Elderbrook and Rudimental team up for ‘Something About You’ music video

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Elderbrook and Rudimental team up for ‘Something About You’ music videoRudimental Elderbrook Min

Rudimental has teamed up with Grammy-nominated UK singer-songwriter Elderbrook to develop a music video with a dance routine for their new single, “Something About You.” The single is included in Rudimental’s newly released Distinction EP, which features The Martinez Brothers, Preditah, Caitlyn Scarlett, and others.

“Something About You” comes with a special music video directed by Luke Davis and staring Michael Socha from HBO’s new Chernobyl series. It’s about the importance of mental health, showcasing an all-male group therapy session railing against the notions of traditional and toxic masculinity, illustrating the beauty in expressing emotions.

The track soothes with lush synths dancing alongside Elderbrook’s sultry vocals. Horns are presented in the hook for a cozy, warm house feel ideal for a group dance routine.

Bon Iver’s album boasts his third James Blake collaboration

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Bon Iver’s album boasts his third James Blake collaborationJames Blake Bon Iver

Bon Iver released his album i,i nearly a day early, and the project has already received praise from a large amount of top tier outlets. The 13-piece record has a wide array of all-star collaborators, including a particularly standout number between himself and longtime collaborator, James Blake. Their productive relationship stretches back to 2011’s “Fall Creek Boys Choir,” and this new offering, “iMi,” marks their third joint effort together.

“iMi” is a rich, sentimental piece bursting doused in lo-fi sound design. It appears that James Blake might have played a larger background role, considering his vocal contribution to the tune consisted of a mere two lines. Others working on the track alongside Blake include Wheezy, Buddy Ross, and Mike Noyce. Velvet Negroni, Camilla Staveley-Taylor also contributed their vocals to the mix.

Inside the making of Youngr’s ‘Nightcrawling’ music video [Q&A]

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Inside the making of Youngr’s ‘Nightcrawling’ music video [Q&A]Press Shot 2

Multi-instrumental UK artist, Youngr expands his sound via “Nightcrawling,” a pop-inflected electronic effort that marks Youngr’s return to Armada Music. Youngr’s collaboration with the Amsterdam-based imprint in 2018 led to the release of “Turn Around.” Flash forward to 2019, and Youngr not only has a record deal with Armada, but also a statement record, and an accompanying visual that jointly underscore Youngr to be a dynamic creative asset to the Armada family.

“Nightcrawling” is immersive in its sound. It steadily fills speakers as its piano chords, which take center sonic stage, rise in tandem with the track’s guiding vocal. The track’s music video focalizes Youngr’s musical acumen from its onset. The camera follows Youngr and his impassioned piano-playing, mist enveloping the producer, who’s stationed amid a thickly wooded, dimly lit forest. Natural light and the absence thereof are of equal symbolic weight in the cinematic context of the visual. Dancing Astronaut caught up with Younger to learn more about the making of the “Nightcrawling” music video.

You said that “Nightcrawling” was inspired by the feeling of “getting through a tough time and having someone there to help you through it.” It seems that this notion translates to the music video, which starts out in dim colors and gradually brightens. Can you speak on the production process for the visual?

[I devised this idea in collaboration] with my good friends Mikey and Chris Rosenfeldt. I had the simple idea of walking through the forest, playing instruments as they came into the song, and that developed into this whole idea, like you said, of starting [the video] with real dark, moody lighting and ending [it] in bright, natural daylight. So we actually all woke up around 3 AM to set up in the forest (trying to avoid being attacked by wild boar) and started filming around 5 AM. [We filmed] until the sun was fully up, wrapped up around 1 PM then had an epic nap, woke up, and edited it that night. 

You also noted that you wrote “Nightcrawling” with your friend and writing partner, Tim Woodcock. What was the songwriting process like for this record, did the lyrical pieces fall into place pretty quickly?

Yeah, the whole tune felt really natural, and me Tim have written tons of songs before. I actually woke up with that piano melody in my head, so I ran downstairs to record it, and the beat and vibe just fell out really effortlessly. Then Tim worked his magic with the words and melody; he sings the chorus. I took the demo back to my studio in London and [finished it]. 

Many listeners will know you from your Youngr bootleg of “Sweet Disposition.” That effort really foregrounded your multi-instrumental acumen. When it comes to writing a song and your general creative process, how do you merge the instrumental and electronic worlds?

