Steve Hauschildt goes Nonlin on new album for Ghostly International, shares new track “Subtractive Skies”

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Chicago based synth soul searcher Steve Hauschildt returns with his latest album, Nonlin, his second release on Ghostly International following 2018’s Dissolvi.

If you were a fan of the pillowy soft keyboard excursions fit for, say, chilling out on some acupuncture (as my TMT pal Lijah put it), Nonlin rides a similarly mellow, yet slightly “freer, leaner, and looser” feel that might be more appropriate for journeys into the subconscious in a sensory deprivation tank. It’s up to you, I guess!

Nonlin is out October 25, and Ghostly has pre-orders up and running. Peep the tracklist below, and zone the album’s first taste “Subtractive Skies.”

Nonlin tracklisting:

01. Cloudloss
02. Subtractive Skies
03. A Planet Left Behind
04. Attractor B
05. The Nature Remaining
06. Nonlin
07. Reverse Culture Music
08. The Spring in Chartreuse
09. American Spiral