Salami Rose Joe Lewis readies new album, Zdenka 2080, on Brainfeeder

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When all the cool kids at the party are talking about rock or electronica, I always try to shift things to a little genre known as…jazz fusion. What usually follows is a clearing out of the conversation when I dig into the pros and cons of Weather Report vs. Mahavishnu Orchestra.

For those who would stick around and get giddy over a little jazz fusion shop talk, Bay Area resident Lindsay Olsen has much to contribute. Her latest under the Salami Rose Joe Louis moniker, Zdenka 2080, is a sci-fi themed, 22-track odyssey mining inspiration from “the realms of fantasy as a means of illuminating concepts and truths about our own society and humanity.”

The album, out August 30 via Brainfeeder, is up for pre-order in vinyl, CD, and digital editions. Scroll down to audibly peep the double single “Octagonal Room / Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing).”

Zdenka 2080 tracklisting:

01. Suddenly
02. Octagonal Room
03. She Wakes Up / First Dimension
04. Love the Sun
05. Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
06. Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)
07. Nostalgic Montage
08. Meet Zee in 3-D / Third Dimension
09. Confessions of the Metropolis Spaceship
10. A Brief Intermission
11. Sitting with Thoughts
12. Earth Creature
13. Peculiar Machine / Fourth Dimension
14. Drifting
15. You Get Blue
16. Diatoms and Dinoflagellates / Fifth Dimension
17. Transformation of a Molecule / Sixth Dimension
18. The Artist / Seventh Dimension
19. Collision, Gravity, Time
20. Heads Turn to Paintings
21. Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension
22. To Be Continued…