LA Funksters SoDoap drop a free tune.

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LA funk band SoDoap maybe new comers to the scene… but their first few releases have been pure funkalicious goodness. They fuse electronic vibes with live instruments to create what they say in their own words – funky mahfuqin bass music. I couldn’t agree more. With 2 self releases out, one free and one to

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Brian Miller (Foot Village) and Sam Angiulo (Lana Del Rabies) release debut as America Fuck, the ultimate political facepalm

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Foot Village has been one of TMT’s favorites for a good long while now — going back at least to the 2008 interview that we did with the entire band — which means that we’re super excited (and not obligated or anything) to cover everything that’s either closely or distantly related.

The band’s own Brian Miller also founded the Deathbomb Arc label before he helped propel Foot Village to the fore of SoCal-based, drum-centered aggression, and during its nearly 20 years of functional existence, Deathbomb has helped to release and promote a ton of often noisy releases that challenge the remains of humanity’s delicate sensibilities. Basically, Deathbomb and Foot Village have both done their part in attempting turn us all into acid rain, which burns through our clothing and blinds all the presidential dullards who bypass warnings during solar eclipses. (Oh yeah, I went there.)

And despite an early ambivalence about any political themes in his Foot Village work, Brian Miller is definitely “going there” with his new project: America Fuck. Miller and Sam Angiulo (a.k.a. Lana Del Rabies) comprise the duo, and their first release (out now courtesy of Deathbomb, naturally) makes NO BONES about the duo’s modus operandi. American Fuck is the “product of living with toxic politics as the foreground,” and each extremely long track title on Fertility Clown is a segment of a discussion that revolves around, basically, egalitarianism as a goal.

A familiar-sounding sentiment? Perhaps. Musically, however, Fertilty Clown will offer stiff competition to your pulse; so be warned. Listen to it in full below, and head here to name your own price on a digital download — and to see the full track titles (seriously; I’m not printing them here, they’re novellas).

Fertility Clown by America Fuck

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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It’s not a music video, but the thing I saw this week that left the deepest impression was the introduction to the 2011 CMT Music Awards, a galactically dumb comedy bit that happens to star Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Kid Rock, and, in a bone-chilling cameo, Donald Trump. I’m a bit worried that Kenny … More »

Liza Anne Strips the Covers Away in ‘Paranoia’ [Stream]   

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Nashville-based Liza Anne Odachowski, better known as Liza Anne strips the covers away from mental illness in her newest single “Paranoia.” Addressing anxiety and themes of unworthiness and unwantedness, Liza Anne explores the underbelly of our fears and pulls them to the surface. Set to a melodic tune that’s punctuated by frenetic outbursts, Liza effortlessly articulates our internal monologue as we experience feelings of love coupled with paranoia. This is exactly her intention, evidenced in her artist bio, where she states, “I feel things deeply and then I sing them sweetly.” And we could not agree more.

Hope you like beats, because Devonwho is about to give you 42 of them on his new tape

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Hey kid, you like beats? Got a whole bunch of beats here for ya. Come November 10, Los Angeles-based producer Devonwho is going to drop a fat stack of them — 42 to be exact — for his new tape Betaloops.

Where does one amass a collection of beats this gargantuan? Seems like when you’re Devonwho, ideas for cool sounding laid-back, funky hip-hop beats just pop into your head all the time!

According to Devonhim whoself Devonwho himself, the beats that make up Betaloops were created between 2014 and 2017, a period during which the producer moved away from San Francisco and transitioned to life in Los Angeles. And while they are more experimental sketches than full-on songs, Devonwho has said that these beats are still “a part of me and my growth that I wanted to share.” That was nice of him!

Betaloops is out digitally on November 10 via Leaving Records. If you’re more of a physical media kind of person however, the cassette version of Betaloops is shipping right now and can be ordered here. Listen to a playlist of a few of the tracks off the release, check out the artwork, and read the names of all 42 of Betaloops’ tracks, down below.

Betaloops looplisting:

01. tradewinds_pt2
02. nonsense
03. trips3
04. jog
05. jog3
06. fort3_2
07. fort2
08. far
09. far2
10. melod2
11. asturias2
12. chlorophyll4
13. 01-2half
14. chlorophyll2
15. sol5alt
16. phase2
17. questions2
18. 14r_alt
19. heretic2
20. 0118_drumz2
21. voice2
22. lite
23. plore2
24. fort1
25. skywhipping
26. hikes
27. deep111alt
28. sert4
29. real_alt
30. wer_new
31. uy6
32. tr16
33. sd2
34. cl4
35. iberia
36. atnt2
37. untitledscph5
38. ah45
39. law3
40. sdfkjh2
41. 16kd
42. 4z_funk

PHEW! Gonna need a glass of water after reading off all that!

Ahh. Thanks! <3

Super8 & Tab go back to trancier roots with new single ‘Pressure’

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After an astonishingly strong series of releases so far in 2017, Super8 & Tab aren’t ready to leave the year without creating a bit more of a bang, and it comes in the form of their newest single ‘Pressure’. Today, the trance duo’s brilliant release saw its release on Armind and shows the duo going

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Stream The Boy Illinois’ brand new EP ‘Windy City’

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The Prince of the Windy City, The Boy Illinois, returns with his latest endeavor: Windy. A brand new nine song …

Killavesi drops her “Make A Way” video featuring Adamn Killa & Jammer BBK

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Produced by Scotti Dee Killavesi is back with something new from her forthcoming Killa project. This one features her boo …

Above & Beyond Announces ‘Common Ground’ Tour With Over 25 Stops

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Following their monumental, sold out ABGT250 show at The Gorge Amphitheatre, Above & Beyond is pleased to announce that they are hitting the road for a massive tour in support of their forthcoming album, ‘Common Ground.’ Starting at the end of December, tickets are available from 9am PT / 12pm ET on October 26, but

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Martin Garrix Shows How To Create A Festival-Ready Song In 5 Minutes

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At this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), some lucky fans were able to watch Martin Garrix in action as he demonstrated how to produce a festival-ready anthem. During the ADE Sound Lab Presents: Studio XL Martin Garrix, Garrix shows off his production skills during his one hour session with a limited number of attendees. Watch

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