♫ Listen: Charli XCX – “Focus” / “No Angel”

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It’s Charli, baby. After recently dropping a video for “5 In The Morning,” Charli XCX returns tonight with two new tracks, “Focus” and “No Angel.” The first track features production from A. G. Cook (who is 27 years old) and Swedish production team Jack and Coke, while the second comes courtesy of The Invisible Men and SOPHIE. Pretty RADICAL!

Listen listen listen:

Charli XCX – “Focus” & “No Angel”

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Charli XCX has come a long way from True Romance. The pop angel began working with avant-pop producer SOPHIE in 2015 and has since released electro-pop gems like her 2016 EP Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel, and, most recently, her Pop 2 mixtape. Last month, Charli shared the trap-indebted track “5More »

♫ Listen: A. G. Cook – Hollywood Ambient

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Okay. I know what you’re thinking.

Another article about PC Music. Seriously? When is this site going to cover something new? Get this GARBAGE out of here. I want real music, like Zeppelin. Why doesn’t TMT cover more rock & roll??”

Well, guess what? Yes, this is an article about PC Music, and we’re not going to stop until they do. To that end, A. G. Cook has dropped a 57-minute mix featuring works of tracks by Rihanna, Katy Perry, and this week’s meme queen, Grimes. The entire mix is part of Sigur Rós’ ongoing endless music series, Liminal.

So there. Take your Zeppelin and shove it up your Deep Purple.


Dance Until We Die
New Recording 4
Coming Home Demo
Track 10 (Extended Mix feat. Lil Data)
Ekki múkk (A. G. Cook vs. Sigur Rós)
Paul Just Made A Kind Of Weird Mashup
Seeds (For Jónsi & Alex)
A Love Fire
“Blame It On Your Heart”
Feelings Transcription (For Sophie & Cecile)
Everyone_has_a_reason_to_Pray [Ö] (A. G. Mix)
Varúð (A. G. Cook vs. Sigur Rós)
Yellow Diamonds In The Light
If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time
Flesh Without Musk
Jónsi & A. G. 2015 Demo
Dewfall Starfall

A. G. Cook Shares Grimes Remix “Flesh Without Musk”

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A.G. Cook - Hollywood AmbientGrimes and Elon Musk have been causing quite a stir online, but their union hasn’t only inspired memes. A.G. Cook, who helms the bubblegum-electronic label and collective PC Music, shared a remix of Grimes’ “Flesh Without Blood” called “Flesh Without Musk.” Musk recently tweeted that “Flesh Without Blood” is one of his More »

PC Music drops GFOTY remix EP GFOTYBUCKS : RED CUPS (feat. DJ Warlord, Lil Data, and more), cuz every damn Friday should be a holiday

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01. Tongue (Lil Data Remix)
02. Poison (DJ Warlord Remix)
03. Lover (Stelvio Remix)
04. Drown Her (Daddy Long Legs Remix)
05. Huge (DJ Gurl Power Remix)
06. Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It (Thorpey Remix)
07. Believe (Mitomoro Remix)







Charli XCX Brings The Future To Brooklyn

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When you grow up consuming the products of the pop machine, you quickly come to realize there’s a formula to it all. Be malleable and effervescent, churn out safe hits, or be ready to be spat out and forgotten. But those were the rules from another time, a time before Charli XCX showed up and … More »

Music Review: Charli XCX – Pop 2

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Charli XCX

Pop 2

[Asylum; 2017]

Rating: 4/5

She wasn’t supposed to make it past 25. Charlotte Aitchison’s Charli XCX persona has never been geared toward longevity. Whether braving an apocalyptic day of reckoning on “Nuclear Seasons” or literalizing her mortality on “Die Tonight,” the Cambridge singer has long displayed a sense of fatalism in her music. On True Romance, Charli’s oncoming demise demanded romantic consummation, no matter how transitory. On Sucker, she combated encroaching death with puerile hedonism and carnal distraction. And unlike compatriots and fellow Bacchanalia frontline journalists Arctic Monkeys, whose distaste for English nightlife is so acute you might mistake them for teetotalers, Charli revels in the debauchery of the London club scene, viewing its inevitable hangover as fait accompli and, consequently, a nonissue. This is why her career never seemed likely to sustain itself; the good times were bound to kill this death-obsessed girl. But the joke’s on us: she’s still alive, and on Pop 2, Charli XCX returns for more profligacy, yet this time with a keener perspective recalibrated by the nuances of young adult maturity.

