G Jones revives an old classic, with ‘Drift (Acid Mix)’

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G Jones revives an old classic, with ‘Drift (Acid Mix)’G Jones Maclyn Bean

Audacious experimentalist, G Jones has taken an acid-fueled stroll down memory lane. His newest release appears in the form of a rendition of “Drift,” first featured on the bass connoisseur’s debut EP way back in 2012, before getting the VIP treatment just a year later.

As gripping as it is frenetic, “Drift (Acid Mix)” emboldens Jones to flex the production wizardry that he’s known for, having been donned “the most gifted Ableton beatmaker” ever seen by none other than DJ Shadow himself. With the cut’s heavy infusion of acid synth work, the latest release takes on an audible flavor a bit unlike Jones’ typical work, while still possessing many of the Cali-based producer’s signature elements, from his hyper-attentive drumlines to the flipbook of melodic climaxes that his work is commonly lauded for. Organized chaos at its finest, the newest take on “Drift” never loses focus among the clutter of such a high-paced production.

“Drift (Acid Mix)” comes ahead of G Jones’ recently announced Tangential Zones, the respective epilogue to 2018’s widely embraced The Ineffable Truth.

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The Ultimate Golden Ticket experience with Kaskade is up for grabs at Breakaway Festival Tennessee [Contest]

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The Ultimate Golden Ticket experience with Kaskade is up for grabs at Breakaway Festival Tennessee [Contest]Kaskade Photo Cred MarkOwens

Caution—once you experience a festival this way, there’s no going back to General Admission. You’ve been warned. Breakaway Festival’s Tennessee stop is slated for October 11 – 12 at Nashville’s Fairgrounds, and ahead of the event, organizers are offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime festival experience with the Ultimate Golden Ticket giveaway. The package includes a meet and greet with Kaskade, two ultra-tier VIP tickets for both days that include side stage viewing, along with drink and merchandise vouchers for both days, and admission to both Breakaway after parties.

The two day event features a stacked lineup of dance and hip-hop heavyweights including Zeds Dead, Chris Lake, Future, Gashi, Ekali, and more. Move quickly though, the Golden Ticket isn’t up for grabs long. Enter below.

Enter Breakaway Festival Tennessee’s Golden Ticket Giveaway.

Mat Zo thrills with new VIP mix of ‘Vice’

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Mat Zo thrills with new VIP mix of ‘Vice’Mat Zo Self Assemble

Back in September, Mat Zo released his standalone drum and bass track, “Vice.” The track blended Mat Zo’s signature sound across genre and tempo. Filtered-down half-time sections, pitched-up vocal runs, three unique builds and drops, and immaculate synth lines made “Vice” a true example of how much of a virtuoso the Mad Zoo head truly is. Despite the display of skill that is “Vice,” Mat Zo has never been one to leave things alone. The vocals in the original came from an unfinished but great clip called “Stoned Clip 1.wav,” which can still be found on SoundCloud.

“Vice” was released under Mat Zo instead of his drum and bass alias, MRSA, and now it’s clear why. He knew he’d be playing around with this track for a minute, as well as playing it live. The VIP mix has the same atmospheric build as the original — an 8-bit, synth wave, fueled by the city-at-night feeling. The bass bends, and the energy builds and breaks down in more and more unique ways. “Vice – VIP” is polished, reworked, and truly exceptional. It’s even the exact same length at 6 minutes and 53 seconds.

Baauer gives his latest single ‘Hate Me’ featuring internet phenom Miquela a buzzing VIP rework

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Baauer gives his latest single ‘Hate Me’ featuring internet phenom Miquela a buzzing VIP reworkBaauer Sus Boy E1458523018412

2018 — a year where CGI-animated characters can become pop-stars and link with marquee producers insanely catchy dance tracks. What a time to be alive.

Bauuer‘s latest single “Hate Me,” featuring the digital art project turned Instagram model/musician Miquela, has been gaining steady traction since its August 17 release. The world’s bound to shake when a former viral sensation collaborates on a song with a new age social media phenomenon, so it only made sense for Baauer to circle back with his own equally intriguing VIP mix. So far, we’ve got a a cutting-edge lyric video, which was Miquela’s first moving on-screen appearance, and now Baauer’s back with his own second take spin on “Hate Me.”

