LadyLand Festival to debut in NYC this June with SOPHIE, Eve, SSION, and the world record-holders for “Largest Love-Army”

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Hey, yo, Brooklynites: are you ready to celebrate Pride Month with the wildest conglomeration of musical artists you’re likely to see this summer?! If so, you’ll be happy to hear about the brand new LadyLand Festival being held at Brooklyn Mirage on June 22 (and if not, just GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE [no, just kidding, you should stay 🙂 ]).

LadyLand is the brainchild of New York nightlife mastermind Ladyfag, and it’s of course being staged as an all-out celebration of Pride and queer music. The lineup is fittingly stacked, featuring performances from SOPHIE, Eve, SSION, Tommy Genesis, Kim Petras, and so many more they barely fit on the poster — not to mention NYC’s finest art and designers. Plus, everyone loves a summer fest with a philosophy, right?? Here’s LadyLand’s:

LadyLand is a festival for everyone and all are welcome with open arms. That said, it is an intentionally queer space in celebration of Pride. There will be ZERO tolerance for any homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or any aggression or violence toward others, or you will be asked to leave. As New Yorkers say, if you see something say something! Our team will be there to help if any problems should arise.

Come join our army of lovers…

I can feel the love all the way from not-Brooklyn!

If you’re down to party with a legion of like-minded folk a little more than a month from now, you’ll be wanting to pick up LadyLand tickets here (available in three tiers!) and check out more info on the official website, including a full breakdown of the entire lineup! (And check out that snazzy poster, huh?)

At any rate: have a joyous Pride Month, New York!