Marshmello takes break from DJing to compete on American Ninja Warrior [Watch]

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Marshmello takes break from DJing to compete on American Ninja Warrior [Watch]Marshmello Live At Coachella

Don’t mistake pillowy softness for physical weakness, at least not in the case of Marshmello. In another brilliant marketing move from electronic music’s most saccharine sonic personality, Mello briefly stepped away from the decks to appear on TV show sensation American Ninja Warrior. The game show proves to be a true test of physical dexterity for its competitors, who attempt to complete an excruciatingly exerting obstacle course in order to reach Mount Midoriyama.

Now in its tenth season, American Ninja Warrior observes contestants as they progress through different and increasingly challenging stages of the course. Although few who aspire to reach Mount Midoriyama actually finish the challenge, the “anonymous” bucket-headed beatmaker managed to find superhuman strength in his cameo on the course. Perhaps all of that synchronized jumping to drops paid off for the “You Can Cry” producer, who deftly navigated the laborious landscape with surprising stamina. Or maybe the real Marshmello was off playing Fortnite somewhere while someone more acrobatically inclined donned the helmet for American Ninja Warrior? We may never know.

Ekali debuts new 1788-L collaboration at HARD Summer [Watch]

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Ekali debuts new 1788-L collaboration at HARD Summer [Watch]Ekali

After announcing that he would debut his collaboration with 1788-L at HARD Summer on Twitter, Ekali piloted the promised ID during his set at the festival’s Green Stage on August 5.

The trap oriented number sources its intensity from wallops of potent bass and gritty, grabbing rhythmic halts. Although Ekali did not offer an official release date for the single just yet, the joint project from the Vancouver favorite and 1788-L packs a powerful sonic punch that proves that the collaboration’s formal arrival will be well worth the wait.

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Steve Angello debuts ethereal ID, tells fans Swedish House Mafia ‘loves them’ at Ultra Europe [Watch]

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Steve Angello debuts ethereal ID, tells fans Swedish House Mafia ‘loves them’ at Ultra Europe [Watch]Steve Angello1

A repeat of Swedish House Mafia‘s March reunion at the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival earlier in the year did not come to fruition at Ultra Europe, as many fans suspected, but Steve Angello nevertheless satiated SHM listeners’ already whet appetites for more SHM action with a suggestive set closing.

Not only did Angello debut an ethereal new ID, premiered alongside DJ duo, Still Young— Angello additionally left SHM fanatics with a little affirmation. “Swedish House Mafia loves you!” Angello exclaimed to the crowd as he finished his Main Stage set, an image of the Swedish power trio displayed on the stage’s back screen.

As Angello’s Ultra Europe actions indicate, a Swedish House Mafia reunion of the “for life” caliber remains in motion.

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The genealogy of a hit: the complex crafting of Zedd’s ‘The Middle’ [Watch]

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From his Grammy-nominated Alessia Cara feature to his comparatively more recent release, “The Middle,” Zedd makes music production look easy. The mastered singles that infiltrate radio air waves, though, bespeak layers of complexity that are not immediately perceptible to listeners. “The Middle’s” seamless amalgamation of Maren Morris’ vocals with chord progressions outside of Morris’ country aesthetic effects a smooth pop listening experience that has resonated with many listeners, even those who normally eschew electronic music. Yet the fluidity of “The Middle” masks an intricate developmental process leading up to the single’s official release, one that notably almost never reached conclusion.

In what might arrive as a surprise to fans of the Zedd/Morris collab, “The Middle’s” origins extend well beyond Zedd’s studio. “The Middle” that listeners both know and belt in perfect synchronicity today was originally conceived as a demo by the Monsters and the Strangerz, a Los Angeles studio group and 23-year-old songwriter, Sarah Aarons. Aarons’ name doesn’t appear alongside Zedd or Morris’ on the track, but it was Aarons who would type out the lyrics and melody to “The Middle” on her iPhone. She then headed into the booth to record the demo of the song, which would later fall into the laps of electronic, silver haired duo, Grey. Adding what they call a “medieval axe whipping noise” to the demo — in other words, the sound that you hear in between the lyrics “baby” and “why don’t you just meet me in the middle?” — Grey would then forward the still unfinished track to Zedd.

“They played it for me they were like what do you think, and I thought if done right, this could be a huge smash,” Zedd said of the demo. To be “done right,” the track necessitated the right vocalist, and tracking down the choice voice for the song was quite the feat.  “There were months where we almost gave up, because we couldn’t a vocalist,” Zedd revealed. 14 demo vocalists later, including the likes of Bebe Rexha and Demi Lovato, “The Middle” had found its vocal match in Maren Morris. “I had never heard her music until I heard her demo,” Zedd noted, “I was like who’s Maren Morris? She sounds really good.”

“The Middle” currently enjoys the success that an approximate year of production effort, and a team of “no fewer than eight collaborators” warrants, but as the making of “The Middle” video clearly conveys, crafting a hit single is anything but simple, and oftentimes requires some meeting ‘in the middle.’

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Claptone discusses ‘FANTAST’ album in new video series, Track By Track [Watch]

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Claptone’s second long form outing, FANTAST will arrive via Different Recordings and [PIAS] on June 8, but electronic music’s resident ‘Charmer’ will heighten anticipation for the album’s official release through a video series that will chronicle the album’s completion, as the title suggests, “track by track.”

