îleSoniq Festival adopts île Sainte-Helene as home for 2019 edition

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îleSoniq Festival adopts île Sainte-Helene as home for 2019 editionIleSoniq TimSnow 20170811 91

Montréal hosts a steady stream of premier musical talent at all times of the year. During the summer months in particular, the city welcomes individuals from all corners of the world for back-to-back festival weekends and one-off events held throughout the city’s quarters. Approaching the second weekend of August, event promoter evenko gear up for îleSoniq Festival, their third and final musical event of the season.

Returning back to their initial homebase on the city’s île Sainte-Hélène from August 9-10, îleSoniq boasts a world class selection of electronic artists across three uniquely curated stages dedicated to representing the best in house and techno, bass, and main stage festival talent. After last year’s edition brought the festival to a new section of the island, locals and festival veterans have been quick to express their excitement over the venue switch.

To round out their weighted lineup, the festival introduces a bevy of hip-hop performers in an effort to match the increasing trend of multi-genre electronic music festivals. Ahead of the impending weekend, attendees can expect to see a wide variety of talent—spanning from hometown heroes Adventure Club and Snails, to embracing main stage steadfast KSHMR’s momentous debut in Quebec.

View the festival’s daily schedules below.

îleSoniq Festival adopts île Sainte-Helene as home for 2019 editionImage003
îleSoniq Festival adopts île Sainte-Helene as home for 2019 editionImage004

GA and VIP wristbands are available for purchase online.

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Adventure Club and QUIX leave listeners wanting for naught with ‘Life Long After Death,’ featuring badXchannels

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Adventure Club and QUIX leave listeners wanting for naught with ‘Life Long After Death,’ featuring badXchannelsAdventure Club Facebook Official

Adventure Club and QUIX have teamed up for a new genre-bending collaboration titled “Life Long After Death,” showcasing a new direction for the artists. The release is a fusion of QUIX’s unmistakably nuanced sound design alongside Adventure Club’s ability to blend styles such as pop and punk to add an interesting flair to their releases. Vocalist badXchannels sings a commanding rock-driven vocal line that gives the listener the feeling that the drop will lead into strum-y guitar licks. Instead the track takes a bass dive juxtaposed with dancing orchestral notes, rendering the record an enduringly enamoring and multifaceted release.

Adventure Club recently finished their Death and Glory Tour, and they are now setting their sights on disseminating good in the world with new charitable initiative Thanks2Music, which highlights the therapeutic properties of music, while aiming to spark a conversation about mental health. QUIX recently returned from his North American and Australian tour dates. “Life Long After Death” is out now via Dim Mak.

Good Morning Mix: Revisit Adventure Club’s explosive ‘Superheroes Anonymous 6’ mix

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Good Morning Mix: Revisit Adventure Club’s explosive ‘Superheroes Anonymous 6’ mixAdventure Club Facebook Official

Anyone who knows Adventure Club has heard or has at least vaguely associated them with their mixtape series, Superheroes Anonymous. The duo released the first edition of Superheroes Anonymous back in 2013; the rest is history. Since then, the mixes have grown virtually synonymous with Adventure Club themselves, with the two producers putting forward the best of melodic dubstep, electro-house, trap, and hip-hop into one hour of cathartic heaven.

Now, we revisit one of Adventure Club’s most iconic mixes, Superheroes Anonymous 6: Road to Red Rocks. Road to Red Rocks showcases Adventure Club’s versatility at its best, with each track traversing through a sonic journey. Starting off with proper intensity, the mix delivers bass music from Barely Alive, Zomboy, and NGHTMRE and trap tunes like Styles&Complete & EXSSV’s “Starstruck” and Father’s “Wrist” before leveling out into melodic picks from San Holo, Sweater Beats, and Cashmere Cat. Adventure Club takes the opportunity to shift the momentum from filth to feels and energy to stillness over the course of the mix, incorporating their beloved signature sound throughout and gracefully closing out with Gallant‘s “Open Up”.

