Stream Black Caviar’s hypnotic house outing, ‘Moon Landing’

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Stream Black Caviar’s hypnotic house outing, ‘Moon Landing’Black Caviar

What distinguished Black Caviar from fellow electronic acts following their entry to the dance scene is precisely what has earned the duo accolades: their exquisitely amorphous sound. With each release, Black Caviar have reinvented the sonic wheel, challenging classic house aesthetic with their kooky samples and idiosyncratic arrangements. Unparalleled in their ability to remain predictably unpredictable, Black Caviar’s fresh take on modern electronic technics has revitalized the house genre.

The proof is in the production: Black Caviar’s “What’s Up
Danger,” featured on the Spiderman: Into
The Spider-Verse
soundtrack, recently garnered an RIAA Gold award. The
pair’s soundtrack stint didn’t halt there—Black Caviar notably also stand
behind a remix of the iconic Charlie’s
theme song that materialized on the film’s official soundtrack.

Black Caviar’s ingenuity newly extends to Moon Landing, a shiny new two-track EP that conceptually explores an astronomical theme across “Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing” and “Moon Pie.” The former is a hypnotically bodied artistic allusion to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, observed in July 2019. Moon Landing is out now via Thrive Music.