Miami Music Week in a nutshell: capturing the ridiculousness beneath the glamour

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Miami Music Week — the largest dance music industry event in America, and the world. In addition to the Winter Music Conference, which takes place that week, a plethora of outside club events dominate the city that culminate into Ultra Music Festival at its end. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the festival, making for an even more energized atmosphere surrounding it.

Its enormous popularity among fans, industry professionals, and artists alike translates to an enormous invasion of the city, and thus an even crazier unfolding of developments. Surge prices for ride share services and taxis are near-unfathomable, drink prices are egregious, and ATM fees are shockingly high. Meanwhile, utter debauchery and chaos mean tense interactions between bouncers and patrons, wedding rings falling off celebrity’s hands, and of course, instances that in the past have included women talking to trees.

We compiled an array of images that captures moments like these, that show a deeper look beneath the glamour of Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival.

1. We hope you withdrew cash ahead of time….

Jackmaster discovered ATM fees at the small club Treehouse were set at $36. The fee was so high that he had to document it through Instagram, appropriately quipping, “Some cunt is having a laugh.” Note to self: withdraw copious amounts of cash prior to going out for the night, or else…

MMW Treehouse ATM Fees Jackmaster

2. Same goes for buying alcohol

Either the drink needs to have at least 4 shots, or it’s best to get toasted enough to last the whole event.

MMW Vodka Redbull_LI

3. A test in supply & demand

Not planning on drinking? You’ll at least need water to remain safely hydrated in the warm outdoor weather. Humane ideologies be damned — vendors throughout the week are putting necessity and capitalism to the test by charging upwards of $15 for a bottle of water at each event. Perhaps the hot new liquid to hide in a flask is H2O.

MMW Water Bottles

4. Not today, lawsuits!

This venue wasn’t playing around when it came to hosting an Axtone pool party. The question is, what can you bring?

Ultra Axtone Entry Rules

5. That awkward moment when…

You lose your 20-carat engagement ring while partying too hard to Above & Beyond

above beyond paris tweet

6. When the alcohol hits early

Pacing is the key to day-drinking, young Padawan.

ultra ratchet

7. On the other hand, 3 snaps for this brave raver

no drugs mmw

8. One thing to save money on: food

Plus side: food poisoning is potentially the new leading cause of seeking medical assistance at the music festival? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, media.

Ultra Food Poisoning
ultra sick2

9. An accurate depiction of Ultra attendees from an Uber driver’s point of view:

MMW Uber Depiction

10. And finally….the Great SHM Lighting Conspiracy of 2018

Why the odd camera angles? Error? Technical difficulty? Was it all fake after all? Who knows…

camera ultra
issues lighting shm
Feature Image Credit: aLive Coverage