Watch: Afterlife blends into real life in Jai Wolf’s music video for ‘Starlight ft Mr Gabriel’

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deadmau5 shares unreleased orchestral renditions of his songs [Watch]

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deadmau5 piqued the collective interest of his fan base when he previewed a short clip of an orchestral version of “Strobe” during one of his live streams on Twitch in December. The sample led some fans to speculate that the mau5trap label head was at work on a full-length orchestral album, while others proposed that the artist could be in the process of crafting a film score. Divergent conjectures aside, all listeners could agree that they would like to hear—at the very least—a complete orchestral version of the electronic classic.

At the beginning of the month, deadmau5 tweeted that he was currently engaged in “the most epic thing [he’s] ever done with [his] music.” Twitter user @cubertmaster responded to the post, asking if deadmau5 would provide “any hints” regarding the project, to which deadmau5 replied:

deadmau5 sharpened the shape of the orchestral endeavor in a live stream on Jan. 15, during which he debuted nearly 40-minutes of unreleased music, all orchestral editions of selections from his catalog. Whether the video of the orchestral offerings signals an upcoming live orchestral tour, or the album that many fans suspected remains unknown, but the sizeable amount of new music should satiate fans until deadmau5 reveals the next step in the orchestral equation.

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Student translates Star Wars’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation [Watch]

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The Star Wars subreddit has unearthed a new, unusual gem.

Reddit user ‘smallgoblin’ has ascended to Reddit royalty after posting a video clip that shows the user converting the movie series’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation.

“It started with x+4…and I couldn’t unhear it,” smallgoblin wrote of the experiment, “Instead of doing my math homework I figured out what the Cantina Theme would sound like if your instrument was a pencil.”

The formulaic result would be x + 4783 – x + 4v|VE| (x + 4)(f – 711) = A, an answer that when worked through comes out to be ~299,792,457, or in other words, the speed of light, when measured in meters per second.

Smallgoblin’s post has since become the fifth most-upvoted post of all time in the history of the Star Wars subreddit.


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Dancing Astro tours Disco Fries’ favorite NYC eateries

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“What’s more reckless than eating a half a pound of pastrami in the middle of the day?”

Find out as DA teams up with funk masters Disco Fries on a journey through New York City. The hilarious duo take us to some of their favorite spots in The Big Apple, including Third Rail Coffee, Vinny Vincenz Pizza, Double Down Saloon, and more — all while talking about their EP, DF.

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Diplo and MØ create playful music video for hit single, ‘Get It Right’

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In the latter part of 2017, Diplo and released their hit single, “Get It Right” featuring striking harmonic piano chords, breathtaking vocals, and a captivating melody. The track, infused with future bass vibes quickly amassed widespread support for its fun spirited, infectious sound and inspiring lyrics.

“Mø and I have been working together since 2013 so being able to create this dance piece together was really special..get it right music video out now with my sis”


Riding a wave of success after the debut of their uplifting original, Diplo and MØ have dropped an invigorating music video for the tune. The video showcases both the artists’ impressive dance moves as the two sway together with melodic beats. Needless to say, Diplo has some tricks up his sleeves that continue to surprise us. the playful music video for “Get It Right” is another testament to the two artists’ innegenuity.

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Watch Diplo recreate his own drops using only his voice

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Forgoing both the synths and DAWs, Diplo recently sat down with BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw to complete a true test of memory: could the electronic mega producer not only remember, but replicate the drops of several of his hit songs using only his voice?

“We can only play this game with people who’ve had loads of hits, hence why we’re playing it with you,” Grimshaw informs Diplo, noting that the game is traditionally played with singer-songwriters in a measure of how well the vocalists can recall the lyrics to their own songs, citing Pink’s inability to summon the lyrics to her 2001 single, “Lady Marmalade,” in a previous round. Grimshaw effectively alters the game’s rules of engagement by instructing Diplo to recreate the drops from the “Swerve” collaborator’s original productions and remixes alike, plunging deep in Diplo’s extensive catalogue to up the ante.


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Watch Danny Avila work the decks in his new visually oriented DJsounds Show 2017 mix

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Danny Avila cemented his status as a multi-genre guru via Style Sessions, an eight-week engagement that situated the Spanish sensation behind the decks to spin an alternate genre each week. Flitting from future big room to disco house to moombahton in a weekly commitment that would likewise canvass trap/bass, drum & bass, deep & tech, trance, and g-house, Avila let his technical talent do the talking during the Style Sessions, but the conversation centered around Avila’s astonishing versatility does not, and did not halt there — it rather continues at a fluid rate, Avila’s “DJsounds Show 2017” mix at Ministry of Sound furthering the discussion. Avila’s “DJSounds Show 2017” mix melds the auditory with the visual, training a camera on Avila’s deck to allow listeners to observe Avila live spin the set in what emerges as yet another awe inspiring product from the producer.

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Marshmello releases adorable animated video for single ‘Love U’ [Watch]

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Illenium teases VIP mix of Kaskade’s ‘Disarm You’

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Illenium‘s breakout arguably career occurred when the Denver-based melodic producer was named winner of Kaskade‘s “Disarm You” remix competition. Fast forward three years, and Nick Miller continues to rise to domination on the festival circuit — most recently bringing his Awake Tour to Dallas’ Lights All Night and San Diego’s OMFG! New Year’s Eve Festival.

While in Southern California, Miller awed his NYE crowd as he unleashed quite the heavy-hitting surprise during his notable Kaskade remix. Armed with an ODESZA-influenced trap style drop, followed by 808 kicks in halftime, the live video edit (above) is being dubbed Illenium’s VIP remix. In so doing, Illenium further poises himself as an artist focused on taking a living approach to his live performance, all the while proving that he’s not just interested in pressing play, but pushing the boundaries of his sound and experimenting with evolving styles.



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Watch deadmau5 ring in 2018 with custom ‘Rick & Morty’ display

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Deadmau5 just recently trolled the crowd at a tumultuously impressive New York City debut of his Testpilot techno alias, closing out the show with Avicii‘s “Levels” and a beer chug.

Now, Joel Zimmerman has carried the playful, tongue-in-cheek madness into the new year. His Dec. 31 show employed custom cube visuals and was created in partnership with VRChat and the Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland. The countdown’s an incredibly apt homage to the deadmau5 and Rick & Morty-related string of events that unfolded over the last year, where Zimmerman bought the “last” of the Szechuan sauce at his wedding, only to give it out at a later show in Toronto, complete with chicken nuggets.

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