Soccer Mommy’s ‘Out Worn’ Gives Reflection a Worthy Soundtrack [Stream]

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Beginning with a clean, repetitious guitar line reminiscent of Liz Phair’s early 2000s hit “Why Can’t I,” Soccer Mommy’s “Out Worn” offers a lightness to offset the heavy feelings that come along with examining a relationship after the fact. More often than not, the details of our relationships become clearer to us the more distance we give ourselves from the situation. Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, illustrates the thoughts that pass through our minds about what before went unnoticed: “so sweet when you wanna be / but you don’t really care about me” and “I wanna feel I’m being admired / you only taught me to be out worn.”

It can be easy to blame yourself for not seeing the signs (Allison sings “I feel stupid now / for keeping you around”) but “Out Worn” as a whole provides listeners with the comforting notion that, although you kept him/her/them around for longer than you think you should have, upon reflection, having the courage to recognize these misgivings provides you with the wisdom and strength you deserve. As we usually look for the best in others, it is totally possible that a bad egg will fall into the mix. While this may be disheartening, listen to “Out Worn” and allow yourself to look for the positives in these delayed discoveries — the airy, happy melody reminding you that you’re O.K.

Soccer Mommy’s latest album, Collection, is out August 4 via Fat Possum.