Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner’s classic ‘Devil’s Den’ gets a 2019 revamp by newcomer LICK

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Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner’s classic ‘Devil’s Den’ gets a 2019 revamp by newcomer LICKLick Perfoming Live Facebook

LICK may not be a household name yet, but that’s likely all about to start changing. The emerging Phoenix-native producer is the newest recruit to be called up to the Alt:Vision ranks, joining the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Autograf, Drezo, k?d, and Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2018, Medasin, among others. To celebrate his freshly-inked deal, LICK took on Gartner and Skrillex‘s unforgettable “Devil’s Den,” for a brand new remix that introduces the up-and-coming producer in bold fashion.

The original track, found on Skrillex’s Grammy Award-winning Bangarang EP which just celebrated its seventh anniversary, has maintained a constant spot within Skrillex’s sets over the years. Now, with LICK’s rendition, the track has received a modern day mid-tempo revamp that’s equally suited for heavy live play, perfectly toeing the line between fresh and nostalgic.

LICK is primed for a breakout campaign this year with a Deadbeats-signed EP already slated for early 2019, as well as major festival bookings including Electric Forest later this year. Making a splash at the onset of 2019 with an aced “Devil’s Den” remix, expect LICK to stay on your radar all year long.

11 things we learned from Wolfgang Gartner’s recent Reddit AMA

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11 things we learned from Wolfgang Gartner’s recent Reddit AMAWolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner rose from the ashes with his new Medicine EP that showcased his original, complex-electro style with modern day bass house elements. The veteran EDM producer stopped by Reddit to allow users to ask him whatever’s on their minds. A lot of users wondered about production techniques, collaborations/inspirations, and more intimate facts about the man behind the music. Below are 13 things learned from the event.

1) Wolfgang and Skrillex have had major impacts on each other’s sounds throughout their careers. He even got a sneak peek at the watershed Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Wolfgang would even follow up on “Devil’s Den” if the opportunity presented itself.


2) JOYRYDE is one of Gartner’s biggest inspirations as of late, which helped him rise from his musical slump.


3) Jaykode made appearances in the AMA, showing love to his friend and collaborator. Gartner describes why the two collaborate so well together, noting that they use a similar, unique chord structure in their productions.


4) He has a grip of new music in the works. While he has as many as 10 new tracks in the can, even after the release of his recent Medicine EP, another full-length album from Wolfgang in the future seems unlikely.


5) His current favorites are JOYRYDE, Habstrakt, and Zomboy, among others.


6) The complextro deity delves into his writing process, revealing that his method relies on the drums in his productions to guide his melodies. He also reveals his favorite hardware of the moment.



7) Wolfgang reveals his career’s biggest obstacle has been chasing balance. As a result, he works in imbalanced life cycles between family and music, spending six to eight months producing and the rest tending to family, loved ones, and health.


8) One of Wolfgang’s biggest musical inspirations is hip-hop icon Timbaland.


9) He sings on Medicine — the first time he’s used his own vocals in over 20 years.


10) It took Gartner 10 years of producing to sell his first song. And he sold it for $300.


11) The Wolf is a cat guy.


Wolfgang Gartner releases ‘Medicine’ EP, combining his complex electro beginnings with modern bass-house [LISTEN]

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Wolfgang Gartner releases ‘Medicine’ EP, combining his complex electro beginnings with modern bass-house [LISTEN]Wolfgang Gartner Medicine EP

Wolfgang Gartner has had quite the revival in 2018, collaborating with upcoming producers k?d and JayKode, as well as earning a feature on Microsoft’s newest edition of the Forza Horizon racing games with “Ching Chong.”

Now, the “complextro” (complex electro) connoisseur has dropped his Medicine EP, a project reminiscent of what made him so popular around the 2010 electronic era. Gartner’s ability to maintain his own style while staying relevant shines through in this project by way of his catchy melodies, gamey synth contrasts, thumping rhythms, uplifting harmonies, and seamless transitions.

While the first three tracks off the extended play stick to the veteran’s signature style, the last three showcase his modern approach that implores recognition from today’s taste-makers. “Make It Clap” and “Bumblebee” keep with current bass-house bearings, a genre complementary for the electro king to dip his toes into, while perhaps considering diving in. Take note and allow yourself to melt to the half-time play around 1:30 on “Bumblebee.” “This Is Your Life” leans towards retro, house-thumping dance-pop that adds a sweet and saccharine supplement to the already brimming production.

Gartner teased the EP by dropping “Deja Vu” earlier this month, to listeners delight. Additionally, just one day ahead of the multi-track release, he teased with an ancillary EP mini-mix via Twitter.

Introducing Lunar Lunes: DA’s new weekly SoundCloud playlist

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Introducing Lunar Lunes: DA’s new weekly SoundCloud playlistLunar Lunes E1540831560592

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes will be a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

This week’s Lunar Lunes is highlighted by 25 new tunes from artists like Wolfgang Gartner, i_o and No Mana, CURBI, Luca Lush, and many more. Win and Woo channel warm summer days in their latest, “Satisfied.” Black Coffee and Aquatone have remixed AGORIA’s “Embrace” to craft a mellow, peaceful environment. Melodic dubstep aficionado Au5 tackles Celldweller’s “Eon” in an interesting turn of events. Justin Caruso taps Jake Miller for a pop-friendly original, “Don’t Know You” on Big Beat Records. Ephwurd teams up with ATRIP to sample Beastie Boys’ iconic “Ch-Check It Out” in a bass-laden house track. Jaenga melds dubstep and elements of drum & bass in his take on Zeds Dead and 1000 Volts’ “Kill Em.”

The selection will be updated every Lunes (Monday).