Photo credit: Adventure Club/Facebook

EDC Las Vegas 2019 Review

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EDC Las Vegas can easily be described as the biggest party ever. EDC takes over 90% of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for three days and doesn’t stop all night long. It’s truly its own world. EDC 2019 brought some surprises – such as low temperatures, fierce winds, and some stage closures – but it was

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Orbit Playlist: Adventure Club deliver playlist rife with crowd pleasers ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

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Orbit Playlist: Adventure Club deliver playlist rife with crowd pleasers ahead of Memorial Day WeekendAdventure Club 1

Memorial Day Weekend: the drinks are cold, the music loud, and your playlist? That’s covered. Babysitting the aux becomes a thing of holiday weekends’ past, as Adventure Club link with Dancing Astronaut to craft an exclusive Orbit Playlist packed with crowd pleasers. The electronic music duo sets the tone with the metallic grit of opening cut, Proxy‘s “Shake It.” From there, Adventure Club shuffle through a number of high powered original productions from Ekali, Illenium, Dabin, SG Lewis, A-Trak, while intermingling some of their own sonic efforts along the way.

Adventure Club’s Crankdat collaboration, “Next Life,” gets some sonic showtime, as does the pair’s joint project with Snails, “Follow Me,” which serves as the formidable finale to the 20-track playlist. The Florals remix of Adventure Club and Modern Machines‘ “MakeDamnSure” likewise surfaces, to round out the collection of Adventure Club catalog inclusions. Adventure Club’s Orbit Playlist is the pregame friendly precursor to the duo’s highly anticipated appearance at Atlantic City’s HQ2 Beachclub on May 26. Adventure Club’s set is a Memorial Day Weekend must-attend: grab tickets to the event, here.

Producer Sessions: 011 Adventure Club talks music production, mental health, new music and more on their Death or Glory Tour

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Producer Sessions: 011 Adventure Club talks music production, mental health, new music and more on their Death or Glory TourAC FEB2070

Producer Sessions is a series from Dancing Astronaut meant to shine a brighter light on the producer community. Each volume will guide producers toward professionals in their field.

Adventure Club is currently on their headlining Death or Glory Tour, bringing along a grip of heavy hitters such as Bear Grillz, Gammer, Riot Ten, ARMNHMR, Dirt Monkey, TYNAN, Wooli, William Black, Yakz, and more.

The Montreal duo consisting of Christian Srigley and Leighton James recently released a collaboration with Crankdat featuring Krewella, “Next Life.” Their last work with the Yousaf sisters was on their hit, “Rise and Fall,” back in 2012. Since then, both parties involved have grown quite a bit as musicians, and this evolution can clearly be heard on “Next Life.” We spoke with Srigley at Echostage in Washington DC about music production, among other facets of his work as a professional DJ and producer.

What made you finally collaborate with Krewella on your new song with Crankdat?

We toyed with ideas a couple times. With music, every song you write isn’t going to get released. You have to get a project that everyone jells with and we had five creative minds on this, and this is the one that stuck.

What is your production process like?

I’m the button pusher, Leighton is the idea man. We don’t use hard synths. I twist the nobs with my mouse.

What VSTs do you use?

A lot of times when I’m writing a new track, I’ll try to learn a new VST as I’m going through the track. You box yourself in a bit by continuing to use the same synth. Once I start feeling boxed in with a synth, I’ll move onto a new one.

You mentioned you liked our Flight Facilities – “Crave You” remix––that was Native Instrument’s Massive––and a similar patch was used for our Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” remix. That growl came from back when I was doing 20 hour bass builds because I was having so much fun with it. If I’m looking for a growl or specific synth sound for a song, I’ll go back to massive or whatever I’m looking for.

How do you normally start a song?

Typically, Leighton will find a melody on the guitar or piano. I’ll also cut some generic piano synthesizer and draw in chords. Here we’re listening for a cord line that really follows the vocals. Chords with the vocals really sets the tone. It’s the foundation and feel, then we add the details. Percussion comes in last for us.

Percussion is something I have to force myself to be more creative in. Drums are just less natural for me and more mathematical.

When doing a remix. We’re building the melodies around the vocals then add the drums last. I’ll try and reinvent the vocals as well.

