Skrillex & Hikaru Utada’s ‘Face My Fears’ hits the Hot 100

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Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting over a decade for the Final Fantasy-meets-Disney game’s third installment. The second edition, Kingdom Hearts II, was released in December of 2005 on PlayStation 2, and was followed by a whirlwind of spin-offs across several gaming systems—a process spawned from the perpetual push for innovation in the entertainment sector. It wasn’t until 2013 that the franchise developers (Square Enix & Sony) announced III’s release date.

The exhaustive buildup to the third release meant any announcement would generate astronomical buzz, including Skrillex‘s involvement in its theme song. On January 18, following some teaser footage, the famed producer released his collaboration “Face My Fears” with Japanese-American singer/songwriter Hikaru Utada. Since then, the track has reached the masses and—two days before the games official drop date—entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #98.

Now, with Kingdom Hearts III officially on the scene, the track is bound to keep climbing. Give it another listen and, to all those patient fans, happy gaming!