The masked menace hits milestone 25th episode of ‘Who is Malaa’ mix series

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The masked menace hits milestone 25th episode of ‘Who is Malaa’ mix seriesMalaa Miing Fb Dancingastronaut

Who is Malaa? Conspiracies run rampant. But titles like purveyor of pernicious beats and mixer of maniacal melodies ring with resounding veracity nonetheless.

The French ski-masked menace just hit a noteworthy benchmark, the watershed 25th episode, in his longtime SoundCloud series, Who is Malaa. The mix collection has served as a vessel for Malaa to channel his multifarious musical proclivities, which range from minimal techno, to heady bass house, to his newfound affinity for on-brand nefarious mid-tempo (i.e., “Revolt“).

This latest installment exercises the length of the “Notorious” producer’s palette. From Eli Brown‘s whimsical, dancefloor-destined rework of up-and-coming Aussie powerhouse, Dom Dolla‘s recent “San Frandisco,” to Kage’s pandemic new “Virus,” to Martin Ikin’s soulful Beatport-topper, “Hooked,” the most in-demand house cuts of the moment are accounted for in the 30-minute milestone effort. The malevolent mix maestro’s mantra rings as apt prelude for this one: “You can listen to this shit at the club and go rob a bank afterwards.”

Malaa drops off glitchy 23rd installment of ‘Who is Malaa?’ sonic saga

This post was originally published on this site

Malaa drops off glitchy 23rd installment of ‘Who is Malaa?’ sonic sagaMalaa Charly Chivteam

Malaa‘s status as a masked house maven finds further solidification in episode 23 of Who is Malaa? The enigmatic producer’s storied mix series has become synonymous with not only consistency, but variation, over its past 22 installments. While Malaa has cultivated a reputation for a particularly dark brand of house music, the inclusions in the Who is Malaa? sonic saga routinely traverse different house terrains, ranging from tech house, to G house, to bass house.

The Who is Malaa? mix series continues to illuminate and scale the continuum of house music stylings in its 23rd showing, which manifests as a tight and tenebrous near 30 minutes of house cuts. Hallmarks of the producer’s aesthetic, pronounced basslines, looping vocal overlays, and glitchy accent noises permeate the mix. While the artist’s identity remains characteristically obscure, one thing is certain: so long as Malaa continues to pump out releases in the Who is Malaa? family, the eponymous question of the title is immaterial.

Who is Malaa? Maybe his 21st mix has the answer

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malaa no redemption

Who is Malaa? There has been a lot of speculation; however, it’s know that his Soundcloud mixes are a must for g house heads, and now the balaclava-clad enigma released his 21st mix in the series.

At the beginning, the enigma states the purpose of the mix “If you’re into house music, DJ seems like a natural path to follow, and back in the days DJs were weird people who liked music in a weird way. Back then you’d have to be a nerd to become a DJ. Nowadays, everyone wants to be a DJ. Nowadays everyone wants to be that nerd. It sickens me. If your not into it for the love of the music, would you please ‘fuck off.’ Hate those smart asses who think DJ is an easy way to get laid. Well…get a life.”

Coming off his collaborative No Redemption Tour with Tchami, Malaa continues to throw heat with a new Mercer remix, collaboration with Noizu, and a music video with Tchami that features Kanye, Drake, and Bieber.

The question “Who is Malaa” has been plaguing the internet since 2015. He hangs out with the Pardon My French crew consisting of DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer. Isn’t that enough? If not, he’s played all the major festivals AND alongside Rezz.

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