It’s never really been [my] conscious thought to merge them. I usually start writing a song on the piano, so it has that raw feeling from the get go. It actually takes a lot of effort for me to start writing a beat and turn it into a song, I never find that to work for me. I also love the emotion you can get out of a guitar, and that raw low end you get from a bass guitar [specifically]. Don’t even get me started on live drums, I’ll be here all day.

To answer the question, I think I just fucking love the sound of real instruments, but I also love what electronic music makes you feel, especially house/dance; the euphoria it can bring. 

What’s next for you on Armada?

I believe there are going to be a few more singles, then hopefully an album towards the end of the year.

Lollapalooza sets and highlight moments have trickled in

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Lollapalooza sets and highlight moments have trickled in81faccdc C7e3 4f0f 92c4 Ccb3b7fb8e54 08.01 The Chainsmokers Lollapalooza 2019 By Greg Noire DSC00669

Chicago swelled with music aficionados during the first weekend of August, where Lollapalooza‘s 2019 edition unfolded. The iconic festival booked a myriad of world class talents across all genres, with Tame Impala, Flume, Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and The Chainsmokers topping the bill. Outside the strong electronic presence among the headliners, Lollapalooza boasted a healthy slate of other burgeoning electronic acts that included Flume‘s eccentric live show, Madeon‘s Good Faith Live premiere, Louis The Child, Cassian, San Holo, and even Shaquille O’Neal under his Diesel moniker.

Aside from a bumpy start to the action that saw hundreds of people stampeding over a fence to enter sans tickets, the weekend was one for the books. The artists brought their A-games, and of course, some special surprise gusts and fresh new IDs along for the ride. We’ve captured a few of these moments, and some recently aired live sets, so that both guests and those who missed out can relive the majestic multi-day affair.

Madeon’s debut Good Faith Live set

Flume debuts new IDs with friends during his Lolla showing (and plants flowers)

Flume ID- played at Lolla from r/EDM

Flume ID- played at Lolla from r/EDM

The Chainsmokers put together a stunning headlining performance

RL Grime hits the bass hard

Alesso injects energy into his Lolla crowd

Ariana Grande debuts her next chart-topping hit, “Boyfriend”

Camelphat sprinkle a taste of house music into the mix

An unexpectedly wonderful cameo: Chance The Rapper at Death Cab For Cutie

There was no escaping the feels at RÜFÜS DU SOL’s set

Lil Wayne simply cannot do Lollapalooza without his new “Old Town Road” remix

CRAY drives fans wild

Photo credit: Greg Noire

Producer Sessions 014: Sit in the studio with the legendary Scott Storch, who just released his sounds on Splice

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Producer Sessions 014: Sit in the studio with the legendary Scott Storch, who just released his sounds on SpliceScott Storch Maria Jose Govea

Producer Sessions is a series from Dancing Astronaut meant to guide producers towards professionals in the field. Today, we’re highlighting a new sample pack from Scott Storch on Splice.

Scott Storch is a producer/songwriter who’s worked on some of the most successful songs in the early 2000s—from Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” featuring Snoop Dogg, to Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl,” and Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River to 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop.” He’s worked in the studio with many more talented artists that have included Lil Wayne, T.I., Christina Aguilera, NAS, Snoop Dogg, Pink, Lil’ Kim, The Game, and The Roots. That oh-so-recognizable Scott Storch producer tag might as well come with a heat warning, as his recognizable keyboard lines were known to dominate the airwaves with titanic force.

In a new team up with Splice, Scott Storch walks views through his sounds at his home studio in LA, discussing his favorite plugins, VSTs, and other sounds that created the sounds of Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” feat. Fat Joe and Remy Ma and Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre” and more.

The legendary producer accompanied the video with a hefty sample pack boasting 62 loops and 261 on-shots of drum sounds, FX, melody loops, vocals, and many other samples in his new Scott Storch: Still Storch Vol 1. sample pack.

Click HERE to download the sample pack today to start producing like the pros. Use the offer code DANCINGASTRO for a 1 month free trial on membership that starts at $7.99 a month Offer valid through December 31 2019.

Photo Credit: Maria Jose Govea

Watch: Armin van Buuren throws down 7-hour set in Romania

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Watch: Armin van Buuren throws down 7-hour set in RomaniaArmin Van Buuren Rukes

Attendees of UNTOLD Festival in Romania were treated to a legendary experience when trance maestro Armin van Buuren threw down a seven-and-a-half-hour set on Aug. 2.

Opening with an orchestral version of his own “La Résistance De L’Amour” with Shapov, the State of Trance host took fans on an hours-long journey through some of his most iconic tunes and sprinkling in other trance favorites from artists like W&W, Blasterjaxx, Adam Beyer, and countless others. Also buried amongst the performance’s expansive track list were multiple IDs, undoubtedly leaving the crowd wanting more despite the set’s expansive length.

