Electric Forest attendee grills full steak dinner during Bassnectar set

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Electric Forest can get a little weird.

Bassnectar sets can get a little weird.

Combine the two, and what do you have?

A ‘nectar fan grilling a full steak dinner during Lorin’s set.

bassnectar steak

Thanks to a Facebook group called Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters, the image of fan grilling during the first weekend of Electric Forest is preserved on the internet for all to see.

The caption itself is pure gold:

“The Wookout Cookout caught from deep inside the trenches at Bassnectar last Saturday at Electric Forest. This hunter-gatherer type wook claimed he had caught his provisions earlier in the day and was simply enjoying the meats of his labor to the sweet sounds of his ‘Lord and Savior Lorin.’ I left him to enjoy his Steaknectar in peace.”

It looks pretty delicious, to be honest.

H/T: EDMSauce

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