Bauuer takes the quirky, upbeat pop-leaning framework of the original track and given it a buzzing VIP mix designed for club monitors. The edit is perfectly crafted to make a climactic appearance at an upcoming Bauuer performance, with looped Miquela vocals building straight into an bumping, distorted trap break. Baauer and Miquela proved to be a complementary pairing on their collaborative effort, but Baauer’s solo take might be one of his strongest outings of the year.

Sevenn release VIP versions of hit tracks ‘BYOB’ and ‘Boom’

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Newport Beach duo Sevenn are no strangers to manufacturing club-ready beats, landing them high-profile collaborations with the likes of Alok and Tiësto. These collaborations resulted in “BYOB” and “Boom,” respectively, which wave been fixtures in main stage sets for the past two festival seasons. The duo may have already taken over the main stage, but they did not stop there.

Sevenn have released VIP mixes of both tracks, taking the already high-energy tunes and interlacing them with dirty drops. “BYOB” retains its core melody with a pulsing bass spin-off layered over the big room house beat listeners are accustomed to.

The rework of “Boom” is more transformative, with hints of the original peeking through the addition of synth progressions, instrumentals, and a hint of creepy carnival music leading into a heavy dubstep drop.

Virtual Riot – Everyday ft Yosie (VIP)

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Virtual Riot is finishing off 2017 strong with a fiery VIP mix of his summer track “Everyday.”

The song, which came out in July, was a light and breezy tune that showed a softer side of the versatile producer. Featuring the alluring vocals of Yosie, “Everyday” captured a perfect summer vibe.

Months later, Virtual Riot has released a VIP mix of the song — one that’s much heavier than the original it’s derived from.

The VIP mix starts off much the same as the original: focused on Yosie’s soothing vocals over a lighthearted bed of synths. Virtual Riot builds to something much more formidable, though, as he takes the listener through a bridge that contains elements of drum & bass. The first drop is hard-hitting heavy bass and dubstep, while the second drop leans more to trap stylings.

The VIP mix serves has a perfect showcase for the variety of genres the artist is well-versed at producing.

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Nitro Fun – Cheat Codes VIP

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In April 2014, Nitro Fun released an invigorating electro track on Monstercat called “Cheat Codes.” Since its debut, the track has garnered millions of plays across platforms and remains a highlight for the Canadian label with its funky melody.

Nearly four years later, the young producer is back with a VIP rework of his iconic track. He’s beefed up the classic melody and brings “Cheat Codes” into 2017 with gnarly bass-fueled backbone. With glitchy dubstep elements and the same focused intensity as the original, this VIP mix of “Cheat Codes” sends the year off with a bang.

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Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected VIP ft Desirée Dawson

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The Pegboard Nerds are sending 2017 off with a bang.

They’ve released an enthralling VIP mix of their 2012 Monstercat hit “Disconnected” with vocalist Desirée Dawson. More than five years after the song’s initial debut, this thrilling mix of “Disconnected” fully showcases the hard-hitting electro wobbles the Scandanavian duo is most known for. With a fast pace and heavy bass, this “Disconnected” mix brings the track back to life, modernizing it in today’s dance music scene.

In addition to a set of stellar original mixes and collaborations they’ve released this year, the Nerds were also just honored by the Monstercat community with the No. 1 track of the year for “Heaven Let Us Down,” as voted on by the listeners.

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Don Diablo puts VIP spin on A R I Z O N A collab, ‘Take Her Place’

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Don Diablo‘s highly anticipated track “Take Her Place” has seen some major buzz since its release, featuring soothing electronics from Jersey-native trio A R I Z O N A. The original may have leaned more on the trio’s side of things in terms of production style, centered on vocals and a slower tempo. This time around, Don Dialo leans into his own style and puts his spin on “Take Her Place” with a VIP mix of the track.

The mix includes a more rapid tempo in addition to upbeat, melodic piano chords that easily accompany the eccentric vocals of the original. The drop is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with its feel-good assortment of synths and vocal motifs.

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