New Music Friday: Ariana Grande returns

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Additional notes:

  • The Ariana Grande comeback single explodes with superstar quality and pulls off the Into You trick of sounding totally effortless when in reality every split second has clearly been obsessed over for hours on end. That’s probably one of the key pop tricks nobody ever talks about isn’t it?
  • As for future superstars, the very talented singer, songwriter, producer and general popstar Naaz releases her Bits Of Naaz EP (album) today.
  • Alice (or alice-with-a-lowercase-a, or Alice Chater as she was previously known) is positioning herself as a ‘proper popstar’ and the opening shot sounds like Shakira, so it’s job done in that department.
  • Antony & Cleopatra, who partly consist of Anita ‘how about nice new CocknBullKid album’ Blay, are in perky mode on The Islands.
  • Lykke Li released two songs this week but they both sound the same so we’re only including one.
  • Anne-Marie is at the bottom of the playlist this week on purely fact-related grounds: her song is called 2002 but namechecks …Baby One More Time, which was released in 1998. Anyone recalling the summer of 2002 might indeed factor Britney’s debut single into their memories but all in all we’d say the songtitle’s inclusion is deliberately misleading. As for the rest of the song, it’s fairly pleasant in a nostalgia-by-committee kind of way.

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