Planetary bodies Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, and Phillip Sollmann align to release special frequencies of progressive techno via new joint EP

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This song has always been here, we just haven’t had the technology to identify it until now. The planetary bodies we call Ambarchi, Sprenger, and Sollmann have collided, releasing an explosive new sonic particle stream into our universe and emitting a singular rhythm…Hey, that sounds like techno! Huh???

It’s true! A supergroup has formed from three beings all voted most-likely to hate the term “supergroup.” A-TON records will release Panama / Suez by Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, Phillip Sollmann (a.k.a. Efdemin) this August 31. It is a 12-inch record in two parts: two just-discovered frequencies formed of express calculations and centuries of mathematic research on astronomical phenomena.

A-TON claim that these three deities had a goal in mind. A goal of “creating subtly shifting musical passageways: sonic routes that run between continents of musical category.” What this could mean for the future of our species, I’m not the one to say. But listen carefully to the first of these ancient heavenly melodies,”Panama,” and you may discover it for yourselves. The track’s unremitting 15 minutes show the fingerprints of each of the three collaborators. Present are the ostinatos of Ambarchi’s Hubris, the data-strings of Sprenger’s Stack Music, and the transcendent pulsations of Sollmann’s Decay series.

If your taste is at all like mine, this is like news that NASA found life on Mars (again). So there should be nothing holding you back from pre-ordering the EP right over here. If our generation is going to get another Y2K, I think this may be the first sign from above…

Panama / Suez tracklisting:

01 Panama
02. Suez