Chris Lake flips Chromeo’s ‘Juice’ into a certified club burner

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Chromeo are coming back strong in 2018 with the announcement of their next studio LP, Head Over Heelsand they’ve already teased fans with some fresh funk from the upcoming record with a leggy lead single “Juice.” The new track is quintessential Chromeo, tongue-in-cheek 80’s-inspired synth pop with a tasty singalong hook, though now the duo’s latest is being blessed by UK house legend Chris Lake with a funky remix primed for late night DJ sets.

Swapping out the original mix’s sunkist pop appeal for a more club-leaning vibe, Chris Lake proctors a quirky new remix of “Juice” that complements the original, turning up the four-on-the-floor house thump. Holding onto the original’s vocoded groove, Lake adds some crisp percussive flair and modified guitar chords throughout, making for an aced remix effort that’s likely to lead to an official rework package soon to follow.

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Porter Robinson Releases Debut Album As Virtual Self

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Even though Porter Robinson’s reasoning behind his new alias Virtual Self has been quite the mystery, Porter Robinson has officially released a 5-track EP as Virtual Self today (November 29, 2017) Aside from his previous two releases “EON BREAK” and “Ghost Voices,” the Virtual Self EP contains three new songs: Particle Arts, a.i.ngel (Become God),

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Lane 8 charts a stunning aural adventure in ‘Atlas’

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2018’s arrival draws closer, and with it comes the highly-anticipated release of Little By LittleLane 8’s newest album.

Overcoming the “sophomore slump” is a daunting task for many artists, yet the This Never Happened founder has proved unfazed by the pressure and is moving ahead at full steam, announcing an extensive tour alongside a breathtaking debut single with POLIÇA titled “No Captain.”

Now, Lane 8 fans have been gifted with a second taste of the album that proves as delectable as the first. “Atlas” exudes nostalgia, taking listeners on a mental vacation through blissful melodies and calming basslines. The record hails back to the producer’s roots in euphoric progressive, tugging at the heartstrings until the final note.

Little By Little is set for a January 19, 2018 release.

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Steve Angello shares third act from upcoming album featuring two singles ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Break Me Down’

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Over the last half decade, Steve Angello has undergone an incredibly intriguing artistic progression, shedding his former Mafia member status, then delivering an exceptionally personal debut album Wild Youthand now rolling out the follow up, Human. The Size Records executive has introduced his sophomore concept in three installments, or acts, each uniquely tempered with it’s own distinct sonic characteristics. Now Angello has delivered the third act, titled Paradiso, featuring two new tracks from the upcoming LP, “Break Me Down,” and “Dopamine.”

“Break Me Down” leans slightly closer to Angello’s previous output, coming together as a notably more seasoned, aged take on the anthemic progressive house that the Swedish legend has built his name upon. Expressive vocals and rousing rhythms on “Break Me Down,” are directly contrasted on “Dopamine,” featuring sharp vocal work from UK singer/songwriter Barns Courtney.

Melancholic and pointed, “Dopamine” bears more of Human’s dark, cooling aesthetic, with eerie, driving tech house-inspired synth arrangements making for a fitting final preview ahead of the album’s full release in 2018. For now, celebrate Steve Angello’s immanent return with Paradiso. 

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Preview Ellen O’s Album You/Sonata With Featured Singles

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Brooklyn based producer and vocalist Ellen O is back on the music scene with her second full blown album titled, ‘You/Sonata.’ Her upcoming album follows her 2014 debut album, Sparrows and Doves on Brooklyn label Gold Bolus Recordings. Ellen O’s album release follows her last 3 successful singles off of ‘You/Sonata’ including, ”Marriage Plot’ ‘Uneven’

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Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Flume’s self-titled debut LP [Stream]

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Five years in the electronic music space can seem like a lifetime, especially as this past half decade saw dance music grow into a $7 billion global enterprise. Production value, ticket sales, and arguably even talent are at an all time high in the social media age, with Flume a major standout. The Australian superstar started shaping the course of contemporary electronic music with his self-titled debut solo LP five years ago.