There’s a certain territoriality and arrogance in Charli naming her mixtape Pop 2, but much of her music is spent negotiating the line between admirable confidence and aggressive hauteur. Charli spent roughly half of Sucker explaining that she was too good for you — even if she’ll mete out second and third chances for the sake of comfort and familiarity — while elsewhere flaunting her superhuman tolerance to narcotics and a vast wealth that puts Croesus to shame. And so on Pop 2, we see more of the cocksureness Charli exhibits in spades, as on the escapist-affirmative “Out of My Head” (ft. Tove Lo and ALMA), as well as a self-assured autonomy on tracks like the prurient, cloying “Unlock It” (ft. Kim Petras and Jay Park).

Yet on most of these tracks, Charli XCX sounds to have abjured the truculence and grandeur that granted her notoriety on singles like “Boom Clap,” “Fancy,” and “I Love It,” with much emphasis on her guests, which include Carly Rae Jepsen, CupcakKe, Mykki Blanco, Pabllo Vittar, MØ, Dorian Electra, and more. The Caroline Polachek duet “Tears” finds the singer reckoning with her proclivity for caprice, singing “I killed our life, I’m crazy […] Door shut tight, that ain’t love, no.” In place of her trademark overconfidence, Charli delivers a comparatively unadorned performance, signaling what seems to be genuine feelings of remorse. She may not be the most convincing agent of regret, but Charli didn’t pen these songs in hopes of credence or validation. Instead, she’s singing for her own benefit, to make sense of the needless waffling and unrest in her relationships. More power to her.

In the last 40 seconds of “Delicious” (ft. Tommy Cash), the track shifts from a scrupulously produced club banger to a pristine choir. This is an apt metonym for the instrumentation and arrangements of Pop 2. With production help from the likes of SOPHIE, Life Sim, King Henry, EASYFUN, and executive producer A. G. Cook, the music vacillates between synth-powered spectral screeches and jolts and immaculate choral beds, as if to reconcile the delineation between the impersonal nature of club life, with its ephemeral hookups, and the deceptive jubilance of a real, long-term relationship. The result is mixed bag, with the album’s industrial moments more engrossing by virtue of their immediacy and the more human elements of the production turning into a slog if left alone for too long.

For better or for worse, Charli XCX is embracing maturity on her fourth mixtape. Now 25 years (and some change) old, Charlotte Aitchison looks to be relieving herself of the “born to die young” credo she’s so ardently maintained for the past few years in favor of something more stable. And though she may not find what she’s looking for anytime soon, Charli XCX, on Pop 2, is at least looking down a new path.

♫ Listen: Charli XCX – POP 2

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Listen, there’s no time: Saint Charli just dropped her new mixtape for the fourth day of Hanukkah, so just freakin listen to it okay?? And if the first track being a Charli/Carly teamup isn’t enough to get your dreidel spinning, well, sorry, there’s honestly no hope for you.

POP 2 is available to stream below via Spotify.

Stream Charli XCX Pop 2

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It’s been just about three years since Charli XCX’s last full-fledged LP, the brash and addictive Sucker. But in that time, the pop visionary and Millennial Pink enthusiast has been far from quiet, releasing a steady stream of music via EPs, singles, or mixtapes ahead of her heavily anticipated third … More »

Charli XCX – “Unlock It” (Feat. Kim Petras And Jay Park)

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Last week, Charli XCX announced that she would release her second mixtape of the year, Pop2, on 12/15, alongside a track called “Out Of My Head.” Today, she’s shared another new song from it, “Unlock It,” which features German pop singer Kim Petras and Korean Roc Nation signee Jay Park. The track was produced … More »