Any plugins that you use in your signature melodic style?

Our most classic sound is our piano sound. I have a secret piano recipe that I use. Layers of it. I won’t give the secret sauce here tho.

What is your DAW?

Cakewalk. It’s pretty rare within the EDM industry. We use this plugin that’s native to Cakewalk, it’s called the Z3TA. They have really cool effects that we’ll put on vocals. Enigma by Waves is another with good features that we use for vocal treatment. Those are some old school plugins.

I’ve tried swapping over to Abelton. I was recording blues guitar when I was 11 years old in Cakewalk at my home studio, and whenever I tried crossing over to another DAW that might be more EDM friendly, it was like learning a new language. Cakewalk is my comfort zone.

It’s all about workflow. The faster I can get from point A to point B, the better.

What on the production side do you still struggle with?

I have trouble getting that super fat saw wave synth that really builds a whole room in all the right places and still leaves room for everything else. Even the spread as far as the chords go and how many synths are you going to layer into that. I don’t like using the same patch over and over, so I’m building up from scratch every time, and it’s always an uphill battle.

Can you talk about your collaboration process, on “Next Life?”

That was a stem swap, where we email stems back and forth without going to the studio. For some collaborations, we’ll go in the studio. For example, we with in the studio with Terravita when we made our collaboration, “Save Me” featuring Adara off our Red // Blue album.

Do you have any unique studio habits?

Guru energy drinks dials me in. I’m also a space bar squirrel. I’ll hammer the space bar, which is play and stop, and hit the same sound over and over again until Leighton has to run out of the room because he’s getting hit with the same sound over and over again. I’ll just be lost in thought hammering the space bar. Poor Leighton.

Do you have another vision for your live show?

Leighton and I have toyed with the idea of bringing live instrumentation to our sets. I grew up on blues guitar, so I would love to solo off all the songs in my set, but I don’t think that would necessarily hit. We have to find the right way to do it.

Singing is another aspect we’ve toyed with. One song that I’ve recently sang on is this song in the works about mental health. I’ve battled through depression and anxiety throughout parts of my career. It’s a song completely from the heart and vulnerable; I’ve never really spoken about it until now. I’ve found great guidance and growth, so I’d like to promote that side a bit and release this track about me opening up and advocating for mental health.

What’s it like being signed to a big label versus releasing independently?

The pros outweigh the cons. Just having those lines to release music from. Some of the cons are you can’t just finish a song and put it out. Sitting on projects I want to get out is a little tough.

Do you and Leighton make any weird ass music that you can’t release under the Adventure Club brand?

Absolutely, we’re constantly battling that. I think we’re on the luckier side because we have a nice spread where we can hit multiple genres. I know artists that are way more pigeonholed to a genre. Getter had a lot of trouble with that. From the industry standpoint, his album was phenomenal, but it just was expected with his fans and there was pushback there.

Have you ever wanted to create another pseudonym?

I’m a big gamer. It’s like World of Warcraft. We’ve been grinding for 10 years, we have all the top level gear, and every single step is so hard and involved now. I’d be fun to role a new character from the beginning.

What makes Canada such a powerhouse in electronic music production?

If you look 10 years ago, a lot of dubstep was coming out of Kelowna. It was a breeding pool for dubstep. Deadmau5 has been an influence for so many producer and you have to come back to Montreal to talk about A-Trak.

What is next for you guys?

“Next Life” with Crankdat featuring Krewella is the start of a big backlog of music. We’ve been sitting to long on some good stuff. Out next song is with Yuna who you might remember from our single “Gold” and a remix we did of her single “Lullabys.”

Do you do any extracurricular activities?

Magic the Gathering. In Seattle, we got to play with the people who worked at Magic alongside fans.

NMF Roundup: LSD release debut album, Oliver Heldens teams up with Devin and Nile Rodgers + more

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NMF Roundup: LSD release debut album, Oliver Heldens teams up with Devin and Nile Rodgers + moreLSD Photo Credit JUCO Dancing Astro

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. With the overwhelming amount of tunes hitting the airwaves today, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25.

Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth have unleashed their debut album as LSD, featuring infectious tracks like “Angel in Your Eyes.” Oliver Heldens teams up with Devin and Nile Rodgers for the breezy “Summer Lover,” and Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge an emotive new collaboration, “Amber Sun.” Avicii fans rejoiced a few days ago with the release of a posthumous song, “SOS,” with Aloe Blacc (and there may be more on the way!) Claptone thrills with a grooving remix of Purple Disco Machine‘s “Body Funk,” and Adventure Club, Krewella, and Crankdat deliver the powerful “Next Life.” Fox Stevenson follows February’s “Out My Head” with “Go Like,” and Galantis reveal a summer-primed remix of Kygo and Valerie Broussard‘s “Think About You.” Tame Impala leads us into the weekend with a smooth new single, “Borderline,” and Matrix & Futurebound reveal their first LP in 12 years with tracks like “Spellbound.” Cassian has released a take on RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s iconic “Treat You Better,” and Armin van Buuren kicks off Trilogy with Shapov with “La Résistance De L’amour.” Robotaki debuts a new EP, featuring songs like “Beaches,” and The Chemical Brothers kick off their latest album with tunes like title track “No Geography.”

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

Photo credit: JUCO

Adventure Club reunites with Krewella on their melodic dubstep collaboration with Crankdat, ‘Next Life’

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Adventure Club reunites with Krewella on their melodic dubstep collaboration with Crankdat, ‘Next Life’AC FEB2070

Adventure Club and Crankdat crafted a melodic chillstep concoction with heavy undertones in their collaborative “Next Life,” which additionally features Krewella. The tune is now available through Ultra Music. With Krewella’s signature soaring vocals, this track unearths a combination of artistry that’s new, yet familiar. Back in 2012, Adventure Club and Krewella released a dubstep mainstay “Rise & Fall,” gracing heavy bass fans with a more celestial version of the intense riddim scene.

Leighton James of Adventure Club said in a press release, “We’ve been huge fans of Crankdat, it’s really dope that we were finally able to link up and make this happen.There was something about the way the track was shaping up, that it just felt like the perfect time and track to have some of our oldest and dearest friends Krewella hop on and really complete the song.”

The Adventure Club duo are currently on their Death or Glory tour with support from some of bass music’s yearning talent such as Wooli, Riot Ten, ARMNHMR, Dirt Monkey, and more.

Adventure Club, Krewella and Crankdat Team Up On New Single – ‘Next Life’

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This is one heck of an unexpected collaboration. To say this unlikely group of three very different artists uniting on a single was a surprise is an understatement. So how does this blend of genres, styles, and personalities sound when all rolled into one package? Well actually, like exactly how you might think. ‘Next Life’

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Good Morning Mix: Adventure Club releases melodic dubstep mix for 10th ‘Superheroes Anonymous’ session

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Good Morning Mix: Adventure Club releases melodic dubstep mix for 10th ‘Superheroes Anonymous’ sessionAdventure Club Karel Chladek

Need a wakeup jolt this morning? Adventure Club has just the spike of energy on their latest “Superheroes Anonymous 10” mix that is built to help fans prepare for their upcoming “Death Or Glory” North American Tour. It starts off heavy, with streaks of sharp synth melodies brought out by top players like ZomboyWavedash, Riot TenWooli, Kayzo, Tynan, and many more. Interspersed throughout, however, are spots of blissful melody that serve as proverbial, “eyes of the storm.” By the end of its hour duration, one might find their mind has melted just a little.

Adventure Club looks to showcase many of the supporting acts on their upcoming tour which includes Gammer, Riot Ten, Dirt Monkey, Wooli, Tisoki, ARMNHMR, and Wenzday, to name a few. The “Death Or Glory” tour kicks off March 8 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. In other Adventure Club news, they have an upcoming single with Crankdat and Krewella “Next Life” set for release on March 1, and the track is featured in the mix below.

Click HERE for ticket information on Adventure Club’s upcoming tour.

Photo credit: Karel Chladek