MUST LISTEN: Zookëper puts a house spin on John Mayer’s ‘New Light’

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MUST LISTEN: Zookëper puts a house spin on John Mayer’s ‘New Light’John Mayer Variance Magazine 14033

Zookëper wants listeners to see John Mayer‘s most recent single in a “New Light.”

Released in May 2018 and co-produced by NO I.D., Mayer’s latest meshed the Continuum crooner’s inimitably suave vocals with a mellow guitar melody, and classic to Mayer’s identity as a songwriter, confessional lyrical musings tinged with tempered yearning. “New Light” emblematized stylistics characteristic of Mayer’s artistry as it simultaneously more treaded exploratory musical territory–in the broader context of Mayer’s catalogue–in its embrace of a distinctive 80’s disco groove.

Although Mayer is well known for his song “Stop This Train,” the groove train that shifted into gear on “New Light” speeds ahead on Zookëper’s remix. An intricately layered multi-element rework, Zookëper’s take re-envisions “New Light” through a lively house lens.

Zookëper undergirds the remix with a piano melody that proves central to the flip’s fluidity as the melody works in tandem with the pulsating animation of the revamp’s bass line, energetically driving the production forward. Zookëper’s addition of a mid tempo BPM situated in the house range lends a buoyancy to Zookëper’s innovative re-imagination of Mayer’s original.

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NMF Roundup: Markus Schulz delivers some summer heat, Robotaki teams up with Mike Clay, Liquid Stranger drops some free form + more

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NMF Roundup: Markus Schulz delivers some summer heat, Robotaki teams up with Mike Clay, Liquid Stranger drops some free form + moreOcaso Festival Tamarindo By Pablo Murillo 06 01 2018 1184

The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

Sleepy Tom and Youngblood team up for a catchy collaboration, “In My Head.” It’s both refined and dance floor-ready, aided by dreamy vocals.

Markus Schulz taps Capital Cities‘ SEBU for an infectious original, “Upon My Shoulders.” Acoustic guitar melodies and wistful vocals from SEBU make this the perfect end-of-summer anthem.

Lively horn stabs and an invigorating beat fuel Toyboy & Robin‘s new release, “Horn It.” The London duo’s latest is out via Nothing Else Matters.

Georgia Ku lends her enchanting voice to this new collaboration between Captain Cuts and Zookëper. “Do You Think About Me” is highlighted by chopped-up vocals and a lively house beat.

Carnage celebrates this week’s 8/08 day with a ferocious trap number featuring Sludge. He builds into the song with ominous choir-like vocals and a call of “El Diablo” to kick off the drop.

Tom Tyger, Charles B and VCTRY channel old-school house vibes in their unexpected collaboration, One Too Many.” The track is out now via Protocol Recordings.

LUUDE says he’s “actually been sitting on this one since the start of 2017 and never finished it” until now. “Omen” is highlighted by hefty bass and a dark vibe.

Robotaki has delivered “a song from my heart to yours” in his latest, “Brooklyn ’95.” He taps Mike Clay for the track’s vocals, adding to the laid-back atmosphere he exudes.

A month after releasing his “Erase” remix package featuring Arty and Lights, FRND has come out with a sentimental new single, “Before U I Didn’t Exist.”

Liquid Stranger brings eerie, spacey wobbles in his newest original, “Gunslinger.” The free form bass track features Pistol and is out now via WAKAAN.

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 37

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Step into this beautiful house haven that Zookëper and Goshfather have created called “For Real.” With Goshfather still riding the high of his massive hit, “Everybody” with the Bingo Players, “For Real” makes an exceptional follow up. Zookëper ended his 2017 on a high note with a feisty remix for The Knocks, so these two teaming up was bound to be a surefire hit.

New Jersey brother duo Synchronice just released a self-titled five-track EP. The introductory track, “Light,” makes for a gorgeous lead-in to the Synchronice EP. With a gradual build and layers of heavenly synths, it paves the way for the remaining four tracks. Choir-like vocals and even a brief guitar melody draw the listener in beautifully.

13 is about to blow up in 2018. Already this year, he’s followed up last year’s massive REZZ collaboration with a remix for Krayysh, a Nest HQ mix, and now, an original. “Physical” brings 13’s signature dark style in full force, mounting his attack and sneaking up on the listener with an anticipatory, moody introduction. He layers in Darth Vader-like breathing for added eeriness, pausing midway through the song to drum up another build reminiscent of someone running. It’s haunting in every sense of the word.

Colorado producer brothel has taken on one of modern pop-punk’s biggest voices: Paramore. He steps up the intensity of Hayley Williams’ vocals by kicking them up an octave and adding heavy amounts of bass. One Reddit user says brothel is able to “merge filth and beauty like no one,” and I have to say I agree.

Outcry plays with melodies in this playful new original, “Skydancer.” The Australian producer lets a lively melody carry throughout the song, though he toys with stutter effects and other variants on the lighthearted theme that carry through as hits of bass weaves in and out. “Skydancer” is a long time in the making, as Outcry notes in the track description that he’s been working on it for two and a half years.

HARIZ – OVRBRD (Zookëper Remix)

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LA-based up-and-comer Zookëper has given fellow Angelino HARIZ’s “OVRBRD” an intriguing remix that melds a variety of genres into a unique sound. A capacious intro, featuring soulful vocals, cleverly chopped samples, and bright piano chords, leads into a a trap-inspired drop with a blasts of synthesized sounds and a twitchy melody. Lest anyone become overly comfortable, Zookëper opts to imbue his remix with a steady four-on-the-floor beat that ups the energy while maintaining it’s original character. The strength and clever choices made in this remix mark Zookëper as one to watch in the future.

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