Rabit pays homage to DJ Screw with new compilation of edits CRY ALONE DIE ALONE

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Houston: stand up! (And if you were already up, you might want to sit down for this.) On June 27, Rabit dropped a new mix of chopped and/or screwed edits called CRY ALONE DIE ALONE — ostensibly in honor of Houston’s very own, the late legend DJ Screw — and according to the producer, it won’t be up long. Grab it while you can over at Bandcamp.

Of course, if you can’t wait to bathe in a sonic manifestation of Texas pride (and who could blame you?), listen to a sample of the mix “down south” (i.e. “2” is listenable down below). Either way, Screwston, I now give you my formal permission to sit back down/stand back up/re-enter the lotus pose — but only if you do it with pride! #Houston


CRY ALONE DIE ALONE tracklisting:

01. 1
02. 2
03. 3
04. 4
05. 5
06. 6
07. 7
08. 8
09. 9
10. 10