Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)

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Teenage sensation Chace has widely been touted by fellow producers as something of a prodigy. Based out of Shanghai, the 18-year-old has already been signed onto Mad Decent and Yellow Claw’s Barong Family described the gifted producer as “one of those extraordinary musicians you encounter only once every few years.”

Having released two EPs at the tender age of 17, Chace tackles his most ambitious project to date, remixing future house legend, Tchami. Remixing the French juggernaut’s single “Adieu,” the wunderkind has tastefully re-worked the track, giving it his signature house treatment. From the outset the tone is set with a powerful kick drum and groovy percussive elements. Vocal samples further complement the track’s soothing tone, before it smoothly transitions into an equally slick bass drop, characterized by plucked guitar samples.

The club oriented remix is an impressive undertaking, especially as it inverts, rather than removes, the essence of Tchami’s gorgeous original.

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Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

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All puns aside, the last thing we expected was Tchami to drop a new track right as his Prophecy Tour kicked off this week. Set to hit numerous cities in North America, the Prophecy Tour will keep Tchami busy over the next several weeks, but the Parisian producer nears the end of the first week of the tour by dropping an entirely new track. The best part? It takes his music in a familiar yet exciting new direction.

“Adieu” finds Tchami exploring a more uplifting side of his sound, one with almost tropical-sounding percussion, soft synths and a powerful sample. A fuzzy warble punctuates the track, hinting at Tchami’s darker side before he rings it in in favor of a more house-inspired mood. Originally known for his future house songs with glitchy vocal samples and dark synths, “Adieu” contrasts to Tchami’s signature sound without sounding alien, a rare feat for a producer known so well for a darker persona. We’re intrigued to see if he explores more of this lighter, house-inclined sound in the future, but for now we are happy to see Tchami step into the light.

Listen to “Adieu” below:

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Source: Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

Tchami – Adieu (Original Mix)

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Carrying a genre can often lead to a sharp and sudden case of fatigue, but Parisian heavyweight Tchami just hasn’t gotten this memo yet. Lumbered several years ago with flag-bearing duties in the rise of the so-called “future house” sound, the Parisian’s footsteps have always felt intrinsically focussed on leading a creative and quality driven charge in spite of the genre’s rise to popularity.

On return to Tchami’s own Confession imprint, “Adieu” befittingly says goodbye to some of his more hallmarked musical attributes, channeling a dialed back and semi-progressive take on proceedings. It’s different, but the track keeps enough groove and stamina to have us convinced this one hasn’t been outsourced in the studio department. 2017 is going to be a year where a lot of artists jump ship on the sound they stapled their industry presence with, but for Confession’s latest, Tchami shows that there’s room to shake things up without shamelessly chasing pastures greener.

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