Harley Streten’s Flume project introduced the world to the experimental blend of liquid synths, off-filter percussion arrangements, and modulated basslines that are now ubiquitously considered future bass, at a time when Australia’s now massive pool of production talent just began to emerge. Compositions like “Sleepless,” “Holdin On,” and “Insane,” not only catapulted Streten to an iconic status, but are enduringly evident influences in the works of some of today’s most sought-after breakthroughs including Mura Masa and Marshmello.

Flume also came at a time when the full length LP didn’t carry much strength, or popularity in the electronic music world, though the record’s sweeping, monumental success undoubtedly paved way more full length studio products from fellow electronic artists to follow. The album even received a deluxe edition release, which hosted Streten’s seminal remix of Disclosure‘s “You & Me.” Creating a genre of his own, and then continuing to not only dominate it, but push it’s creative boundaries, Flume has earned his spot in morden electronic music’s uppermost echelon largely behind the work on his formal introduction, Flume. 

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Monstercat releases stacked ‘Uncaged Vol. 3’ featuring Ookay, Seven Lions, Slander & More

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Monstercat has gained a well-deserved reputation for pushing the boundaries of dance music. Whether it is collaborating with the gaming community or bringing together artists no one ever thought they would see listed alongside one another, the label has done it all. In May, Monstercat release a compilation, Uncaged, that brought together incredible releases from their label regardless of genre. Uncaged Vol. 1 was such a success, that the label is back with a new offering from the series.

Now we are on Vol. 3, and the third iteration upholds the greatness we have now come to expect from the series. The album alternates between electronic mainstays like Ookay‘s “Lighthouse” and new tunes like Reach’s “Nobushi.” Other artists featured on Uncaged Vol. 3 are Pegboard Nerds, Seven Lions, Kill the Noise, Slander, and Kayzo among many others.

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Eminem drops more hints at ‘Revival’ album

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Last month, Eminem‘s manager and CEO of Def Jam Recordings Paul Rosenberg posted an Instagram image of Yelawolf’s new record with a mysterious “Revival” advertisement in the background. The advertisement featured the Eminem backwards “E” and a link to an Eminem reference-filled site, which quickly sparked speculation that the rapper had a new record on the way.

Now it seems the speculation may hold true after all, as the rapper himself has shared an Instagram post with what is believed to be a new track title on a doctor’s note. Said doctor’s note also features the same “Revival” logo from the original post.

A post shared by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on

The doctor’s note is Eminem’s first hint at the new record. While it’s not yet known when “Walk On Water” will drop or if it’s a new track title, after all, his latest marketing miracle will likely manifest quite soon.

H/T: Mixmag

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Busy P hints at live Justice album on the way, confirms new SebastiAn album in 2018

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Don’t sleep on Busy P. While fellow French superstars such as Tchami and DJ Snake may currently be dominating main stages and chart positions, but as far as dance music’s original French connection is concerned, Pedro Winter still pulls the strings. Moving into 2018, Busy P and his cohorts at Ed Banger Records have plenty of good news for fans, mainly with big projects from SebastiAn and Justice on the way.

In an interview with Earmilk, Busy confirms the announcement of a new full-length SebastiAn record sometime in 2018, complementing the veteran as “one of the most talented producers around.” The label head also mentions a new Justice video in the works as well as what sounds like the early stages of a third live album from the French house pioneers sometime next year. Always coming through with the good word, keep an eye on Busy P, he’s got big things up his sleeve for 2018.

Read Busy P’s full interview over at Earmilk.

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Jauz Delivering Something BIG Today

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A few months back, these four individual pieces (tracks) delivered a code. That code was thrown out there and no one really knew what it meant. It was kinda like your friends back in middle school, passing around secret codes while you sat there like “Well, they’re talking shit about me”. One would assume “OTDE”

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