Music Review: t e l e p a t h & Agia – The Light Of Our Love

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t e l e p a t h & Agia

The Light Of Our Love

[Self-Released; 2017]

Rating: 3.5/5

Out of the red mist of desire, out of the blue-grey of breathlessness, out of the sea-green of the ocean’s soul. Heavy with the sweetness of secrecy, The Light Of Our Love conveys the frantic presence of something trapped that should be wild, something whose greatest vulnerability lies in its capacity to lose its freedom, as if faced with a bright light and besieged with a ferocious bashfulness.

Microcosm after microcosm after microcosm, through the depths of funk-heavy bass lines and love-drenched melodies, in a mist as sensate as skin and as frozen as a shipwreck, this album stirs the cauldron of our intimate life, however salubrious or squalid or pallid that life is.

From a state of asepsis and weightlessness of the first track, to the sand dunes of the second, to the tranquil gardens of the third, to the beautiful surrender of the fourth, to the straight-up happiness of the fifth, to the ballad-like tension of the sixth, to the burnt-out brass of the final track, t e l e p a t h & Agia know how to create a kind of narrative that shines on your vivacious face, a narrative that lures all amorous scents nearby and enwraps us in them, leaving us in a Hollywood glimmer, shivering, deeply dreaming, deeply imagining, overflowing with fantasy.

The Light Of Our Love by t e l e p a t h & Agia

Something blooms amidst the humid slush of filtered drums. Like mosquitoes, ripe tropical fruit, b-movies, Wong Kar-Wai films that give us life, ankles awash in warm sea-water and the seaweed between our toes, because one rarely experiences the space between one’s toes — until now.

The seamlessness and solidity of deep affection, like marble or redwood bark, or like a fold in a curtain that remains unfaded because it never feels the warmth of the sun, or like a heaving wall of unlit water that rises and ebbs like a relationship strewn with stars and petals and dark chocolate, with the portent of its volcanic unfolding ready to erupt somewhere in the near future.

A tenderness, hard like the pyramids of Giza, hard like the non-physical transactions that represent an escape from the limitations of ourselves, like embraces or conversations that get down to the nitty-gritty of what we’re doing, layered on top of each other like tiramisu or the bones of dinosaurs past.

The air in a whale’s heart. Love, in music, pumping alongside our blood like that.

Of Montreal Announce New Album White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood, Share New Song: Listen

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“Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia” was inspired by ’80s extended dance mixes

Knife Party Is Too Busy Trading Cryptocurrencies To Release New Music

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Back when Knife Party released Trigger Warning back in 2015 and Abandon Ship in 2014, fans were delighted with what seemed like a steady flow of new releases from the bass music duo. Just recently, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen updated their Twitter to share that they are too busy crypto trading and playing Playstation.

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Abra Shares New Song “B.R.A.T.”: Listen

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Produced by Father

♫ Listen: 99jakes – “sleep angel”

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Go to bed. Put your phone on night mode. Better yet, put it under your bed so when you’re tempted to reach for it in the middle of the night you’ll be too scared to meet the monster under there. Sleep stops you picking at your fingernails. Sleep keeps your eyes nice and wet. Sleep means dreaming :). Sleep means nightmares sometimes but those only make you stronger. Sleep is a full menu for your imagination and a small break from all that ails you. If you can’t sleep, listen to this song and feel the wings of an angel encase you, rock you. Listen to 99jakes. I do. Let them guide you. Rest your head. Sleep in, and don’t feel bad about it, because when you wake up you’ll be able to listen to “sleep angel” again. 99jakes is angel of the evening and angel of the morning. Sleep is perfect, perfect like this song, in every single way.

Ottawa Bluesfest 2018

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Ottawa Bluesfest has been ranked by Billboard Magazine as one of the top-10 most successful outdoor music festivals in the world. People travel from far and wide to attend the ‘fest, and music fans in Ottawa look forward to opening night with mounting anticipation, year after year. This award winning, multi-staged music extravaganza is the biggest outdoor music festival in Canada and is considered one of the most important music events in North America. Thousands of national and international performers are featured annually at LeBreton Flats Park, in downtown Ottawa.

Seven Lions – Sun Won’t Rise Feat. Rico And Miella (Ra Remix)

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Ra is known as the Egyptian god of the Sun. Abe Nour is also known as >Ra. However, instead of the sun, this Ra’s realm is in the studio and on the decks. Ra has released a blistering remix of a Seven Lions track off of the latest EP, Where I Won’t Be Found. What

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Fever Ray Announces First U.S. Concert in 8 Years

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She’s playing Lightning in a Bottle in support of 2017’s Plunge

Built to Spill and the Afghan Whigs Announce Tour

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They hit the road this spring

Migos to completely reinvent culture AGAIN next week with the release of their third LP (skoo skoo!)

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Time to start a gratitude journal, readers: first, a new “Heavy Rotation” trailer for Atlanta’s season two arrives; and now, we also get to learn that Migos’ third proper studio album, Culture II, is dropping January 26 (whoo!). The A’s favorite trio of chart breakers (last March, Quavo had 10 hits simultaneously occupying the Hot 100) had announced the album last summer and already put out two singles from it since — “MotorSport” (with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B) and “Stir Fry” (skrrrr!).

If you believe Offset’s words from an interview with Montreality, (and why wouldn’t you?), Culture II “is a masterpiece” (rrrrah!). Migos are supposedly changing, too, and creating “a whole new sound” on the new record; come to think of it, Pharrell-produced “Stir Fry” didn’t sound much like anything they’ve made before (brrrr!).

Root for Migos at the Grammys, re-visit both of their huuuuuge 2017 singles, view the artfully subtle Culture II cover art, and check out the trio’s upcoming tour dates below (hey!):

Migos tour dates:

02.07.18 – Oklahoma City, OK – Cox Convention Center
04.13-15.18 – Indio, CA, Empire Polo Club
04.20-22.18 – Indio, CA – Empire Polo Club
06.02.18 – Paris, France – Plaine De La Belle Etoile