Van Buuren’s been churning out music since the late nineties, and at 42, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. It’s even become a bit of a tradition for the storied producer to perform marathon sets at the festival, clocking in seven hours in 2018 and five in 2017.

Watch the performance in full below.

Photo credit: Rukes

Go behind the scenes at Ultra Music Festival with deadmau5 and mau5trap in new TIDAL doc [Watch]

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Go behind the scenes at Ultra Music Festival with deadmau5 and mau5trap in new TIDAL doc [Watch]Deadmau5 2019 1

Earlier this spring, deadmau5 unveiled his most ambitious cube design to date at Ultra Music Festival. The third edition of mau5’s iconic stage rig was one of the festival’s top highlights of 2019, and now, TIDAL is giving fans an inside look at mau5trap‘s memorable run at this year’s event in an exclusive new documentary, Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap.

Wild Things features mau5trap’s roster of forward-thinkers describing their methodologies and how their distinguished sonics materialize before the masses at Ultra. Giving a behind-the-scenes look at one of dance music’s foremost label authorities, deadmau5 and TIDAL reconvene for another compelling visual feature following several previous TIDAL X livestreams and the exclusive nine-part series, Orchestration.

TIDAL members can view Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap in full here.

Stream Nina Kraviz’s pored-over Coachella set

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Stream Nina Kraviz’s pored-over Coachella setNina Kraviz Coachella 2019

Artists continually take risks in the pursuit of revolutionizing their craft. Nina Kraviz epitomized this phenomenon in the grandest of ways via her brand new live set, which she debuted at Coachella.

The performance felt like something made for a gallery space; it took on an abstract, expressive tone as Nina traipsed around the stage in an all-black outfit, reading and singing verses from her diary whilst images of herself doused in vivid effects filled the screen behind her. There were plenty of her signature dance moves as well. By the end of it, fans and curious onlookers had entered a full-on debate as to whether it was enjoyable or ludicrous—and it continues to be a divisive topic to this day.

Now those who missed it can see for themselves whether or not it’s forward-thinking art through the official stream release, which is already making its rounds far and wide around the electronica space.

Photo credit: Julian Basel

Pabllo Vittar and Charli XCX team up again for Vittar’s first English single, ‘Flash Pose’ [Watch]

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Pabllo Vittar and Charli XCX team up again for Vittar’s first English single, ‘Flash Pose’ [Watch]Pabllo Vittar Charli C 2019 Cr Ernna Cost Billboard 1548

Pabllo Vittar and Charli XCX have come together once again to release a new single entitled “Flash Pose.” This is the second time this diverse duo have collaborated, the first happening on XCX’s most recent album, Pop 2, on “I Got It” alongside Brooke Candy and CupcakKe.

This new song from Vittar and XCX takes a more direct approach to pop, tapping Vittars rhythmic, South American roots and combining them with XCX’s vocal dexterity, alternating fluidly between rapping and singing.

“Flash Pose” marks Vittar’s first English single, and perhaps a major breaking point for her stateside profile. Charli XCX will release her next LP, Charli, on September 13. As of now, she has shared three singles from the album, each with an impressive featured artist. The first was “1999” with Troye Sivan, followed by “Blame It on Your Love” with Lizzo, and finally, “Gone” with Christine and the Queens.

Check out the brand new music video for “Flash Pose” below.

Virgil Abloh previews A$AP Rocky and Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Frankenstein’ [Watch]

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Virgil Abloh previews A$AP Rocky and Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Frankenstein’ [Watch]Virgil Abloh

A$AP Rocky remains incarcerated in Sweden following an alleged physical altercation in late June, and while the entire country continues to lose clout points by the day, the public’s call for Rocky’s freedom continues to grow louder. In fact, Congress, and even the White House, have reportedly gotten involved. Amid the continually unfolding situation in Sweden, Swedish House Mafia threw their support behind the Harlem rapper, revealing a collaboration tentatively titled “Frankenstein.”

Now, fellow fashion and culture figurehead Virgil Abloh has offered up a proper preview of the new track at Germany’s Melt Festival, where Rocky was also billed to perform this summer. As the Off-White founder queues up the track, Abloh tells fans, “With this we’re gonna get Rocky home right quick,” before going on to instruct the festival crown to, “Pull out your phone, record this one, this a very rare one.” See the preview of Swedish House Mafia and A$AP Rocky’s “Frankenstein” below.