Ultra Shanghai canceled a week before its occurrence

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Ultra Shanghai canceled a week before its occurrenceUltra Alive Coverage Main Stage

For weeks, rumors of Ultra Shanghai’s demise have swirled across Reddit, leaving hopeful festival-goers wondering if they’d be able to attend a second year of the Chinese event. Unfortunately, the festival has announced its postponement and will not be taking place Sept. 8 and 9, due to “circumstances beyond [the festival organizers’] control.”

Rumors of Ultra Shanghai’s cancellation began circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo last month, but were unconfirmed until the Ultra China team released an official statement on Aug. 31. Prior to the statement, a lineup had not been announced, leaving fans further speculating if it would happen.

Though the festival’s cancellation will surely disappoint those who were anticipating a Shanghai date, the Ultra China team announced that Ultra Beijing would, in fact, be taking place in just a few weeks on Sept. 15 and 16 at Beijing China NHC Base. The newly announced lineup includes Zedd, Axwell / Ingrosso, Oliver Heldens, and more. The full lineup is available here. Beijing is more than 750 miles from Shanghai.

The inaugural edition of Ultra China took place at the Shanghai Expo Park in 2017 and boasted an impressive lineup of Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, DJ Snake, and many more.

Ultra Shanghai officiall statement from r/UMF

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Tiësto is back with electronic music’s next main stage anthem, ‘WOW’

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Tiësto is back with electronic music’s next main stage anthem, ‘WOW’Tiesto1

Those who closely follow Tiësto‘s radio shows and listen to his live sets may find themselves pleasantly surprised by his latest single release, “WOW.” He debuted the track live at Ultra earlier this year, and since then, the veteran DJ has been prominently featuring the tune on air all summer. “WOW” already has found such heavy radio play since its reveal that some might have thought it was already out, though now Tiësto is gracing fans with the track’s official release.

The Dutch mega-producer is known for his ability to create music in a wide variety of genres, and its a definite contrast from recent pop-centric collaboration “Jackie Chan” featuring PremePost Malone, and co-producer Dzeko.  “WOW” is a pulsing big room house piece with an infectious, kicking bass line that makes the track an undoubtable earworm. The single is out on Tiësto’s own Musical Freedom.

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Obstacles for Ultra China: rumors swirl of Shanghai cancellation, Beijing re-scheduling

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Obstacles for Ultra China: rumors swirl of Shanghai cancellation, Beijing re-schedulingUltra Music Festival 2018 Photo By ALIVE Coverage

Ultra Shanghai is set to debut on September 8, across two days. However, a lineup announcement or any updates from the brand have yet to arrive with just weeks left until its supposed launch date. Puzzled fans have been wondering aloud what is going on, and if the festival is set to proceed, and it seems an answer is brewing: per a Redditor with access to China’s Weibo network (their Facebook equivalent), comments on the event’s page there point to a definite cancellation.

Troubles for Ultra’s China arm don’t end there. Per the same Reddit post, Ultra Beijing is also being postponed — this would be the second time this rendition of Ultra has been pushed back, the first being in June. Hopefully, this is all just hearsay among Chinese fans, as there have been no official announcements from the brand itself regarding these rumors.

If Ultra China is meeting its demise — a possibility for sure given the country’s conservative environment — fans would be missing out an a variety of top DJ talent including DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Coyu, and more. Only time will tell if these rumors are substantiated or not.



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Ultra Mexico brings the heat with first phase of 2018 lineup featuring Carl Cox, Marshmello, Illenium, and more

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Ultra Mexico brings the heat with first phase of 2018 lineup featuring Carl Cox, Marshmello, Illenium, and moreUltraMeico

There are several certainties in life: death and taxes–as the more sardonic would joke–and, of course, a stacked Ultra Mexico lineup.

Come October 13-14, the Mexico City edition of Ultra will stop by venue Foro Pegaso for a two-day electronic extravaganza.

Ultra Mexico brings the heat with first phase of 2018 lineup featuring Carl Cox, Marshmello, Illenium, and more8VGKjLA

Phase one of the event touts mainstream favorites Marshmello, Galantis, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and Afrojack as well as underground icons Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, and Seth Troxler. Steve Angello and NGHTMRE and Slander‘s celebrated Gud Vibrations concept account for more of the first phase’s firepower.

Purchase tickets to Ultra Mexico, here.

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Ultra Taiwan announcement expands itself to two days

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Ultra Taiwan announcement expands itself to two daysUltra Taiwan

Ultra Taiwan announces its adding a day to their music festival, culminating in a two day event. Now, the bigger event will take place at Taipei Dajia Ultra Park in Taipei, Taiwan on September 8-9 of this year. Powerhouse festival company, Ultra, continues to dominate in Asia, curating the continents largest music festival.