Wolfgang Gartner revisits his old style on ‘Deja Vu’

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Wolfgang Gartner revisits his old style on ‘Deja Vu’WolfgangGartner DejaVu FinalCover

Wolfgang Gartner has had somewhat of a stylistic renaissance in 2018, collaborating with rising superstar k?d on “Banshee” and earning a feature on Microsoft’s newest edition of the Forza Horizon racing games with “Ching Chong.” Yet, while he’s achieved increased success using contemporary methods, the artist’s newest output sees a return to the good old days. The LA-based DJ broke his career on hits like “Illmerica” in 2011 and “Redline” in 2012, and fans who have continued to follow his antics are in for a treat, as his newest release “Deja Vu” brings back those production methods.

Steady followers will immediately recognize the sound when the track kicks into gear, as Gartner quickly fades in his beloved electronics, including harmonizing leads and melodic deep synths. Although retro in style, the track’s versatile sound is enough for the new and the old to groove to with equal fervor.

“Deja Vu” is the first single off his upcoming Medicine EP, which is slated for a  November 2 release.

Wolfgang Gartner drops off sharp new setlist weapon, ‘Freak’

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Wolfgang Gartner drops off sharp new setlist weapon, ‘Freak’Wolfgang Gartner Press 2016

Wolfgang Gartner has been busy this year releasing a variety of new tracks. The producer most recently dropped a collaboration with JayKode after dropping upbeat single “Ching Ching” and a collaboration with K?D earlier in the year. He has another single to add to the list in his newest original work, “Freak.”

As with any Wolfgang Gartner electro fare, “Freak” is an instant setlist ignitor — something the Kindergarten executive has built a decorated career on. The heavily synthesized vocals and chords blend together for a fresh electro-pop fusion. Back in 2016, Dancing Astronaut sat down with the venerated house producer to talk about the influence pop music has on electronic production and innovation. Since then, Wolfgang has had a reinvention of sorts, anchored to his newfound affinity for the power of pop. “Freak” is a natural reflection of that mentality, and its another aced addition to Wolfgang’s legendary catalog.

Wolfgang Gartner and JayKode release a haunting hybrid, ‘The Upside Down’

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Wolfgang Gartner JayKode

Wolfgang Gartner has been back on the grind recently, releasing a series of electro house heat. His newest project with JayKode, “The Upside Down,” is a nod to Netflix‘s Stranger Things series not only in the title and branding, but also in sound. Gartner is known for his haunting ambiance with menacing, complextro glitches, and “The Upside Down” is no different — at the beginning. The second half takes a destructive turn, thanks to the trap stylings of JayKode. At this moment, the beat gets half-timed for some slowed down trapstep mayhem.

Since releasing his second studio album in 2016, 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate, Gartner has been collaborating with younger artists such as Aero Chord and K?d. The complextro legend is changing with the times while still keeping true to his signature sonic profile.

Photo Credit: @wolfganggartner/Instagram

Wolfgang Gartner delivers a smooth electro ride on latest original, ‘Ching Ching’

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It’s no secret that Wolfgang Gartner has a real soft spot for top-notch pop productions, despite his legendary penchant for electro house excellence. He’s been vocal about pop’s innovations and impressions on dance music and vice versa, and now as he continues to build momentum in what seems to be the next chapter in his comeback, we’re finding the complextro don adding some considerable pop flair to his latest original, “Ching Ching.” The new track comes fresh off the heels of Gartner’s recent “Banshee” alongside k?d, which found the seasoned beatsmith broadcasting in rare form, perhaps his best work since the contents of Weekend In America. 

“Ching Ching” rides a similar wave, and while it leans away from battering club fare and more towards a lyrical, melodic house appeal, the new track follows up on “Banshee” as another infectious dance hit, and one of Wolfgang’s strongest offerings in recent memory. We’re seeing the resurgence of Wolfgang with his new work, and on his latest, as he blurs the line between pop and electro with veteran finesse.

Old school meets new school as Wolfgang Gartner and k?d join forces on ‘Banshee’

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Complextro house isn’t dead — not as long as Wolfgang Gartner is around. The veteran producer’s name is synonymous with the complextro movement that sparked around a decade ago and helped boost EDM into the mainstream. While Wolfgang’s style has evolved considerably since the “Space Junk” days, young, fresh talent like k?d seem to be keeping him young on their new joint effort “Banshee.” Widely considered to be one of the sharpest prospects on the rise, k?d wraps his fluid production acumen around Wolfgang’s penchant for ultra-intricate, rousingly dramatic dance compositions.

“Banshee” packs in grainy, distorted piano chords and snappy percussive builds before breaking out into high-octane sonic mayhem. It’s aggressive yet calculated, vintage and futuristic all at once, and ultimately a flawlessly nostalgic return to the beloved Wolfgang Gartner electro of yesteryear, capped by a menacing contemporary flair with the addition of k?d’s forward-thinking production method.

Historically more of a lone wolf, Gartner has famously collaborated with deadmau5 and Skrillex on two of his canon’s brightest hallmarks, “Animal Rights” and “Devil’s Den” respectively. One listen through, and we can safely say “Banshee” is likely to join those ranks in time too.


Wolfgang Gartner – Find A Way (Original Mix)

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Wolfgang Gartner is a dance music veteran who has managed to adapt his sound to the changing tone of the industry. Despite a drop in release frequency over the past few years, Gartner’s sporadic releases have spanned myriad genres, from electro house to hardcore trap with “Borneo.”

With his latest release on Armada Trice, “Find A Way,” Wolfgang Gartner has continued his recent experimentation with this refreshing bass house single. Delving into the style of music that helped Jauz make a name for a few years ago, the seasoned producer has out a groovy single, complete with screeching synths and excess amounts of bass, perfect for club settings.

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