Watch Louis The Child, A-Trak, Hotel Garuda, & Josh Pan’s epic Holy Ship! b2b2b2b set

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WATCH: ZHU drops rumored Tame Impala ID in Sydney

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Mystery man ZHU has been teasing a Tame Impala collab for some time now and fans at Sydney’s Fomo Festival managed to catch a clip of what sounds like the track in question being played out live.

Details surrounding the release are slim to none but the track sounds vibe-ier and more celestial than the dark, techno-leaning productions ZHU has been issuing of late.

Watch: Afterlife blends into real life in Jai Wolf’s music video for ‘Starlight ft Mr Gabriel’

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deadmau5 shares unreleased orchestral renditions of his songs [Watch]

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deadmau5 piqued the collective interest of his fan base when he previewed a short clip of an orchestral version of “Strobe” during one of his live streams on Twitch in December. The sample led some fans to speculate that the mau5trap label head was at work on a full-length orchestral album, while others proposed that the artist could be in the process of crafting a film score. Divergent conjectures aside, all listeners could agree that they would like to hear—at the very least—a complete orchestral version of the electronic classic.

At the beginning of the month, deadmau5 tweeted that he was currently engaged in “the most epic thing [he’s] ever done with [his] music.” Twitter user @cubertmaster responded to the post, asking if deadmau5 would provide “any hints” regarding the project, to which deadmau5 replied:

deadmau5 sharpened the shape of the orchestral endeavor in a live stream on Jan. 15, during which he debuted nearly 40-minutes of unreleased music, all orchestral editions of selections from his catalog. Whether the video of the orchestral offerings signals an upcoming live orchestral tour, or the album that many fans suspected remains unknown, but the sizeable amount of new music should satiate fans until deadmau5 reveals the next step in the orchestral equation.

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Post Malone gets scared senseless in new Ghost Encounters trailer

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Months after tweeting his affinity for Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, producers have given Post Malone the opportunity to live the experience. 

A recently released trailer highlights the most intense moments of the episode which feature the sweat-drenched rapper stumbling around in the dark after hearing some unidentified noises in a dark basement. 

Though the full episode has yet to make it’s way online, the clip is a perfect teaser for a truly hilarious crossover. 

H/T: Pigeons & Planes

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Watch Halsey perform ‘Bad at Love’ and ‘Him & I’ with G-Eazy on SNL

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Student translates Star Wars’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation [Watch]

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The Star Wars subreddit has unearthed a new, unusual gem.

Reddit user ‘smallgoblin’ has ascended to Reddit royalty after posting a video clip that shows the user converting the movie series’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation.

“It started with x+4…and I couldn’t unhear it,” smallgoblin wrote of the experiment, “Instead of doing my math homework I figured out what the Cantina Theme would sound like if your instrument was a pencil.”

The formulaic result would be x + 4783 – x + 4v|VE| (x + 4)(f – 711) = A, an answer that when worked through comes out to be ~299,792,457, or in other words, the speed of light, when measured in meters per second.

Smallgoblin’s post has since become the fifth most-upvoted post of all time in the history of the Star Wars subreddit.


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French electro duo Synapson drops off video for galvanizing new track, ‘Hide Away’

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Dancing Astro tours Disco Fries’ favorite NYC eateries

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“What’s more reckless than eating a half a pound of pastrami in the middle of the day?”

Find out as DA teams up with funk masters Disco Fries on a journey through New York City. The hilarious duo take us to some of their favorite spots in The Big Apple, including Third Rail Coffee, Vinny Vincenz Pizza, Double Down Saloon, and more — all while talking about their EP, DF.

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NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis drop music video for hard-hitting ‘Another Dimension’

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NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis fans were in for a treat when the duo dropped “Another Dimension,” arguably one of the hardest song we have heard the artists drop. The track has graced mainstages around the world, and now the pair have released an accompanying music video.

In the video, Francis and NGHTMRE enter a virtual reality world on a vivid psychedelic trip. They go on otherworldly adventure, and watching is sure to expand your psyche and elevate your senses.

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