Detroit DJ Moodymann shares disturbing video of gunpoint confrontation with police

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Detroit DJ Moodymann shares disturbing video of gunpoint confrontation with policeMOODYMANN 1523515333

Revered DJ and producer Moodymann (born Kenny Dixon Jr.) has been a staple of Detroit’s electronic scene since the ’90s. However, the Detroit icon found himself in a confrontation with police that led to his arrest at his Highland Park residency on Jan. 12. Moodymann shared the footage on his Instagram page yesterday before taking it down just hours later.

Still available to view below, the video shows Moodymann in the driver’s seat of his car, surrounded by police with weapons drawn. While the video shows multiple armed police officers ordering him to “unlock the fucking door,” Moodymann looked to add some context to the situation in the caption of the video.

“HP police came n (MY BACKYARD) demanding proof of ownership and this is how they reacted (Went 2 jail again) charged me 4 Breaking and entering on my own property even though I had keys. what u can’t c is 9 other officers pointing their AR15 directly at my head…next time just pull the MF trigger let’s get this shit over with (I’m tired) I’m so tired”

Pitchfork received confirmation from the Highland Park Police Department that a “Kenneth Dixon” had been arrested that night, though they could not confirm that it was Moodymann himself. The police report indicates that they received a report of “suspicious behavior” at the DJ’s house. Upon arrival, they found Moodymann in his car, at which point he told them he owned the building and had the keys to enter. According to police, Dixon also indicated that he was in possession of a firearm, at which point the police moved to arrest him for failing to immediately disclose a concealed weapon, not having a building permit, and resisting and obstructing.

In a statement to the Detroit Free Press, the Highland Park Police Department noted that Moodymann failed to produce personal ID and proof of ownership of the property, though “further investigation confirmed ownership…Mr. Dixon was released and issued several citations regarding this incident.”

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