“I decided to create a video about every track on my upcoming album…to tell you more about the background, the collaborators, and what each song means to me,” Claptone wrote in an Instagram post that simultaneously premiered the first song history, that of recent single “Under the Moon.” Claptone did not specify a video release schedule during the series’ debut.

Hardwell: a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra ‘has to happen’ [Watch]

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Netherlands radio station,SLAM! recently got Hardwell on the phone to talk Miami Music Week, his upcoming Main Stage slot at Ultra Music Festival‘s opening day on Friday, March 23, and, of course, speculation that Swedish House Mafia will reconvene for a special anniversary performance.

“Most of the DJs have some free time in January and February, and that results in new music,” Hardwell said when asked if he would debut unreleased material in Ultra tradition during his headlining set. “I made lots of new music and I’m going to play [it] on Friday,” Hardwell added.

And like many ticket holders, Hardwell is holding out for an SHM reunion. “I think it’s going to happen,” Hardwell stated in response to the question as to whether he believed the Swedish super group would indeed appear at Ultra 20. “There are a lot of rumors, the deciding factor for me was that Steve Angello, one of the three members of SHM, cancelled his Asia tour out of the blue, suddenly doesn’t have any shows planned, and is now in Miami. For me, this means that it has to happen.”

Those attending Miami Music Week can peruse the best parties of the biggest week in electronic music as curated by Dancing Astronaut, here.

[WATCH] deadmau5 offers another glimpse of his enigmatic orchestral project

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Deadmau5 piqued the collective interest of his fan base when he previewed a short clip of an orchestral version of “Strobe” during one of his live streams on Twitch in December. The sample led some fans to speculate that the mau5trap label head was at work on a full-length orchestral album, while others proposed that the artist could be in the process of crafting a film score. Divergent conjectures aside, all listeners could agree that they would like to hear—at the very least—a complete orchestral version of the electronic classic.

In Janurary, deadmau5 tweeted that he was currently engaged in “the most epic thing [he’s] ever done with [his] music.”

Twitter user @cubertmaster responded to the post, asking if deadmau5 would provide “any hints” regarding the project, to which deadmau5 replied:

Deadmau5 has now sharpened the shape of the orchestral endeavor in a video recently uploaded to his Facebook page. The video offers fans a preview of a classical rendition of “Invidia,” the lead single off of deadmau5’s 2014 album, while(1<2).

Whether the video of the orchestral offerings signals an upcoming live orchestral tour, or an album — as many fans suspect — remains unknown, but the short preview should satiate fans until deadmau5 reveals the next step in the orchestral equation.

WATCH: Bon Iver play unreleased ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ track on album’s 10th anniversary

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Bon Iver

As Bon Iver’s debut studio album, For Emma, Forever Ago, turns ten this week, Justin Vernon and his bandmates are celebrating the seminal album’s milestone with two special releases.

Bon Iver commemorated a decade of For Emma, Forever Ago at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 17, where the band delivered a full performance of the album. Interspersed among the album staples like “Skinny Love” and “Blindsided” was “Hayward, WI,” an unreleased song that Vernon composed during the time span in which he was at work on For Emma, Forever Ago. Fortunately for those not in attendance, a fan captured live footage of the indie gem as Bon Iver debuted the track.

In addition, Bon Iver released a limited-edition reissue of For Emma, Forever Ago.

Lump Sum
Skinny Love
Creature Fear
For Emma
Hayward, WI (Debut)
Brackett, WI
Blood Bank
Simple Man (Graham Nash cover)
re: Stacks
The Wolves (Act I and II)

Lovin’s for Fools (Sarah Siskind cover) (with Sarah Siskind)

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Ultra Music Festival shares second episode in ’20 Years of Ultra’ documentary series [Watch]

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As Ultra Music Festival looks to its landmark 20th anniversary, the global festival brand has released the second installment in its ‘20 Years Of Ultra’ documentary series.

The second episode explores the dance culture of the early 2000s, the “growing pains and challenges” associated with electronic culture’s then rapid expansion, and Ultra Music Festival’s impact in the context of dance culture, given the festival’s ability to consistently bring electronic and live groups together. Despite other cities’ struggles to legally host large scale electronic events, Miami emerged as a choice destination for electronic activity during 2003 and 2004, years credited as “turning points” for electronic music and festival culture in America. Miami has since maintained the premium it placed on electronic events in the early 2000s, and is accordingly preparing to celebrate the milestone birthday of its electronic cornerstone, Ultra Music Festival, from March 23-25. Those interested in purchasing tickets to Ultra’s 20th anniversary can purchase tickets to the festival, here.

See The Chainsmokers perform an unreleased song in Prague [Watch]

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Preceded by Andrew Taggart’s question (“Prague, are you ready for some new sh*t?”) the new and unreleased song debuted by the American duo during their recent performance in Prague is one that makes use of classic Chainsmokers conventions, namely Taggart’s vocals, a lyrical hook with both an irresistible sing-along quality and a raw personality, and an undeniably catchy drop that serves as the song’s sweet spot. Centered around the hook “walk into the club like everyone hates me,” the confessional ID, presumably titled “Everybody Hates Me,” foreshadows what very well sounds like another high-grossing hit for The Chainsmokers pending its official release.

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