Taiwan’s Road to Ultra will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. To celebrate, if anyone purchased a RESISTANCE Taipei or Road to Ultra ticket, they have the option to upgrade for a fee and gain access to UMF Taiwan. Those that purchased a combo of both tickets will automatically be upgraded for free. With past headliners such as Above & Beyond, Chainsmokers, Zedd, and  Martin Garrix; festival-goers can ensure an event up to par with any past Ultra experiences.

Tickets can be purchased HERE. Single day passes are $125, and two day passes start at $170. Fans are eagerly awaiting for the lineup announcement, and those considering traveling the long-distance will have easy access to mainland China for an extended trip. It’s surely worth the experience.

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Ultra Japan announces robust phase one lineup topped by DJ Snake, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and more

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Ultra Japan announces robust phase one lineup topped by DJ Snake, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and moreUltra Japan 18

Again demonstrating its ubiquitous presence as a worldwide festival phenomenon, Ultra has locked in a stellar, multifaceted-as-ever billing for its fifth anniversary of the global festival’s Japan installment, to take place over an extended weekend on September 15-17.

Topping phase one of the 2018 bill are high-rollers Nicky Romero, DJ Snake, Armin Van Buuren, and Zedd, as well as all three parties from Swedish House Mafia, though they appear as their separate, respective acts: Axwell Λ Ingrosso and Steve Angello. Having the Mafiosos in the same place at the same time begs the question of whether fans could witness a surprise performance from the storied threesome who reunited earlier this year at Ultra’s flagship location in Miami. The initial wave of talent also includes the likes of Oliver Heldens, Cash Cash, and Eats Everything among others.

The Tokyo-based festival will return to Odaiba Ultra Park. Tickets can be purchased here.


Here are all of the best performances of Ultra Europe 2018

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Here are all of the best performances of Ultra Europe 2018Fc10341779a5af40f2fc5fb2805d0ec6 L

Ultra Europe‘s 2018 installment in Split, Croatia brought together some of the finest globetrotting DJs in the world — Afrojack, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and DJ Snake, just to name a few. Now, with the festival in the review, Dancing Astronaut has gathered some of the highlights in their full set form.

Whether it was a set from a legend like Afrojack — who managed to drop six IDs in his set – or one of the masters like Hardwell, Carl Cox, and Steve Angello – who also treated fans to a delightful ID; Ultra Europe was far from a disappointment. The weekend was filled with incredibly touching moments as well as reminders of the indelible connection and emotive release that dance music coexists within, including Axwell ^ Ingrosso’s immensely touching tribute to Avicii.

Thanks to Mixcloud, everyone who was unable to attend can revel in the best of the best. It’s almost as if the desire to make it out next year wasn’t already tempting enough.


Axwell Λ Ingrosso

Carl Cox

Charlotte de Witte

Cheat Codes

Dense & Pika

DJ Snake

Eats Everything



Jon Rundell

Steve Angello

Miami city commissioner to Ultra Music Festival: pay $2M annual fee to city to renew Bayfront Park contract, or relocate

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Ultra Music Festival organizers will face a steep price tag if they wish to keep Miami’s veteran music event in its longtime location of Bayfront Park in the years to come.

The Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) circulated a petition in July 2017 that called on Miami’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to return access to Bayfront Park — DNA residents’ “neighborhood park” — to downtown Miami locals. “Since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud,” the document read. The petition surpassed 1,100 signatures when it reached the hands of Miami Commissioner Frank Carollo.

Now, the feud between downtown Miami dwellers and large scale Bayfront Park hosted music events like Ultra Music Festival will come to a head as Carollo presents UMF orchestrators with a financially oriented ultimatum: pay $2 million annual payments to the agency that oversees Bayfront Park, or take Ultra elsewhere.

UMF organizers’ previous contract permitted the festival to occupy Bayfront for a five-year period. In exchange, Ultra Music Festival paid the city of Miami a sum comprised of a usage fee and a ticket surcharge that was then tacked onto the cost of each individual UMF admission cost. The city collected an average of about $663,000 from UMF over the five-year stretch, notably enjoying an elevated profit of $742,000 in 2018. Given that Ultra’s contract expired in 2018, festival organizers will need to make swift and strategic moves if they plan to keep Bayfront Park as Ultra’s home location.

While Miami residents like Rev. Pedro Martinez continue to call upon city officials like Carollo to ‘stop the prostitution of the park to multiple events,’ Ultra lobbyist Ray Martinez reiterates the global value inherent in the festival that, in many ways, put Miami on the musical map. ‘Let’s look at the positives,’ Ray Martinez said, ‘We talk about Miami wanting to be a world-class city. Ultra is a world-class event. It is the Art Basel of electronic music.’

Rolling Loud is also expected to face steep fees if it seeks to return to the park in future years of festival production. Neither Ultra nor Rolling Loud have commented on the recent contract related complications.

