Julianna Barwick to release new album Circumstance Synthesis, just in time for your holiday circumstances

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If you know the experimental artist Julianna Barwick (you DO know her, right?), you don’t be surprised AT ALL to learn that she recently, well, EXPERIMENTED by creating “an environmentally responsive, ruminative score created using generative music technology.” Man, she is always doing that!

“At this score’s performative core,” so the old yarn goes, “generative music technology identified activity in the New York City sky through a camera perched on [a] hotel’s rooftop, triggering musical progressions created by Barwick. The results: heaven on earth.” Hey, this works out great! It’s almost the holidays, so who ISN’T in the mood to hear a little heaven on earth?

Luckily, a “version” of Barwick’s highly conceptual generative work will be released via the Rvng Intl. imprint Commend There on December 20 as a a “limited edition, hand-stamped cassette” (as well as an impersonal, ugly-ass digital download).

And that’s not all: this Friday, December 6, Julianna will perform an intimate show at Commend NYC, followed by an after party at Sister City, the hotel who first commissioned the project in the first place. If you live in NYC, check that out. If you don’t, head here to grab a tape and live vicariously through the AI that will one day render us all useless!

Happy holidays, everybody!

Circumstances, synthesized:

01. morning
02. noon
03. afternoon
04. evening
05. night