David Bowie “Space Oddity” 50th anniversary remastered 7-inch box set coming this July

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It all started with “Space Oddity,” an unassuming and quirky folk rock ballad that shot a young lad from Brixton, still honing his sound, into superstardom. Surely even Bowie himself couldn’t foresee where his career would lead him, but this song was its genesis.

The track has endured over the decades. A new 7-inch box set celebrating 50 years (!) of Major Tom — featuring fresh mixes by Tony Visconti — will be released on July 12 via Parlophone Records (the day after the original single’s 50th anniversary).

The set includes a double-sided poster with an original “Space Oddity” print ad, as well as a shot of Bowie on stage in 1969. A digital single will be made available as well, so hit up Ground Control and claim yours before they’re one hundred thousand miles away.

Space Oddity 7” Single Boxed Set Tracklisting:

Side A: “Space Oddity” (Original Mono Single Edit)

Side B: “Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud” (Original Mono Single Version)

Side A: “Space Oddity” (2019 Mix – Single Edit) March 2019 mix by Tony Visconti

Side B: “Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud” (2019 Mix – Single Version) March 2019 mix by Tony Visconti