Gabriel Saloman to conclude his epic Shelter Press trilogy with Movement Building Vol. 3 (but who will play him in the reboot?)

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“All good things must come to an end,” said Geoffrey Chaucer at the culmination of an especially delicious and deliberately elongated McDonalds dinner (I’m a little hazy on the historical details) — and, with the release of Movement Building Vol. 3 on September 15, Gabriel Saloman is simultaneously putting a period on both his Movement Building trilogy of albums (which began in 2014) and on a golden age of musical prolificity that began with his 2012 album Adhere on the Miasmah label. (Adhere came about not long after Saloman and Pete Swanson had announced the official dissolution of their band, Yellow Swans, and the album itself foreshadowed a series of solo efforts generally composed with contemporary dance in mind. Duh. I mean, have you attended a contemporary dance show recently? Some of that shit’s dark as fuck.)

Good times! Anyway! Saloman’s easy-breezy, minimal approach to conveying feelings of absolute dread and desperation continues on Movement Building Vol. 3 through the familiar use of “emotive bowed strings, militant percussion and searing guitar eruptions.” Separate from the independent vinyl/digital release, Shelter Press is also sponsoring 2-CD package that includes all three albums in the trilogy. Just to fuck with you, that package is out a day later on September 16; and don’t be fooled by the “three albums across two CDs” notion. Time is a fucking construct…and “content” is a total illusion! Besides, the duration of the albums makes everything possible! And the complete package is highly recommended, if you want a truly undisturbed disturbing experience.

Speaking of those sorts of unsettling adjectives, here’s a track from Vol. 3, “What Belongs To Love”:

Movement Building Vol. 3 tracklisting:

01. What Belongs To Time
02. What Belongs To Bass
03. What Belongs To You
04. What Belongs To Love
05. What Belongs To the Fire
06. What Belongs To the March
07. What Belongs To the Line
08. What Belongs To Sleep