There’s a Diplo sighting in the new ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer [Watch]

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There’s a Diplo sighting in the new ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer [Watch]Diplo Pokemon

Diplo and Ryan Reynolds are rendezvousing in the filmic arena once more, a new trailer for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu confirms.

Due in the US this May, the Warner Bros. live-action mystery, based on the 2016 Nintendo game, orbits Detective Pikachu (voice by Reynolds) in his hunt for the whereabouts of his missing father, with the help of some choice allies, most notably former Pokémon trainer, Tim Goodman (portrayed by Justice Smith).

In addition to a flash of Diplo assuming his most innate position (locked in behind the decks), the trailer hosts sightings of some seriously nostalgia-inducing personalities: Charizard, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, and Bulbasaur, just to name a few. Diplo and Reynolds recently crossed paths in regards to the Deadpool 2 musical score, for which Diplo produced “Welcome To The Party,” the track behind the film’s climactic, over-the-top fight scene.

Gorillaz continue album rollout with ‘Fire Flies’

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The Damon Albarn-led Gorillaz continue rollout for The Now Now with the release of their fourth new single, “Fire Flies.”

The mellow slow-burn follows already shared tracks “Sorcererz,” Humility,” and “Lake Zurich.” Severely less danceable than any of the singles shared thus far, “Fire Flies” sees Albarn leaning into his introspective side. It’s the most intimate look at the record yet, a prolonged psychedelic interlude that feels like a funk-infused culmination of the band’s earliest material.

The Now Now is out June 29 via Warner Bros.

Gorillaz share studio version of sleek, new danceable track ‘Sorcererz’

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Just recently, Gorillaz debuted four new tracks at their first live performance since announcing their forthcoming LP, The Now Now. Now, they’ve shared the studio version of “Sorcererz,” an extremely danceable tune which was premiered at Germany’s Rock im Park.

“Sorcererz” is a warm new take from the group, which seems to rely heavily on the groove that “Humility,” “Lake Zurich,” and alot of their older material rides out. Perhaps, it’s even fair to say this ’80s-inspired take is what could have potentially happened had Albarn, who reportedly turned down the chance to work with Prince, accepted he couldn’t smoke in the studio.

The Now Now is out June 29 on Warner Bros.

Melvv spotlights his animated brand of dance music on new single, ‘Anything Else’

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Melvv‘s Jeffrey Melvin has been thrilling listeners with his jazzed-up dance music for years now. It seems his hard work has finally paid off, as the Los Angeles-based artist signed to Atlantic Records at the end of 2017.

Melvv’s continuing to cement his status as a dynamic provocateur in the new year. He’s released a brand new track and made his major-label debut with “Anything Else.” It’s a cushy new collaboration with Electric Guest’s Asa Taccone, and if the track tells listeners nothing else, it’s that Melvv and his delightfully animated brand of dance music are here to stay.

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Someone just found a box full of copies of Discogs’ most expensive record of all time

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The title of the “most expensive vinyl record” to be sold on Discogs comes with a $15,000 price tag.

The staggering figure was paid in exchange for an original promo copy of Prince’s 1987 LP, The Black Album. The album, however, never came to enjoy its intended 1987 official release—Prince abandoned the production and demanded that Warner Bros. destroy all 500,000 copies of the LP, but it seems that several editions have evaded decimation. A former Warner Bros. staffer uncovered five copies of the record in a box in his closet in an accidental yet fortuitous discovery.

The copies of the rare, unreleased album are valued at $15,000 a piece. Two copies are currently for sale here on Record Mecca’s online storefront.

H/T: Stereogum

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