show off the new sounds from his album. Check out tour dates here.