Lobster Theremin founder Asquith releases a new techno track ahead of his next white label EP Never Alone

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As much as the crowds might not want to admit it, there’s always a hint of entrepreneurial genius behind scene success in the house/techno world. It’s easy to look to Lobster Theremin as an example of this — though there’s nothing inherently “corporate” about them or their artists. Truth is, though, they took a handful of sonically similar young artists, a few good press clippings, and an intelligent graphic design approach; and turned what could have just been a blip of momentary spotlight into a reputable real-life label.

Jimmy Asquith, then, is what his enemies might call house’s Jordan Belfort. The guy is an easy face for this entire success story, and what ties the whole package together? Well, he’s a music producer himself, of course! And his music posterchilds the sounds definitive to Lobster Theremin. Following his first-ever 12-inch under his own name which came out earlier this year, Asquith is continuing his run of self-released white label records with a new EP, Never Alone.

Asquith’s mission is clearer than ever on the EP’s title track (streaming down below), with its Germanic rapid stabs and minimal architecture conjuring memories of getting rejected from club doors when it’s just too cold to head back outside. It’s actually quite exhilarating, and it’s easy to see it finding a way into some Wintertime mixes from his peers (at least those bold enough to kick things up above 130 BPM).

Never Alone (and don’t even tempt me to call that “aptly-titled”) comes out November 30 and marks the second pressing from Asquith’s “Asquith” label…which is (natch) used for releasing Asquith’s “Asquith” music! You can pre-order it on vinyl and digital formats here.

Never Alone tracklisting:

01. Hard Skippin’ (Cream Mix)
02. Never Alone
03. Hot Hot
04. NRG Mix