Solomun sees green with remix of Jon Hopkins’ ‘Emerald Rush’

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Solomun sees green with remix of Jon Hopkins’ ‘Emerald Rush’Solomun Factory 93

2019 has been one of the hottest summers on record, but that isn’t stopping deep house titlist Solomun from cranking it just a few more notches with his festival-ready flip of Jon Hopkins’ beautifully troubled “Emerald Rush”.

Fans of Hopkins’ 2018 LP Singularity will quickly recognize “Emerald Rush” as one of the more vivid tracks from the Englishman’s Grammy-nominated album, with its mechanical yet labored rhythm that barely manages to slosh along. Here, Solomun doesn’t change much, fleshing out drum patterns and pushing the vocal harmonies forward in the mix for a housier flow, but where the remix takes over is at the break around the 2-minute mark. Arpeggiating synthwork invites clubbers to get engulfed in Solumun’s dark forest of sound, where buzzing chirps, lucid hymns, and a pulsating, yet muted beat allow listeners to get lost in the remix’s atmosphere as it subtly crescendos towards a chunky drop that bolsters the signature sound of the original.

Solomun is currently touring Europe and will be throwing down a three hour set at Romania’s UNTOLD Festival on Aug 2. He is scheduled to return to the states in early November, with dates already scheduled in Brooklyn and Detroit.