Sink into Tycho’s fifth studio album, ‘Weather’ [Stream]

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Sink into Tycho’s fifth studio album, ‘Weather’ [Stream]Tycho Tile

The further an artist’s career extends, the less frequent are the opportunities for sonic firsts. Such would certainly seem to be the case for Tycho; the ethereal stylistics of Tycho’s sound spanned four studio albums, and spilled over into a fifth July 12, with the arrival of Weather. Weather is an ambient next installment in Tycho’s successive history of long-form outings that constitutes a new first for the electronic entity: the application of his own vocals.

“I wanted to finally fulfill what has been a vision of mine since the beginning, to incorporate the most organic instrument of all, the human voice,” writes Tycho.

Tycho integrates his vocals with measured subtlety, to foreground those of fellow artist, Saint Sinner, across five of the production’s eight total tracks. Tonally, Weather touts the light gossamer grace previously heard on Weather antecedents, Past Is Prologue, Dive, Awake, and Epoch. The warm familiarity of aesthetic, coupled with the distinctive novelty of Tycho’s vocals, creates a sense of skillful balance that sets Weather apart in the context of the producer’s catalog.

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