Gallant taps Sufjan Stevens for ‘TOOGOODTOBETRUE’

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Gallant taps Sufjan Stevens for ‘TOOGOODTOBETRUE’0 5

Gallant‘s vocals are here to bless us all year long. The D.C. native has unleashed his newest single titled “TOOGOODTOBETRUE,” featuring Sufjan Stevens and Rebecca Sugar.

The four-minute track sees both artists flexing their harmonies and serenading that special someone. A tender guitar backs the artists’ lush introduction, leading into a smooth, subtle beat. On the hook, Gallant sings, “I’ll lay down the cards just like the way you fold your arms / Too good to be true,” before Stevens gifts fans with his own verse.

Following his last single “Doesn’t Matter” released in May of this year, “TOOGOODTOBETRUE” serves as the second single off Gallant’s sophomore album titled This Song Does Not Fit. The record also features Sugar — the creator of Steven Universe on the Cartoon Network — on the outro.

Photo credit: Forbes