Photo Credit: aLIVE Coverage

H/T: Miami Herald

Hardwell & Grammy Award-winning orchestra deliver highly anticipated Ultra 2018 intro, ‘Conquerers’

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Does Hardwell ever sleep? In addition to an endless touring schedule, the big room don has consistently delivered new music in 2018, and what’s more — now he’s dropping off his stunning intro from Ultra Music Festival. It’s become an annual tradition for the Dutch superstar to treat fans with the official version of his opening track and they somehow get better with each passing year. Dubbed “Conquerers,” Hardwell’s latest offering is divided into two distinct pieces but conjoin to create one of Hardwell’s strongest productions in recent memory.

The first half of the two-part “Conquerers” was constructed with the assistance of Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orkest who have previously lended their orchestral prowess to some of the world’s most iconic creators, including U2’s Bono, Elvis Presley, and Pete Tong among others.

Hardwell has stated that he specifically works on a fresh intro to debut at Ultra and then play out for the remainder of festival season. In this case, “Conquerers” arrives just two months following the performance so the early offering has fueled some speculation that another special intro track could be looming as the Dutch legend prepares for his return to Tomorrowland later this year following a two-year absence.

Report: The most commonly used drugs at music festivals

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Over the years, drug and alcohol’s relationship with electronic dance music has heightened its foothold in worldwide festival culture. Music festivals themselves undeniably afford a collective culture of intoxication — a palpable permeation of substance use and abuse that one can sniff out regardless of whether they choose to partake or not. Considering substance abuse’s assimilation, one may find themselves wondering just how deeply drugs and alcohol are intertwined with the modern festival landscape. Is substance abuse worse than it seems, and how is the industry taking responsibility for its needed conversations about these substances and their abuse?

In an effort to gain a better understanding of the how the industry is working through its deeply embedded substance use and abuse, it’s helpful to first try and understand the roles different substances play at festivals. To do so, TickPick — an ever-growing ticketing marketplace — surveyed 1,000 attendees of well-known music festivals about their own intoxicating experiences. Their participants ranged in age from 18 to 74, with a mean of 32.4. In the end, their results revealed not only the common types of drugs at festivals and which events are associated with which substances, but a general synopsis as to what the landscape of American consumption looks like in 2018 and beyond.

Overall substance use at festivals

More than three-quarters of participants reported consuming alcohol while attending a festival, which is roughly double the percentage of participants who had consumed any other substance and almost more than twice the rate of those who consumed marijuana.

Though more than a third of respondents reported smoking marijuana at a festival, a smaller, yet still significant portion of people reported using harder drugs. Thirteen percent of respondents reported using MDMA in some form, with hallucinogens’ use clocking just below at roughly eight percent apiece.

Substances use per ticket type

There remains some debate about the optimal festival experience: dance it up with the raucous crowd, or keep things refined with VIP privileges? Whichever route one takes, TickPick’s data suggests a slightly boozier vibe outside the VIP area. Generally, it suggests that a larger portion of general admission attendees consume alcohol, which may come to a surprise to those in VIP, with the complimentary alcohol some of the VIP experiences entail.

On the other side of the spectrum, the data found that VIP attendees generally were more likely to do a range of drugs than those in general admission. Between marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, and hallucinogens, VIP pass-holders were substantially more willing to indulge than the average festival-goer. A possible explanation for this trend is financial limitations. As VIP experiences can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, one can imagine these individuals can succumb to the use of any substance at their disposal.

Greatest substance prevalence per festival

Though alcohol was the leading substance at all festivals, TickPick’s data brings about some interesting findings on other substances. One might expect Coachella would have the highest rate of marijuana-smoking in the cannabis-friendly state of California, but the data aligns quite well with the bans of the substance on the grounds, despite the state’s recent legalization of weed for recreational use. EDC and Ultra each had high rates of MDMA and cocaine consumption, and ultimately, Burning Man had some of the highest rates of overall drug use around. Perhaps this significant rate of consumption can be pinned on the festival’s “gift economy,” where food, supplies, and even drugs are shared openly as a means of “payment.”

Top festivals for each substance

Ultimately, the final data lends itself to some idea of each respective festival’s consumption demographic. SXSW, for instance, led in rates of alcohol consumption. While cocaine use was the highest amongst Ultra attendees, a finding that may result from a mix of EDM culture and the festival’s deep historical roots for the drug and a recent resurgence in Miami’s cocaine trafficking.

While geographical differences may explain some findings, it is a bit difficult to understand why Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival led others in DMT use, as just one example. EDC was another consumption leader across the different categories, also ranking in the top three for a number of substances. This point ties into the festival’s battle with health and safety concerns with drug use in the past, including more than 1,000 attendees needing medical treatment in 2017. Though there are issues and ambiguity within the self-reported data like TickPick used for this study— including,  but not limited to, selective memory, telescoping, attribution, and exaggeration — these results do shine a light on the landscape of American substance use, nonetheless. Here’s to hoping some of these findings diminish the blind eye to EDM’s drug abuse, increases awareness, and implements further safety precautions down the line.

Via: TickPick 
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