Empty Editions announces new LP from XT (Seymour Wright & Paul Abbott), Palina’tufa, share new track

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When you start talking to me about free jazz, there better be some deep skronk-y sax action, or I’m walking! Thankfully, this latest release from Berlin audio/visual oasis Empty Editions — from sax/percussion duo XT — packs some wild, free form saxophone and skittering, occasionally glitchy percussion into an unpredictable ride across four unnamed tracks.

Palina’tufa sees saxophonist Seymour Wright and percussionist Paul Abbott dig deep into an improvisational groove and come out unscathed, with a quartet of adventurous, excellent tunes to blast you off into the unknown.

Stream “(C)” below, and keep tabs on the Empty Editions site for pre-order announcements. Until then, spend the next month wrapping your head around “(C)” and getting amped for the remainder of Palina’tufa.

Palina’tufa tracklisting:

01. 1 (A)
02. 2 (B)
03. 3 (C)
04. 4 (D)