Exclusive: Brooks and Jonas Aden devise mayhem with future house reunion, ‘RIOT’

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Exclusive: Brooks and Jonas Aden devise mayhem with future house reunion, ‘RIOT’45132888 2219191488151468 4351980637507289088 O

From his introductory Ultra Music Festival appearance in 2014 to his most recent ANIMA live spectacle this past March, Martin Garrix shows no mercy in implanting numerous striking, high-profile IDs during his annual display at the Southern Florida event. When the STMPD Records head honcho took control of the decks during the festival’s 2019 Virginia Key iteration, he brought with him a surreptitious new production that was almost instantaneously speculated by fans to be a forthcoming union between future house staples, Brooks and Jonas Aden.

Exactly five months to the day later, the duo is formally reuniting for the first time in three years for the official release of the Ultra enigma, “RIOT,” and therein adding a compelling outro to STMPD Records’ summer soundtrack.

While the shape-shifting sub-genre of future house may assume a myriad of aural identities, Brooks and Aden are two talents that have continuously abetted in its evolution. “RIOT” is a spotless illustration of that mastery, as the pairing puts forth lawless lyrics amidst a dark and intricate lead alongside a cataclysmic future house instrumental.

“RIOT” is out everywhere tomorrow, but available to stream exclusively through Dancing Astronaut today.

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Ultra Music Festival announces 2020 dates and return to Bayfront Park

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Ultra Music Festival announces 2020 dates and return to Bayfront ParkSHM Reunion Ultra Miami

Miami—Ultra Music Festival is coming home. After tumultuous back-and-forth concerning the future of Ultra Miami’s venue, the beloved music festival will officially return to Bayfront Park in 2020. This past year, Ultra faced difficulties adjusting to its relocated host venue on Virginia Key Beach including stranded attendees, marine life impact, and other logistical issues that led to heated reactions from city officials and festival-goers alike. Despite the backlash and Ultra disclosing a voluntary termination of their license, the City of Miami ultimately voted to allow the festival to return to Bayfront Park.

Ultra 2020 will take place March 20-22. Ticket registration is now open here.

Ultra officially announced its dates for the upcoming year on July 30, a week earlier than previous years and undeniably to ramp up anticipation for its big homecoming. In 2020, Ultra will also bring back their ‘Mission: Home‘ sustainability and environmental initiative.

Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club Space

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Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club SpaceInsomniac Club Space Announce Photo Left To Right Matt Teper David Sinopoli Pasquale Rotella Coloma Kaboomsky Davide Danese July 2019 Hi RES

Worldwide events powerhouse Insomniac have announced it has acquired an ownership stake in legendary Miami dance music institution Club Space.

All current management and operations of Space will remain the same, but this partnership will ensure the revered club, known for its days-long parties, will have a long-standing future in a market that is seeing many clubs of similar status being closed, including Brooklyn’s Output and Denver’s Beta.

“Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the US if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner,” says Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella. “Davide, Coloma and Sinopoli have done an exceptional job revitalizing this venue to be better than it’s ever been. They are passionate people that care about creating experiences, and share the same core values that Insomniac lives by. The Space Invaders team will still be running the show and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

“The Space Invaders” to which Rotella is referring are Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinopoli who took over management of Space in 2016. Since their arrival, the club has been completely revitalized, offering some of the most memorable parties in the US.

From Dirtybird‘s epic annual takeover during Miami Music Week, to marathon extended sets from Dixon and a slew of other veteran selectors, Club Space maintains one of the strongest reputations in Miami. Now with Insomniac, the scope of their parties will only expand.

“Our Space Invaders team is excited about this partnership with Insomniac,” says Sinopoli. “We have admired their work for a while now, and over the past year have gotten to know everyone on their team. They are young, creative, and most importantly, their focus is on constantly working to provide the best possible experience for their guests.

“We have worked tirelessly over the past three years to renew the energy inside Club Space and maintain a calm, safe environment while curating a space where people can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Our Space Invaders team will continue to book the music and operate the club exactly as we have been. We believe that through this relationship with Insomniac we can continue to grow and secure our home at Space with a partner who has an aligned vision of the future of the Miami music scene.”

While Ultrais certainly still the event most synonymous with Miami— especially now that the festival’s contract with Bayfront Park is renewed— Insomniac’s presence has been growing in Florida as of late. With Live Nation at their back, Insomniac managed a sold out EDC Orlando 2018 and will expand the event to three days in 2019. It will be the first three-day EDC ever hosted outside of Las Vegas. Now with Insomniac’s ownership of Club Space, the company has is successfully cementing itself in one of the country’s most beloved party meccas.

City of Miami votes to allow Ultra’s return to Bayfront Park in 2020

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City of Miami votes to allow Ultra’s return to Bayfront Park in 2020Martin Garri Ultra

Talk about a homecoming. In 2020, Ultra Music Festival will return to its iconic home at Miami’s Bayfront Park. The park has been the host venue for Ultra for more than half of the event’s existence, but after being forced out of Bayfront for a tumultuous 2019 outing at Virginia Key Beach Park, the event’s monolithic status on the festival circuit came into question for the first time in over two decades. A future return to Bayfront seemed even more unrealistic after Ultra voluntarily relinquished their license with the City of Miami earlier this year, to avoid any additional blow back from the Virginia Key event. However now, after lengthy discussions and debate among Miami’s City Commission, against all odds, Ultra is cleared to return to Bayfront Park in 2020.

On July 25, Miami’s city government officials voted 3-2 to allow Ultra Music Festival back to its beloved home, though, considerable financial and logistic stipulations must be met in order for Ultra to return to Miami. Shortly after voluntarily pulling out of Miami, rumors surfaced that Ultra had already honed in on a new venue in Homestead, likely at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Whether the news leak was an intentional bluff or not, it seems that the City of Miami was having second thoughts about giving Ultra the boot, and now, for better or worse, things are as they should be once again for Ultra Music Festival.

Deorro releases ‘All This Time’ ahead of global summer tour

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Deorro releases ‘All This Time’ ahead of global summer tourPress Pic Deorro 1 C Alei Papaleopoulos

Nostalgia is the name of the game in 2019 and Deorro tugs at those familiar heart strings on his latest “All this Time.” The dynamic producer delivers a breezy sunshine anthem that feels perfectly at home playing on the boulevards of South Beach, Miami. “All This Time” is definitely a departure from his usual bounce-y sound, it’s gently progressive melodies and anthemic top line pulls you back to balmy summers past. A track from simpler times, when a soaring vocal hook and big progressive synths would send goosebumps down your spine. “All This Time” is a windows down, sing-a-long switch up for the Mex-American talent, but it is a welcome one — and a sign of his production finesse no matter what genre he takes on.

“I was in a nostalgic 2009 mood, and I really wanted to make something progressive, and at the same time I received the vocals for all this time, and they both fit together really well. It was an in the moment kind of thing, and I was really happy with how it was sounding as I was producing it. I really hope people like it and stay tuned for some behind the scenes videos of me making it because I actually recorded a lot of it and live streamed when I came up with the lead. Thank you! Enjoy.” – Deorro

Out now on Ultra Records.

Catch Deorro on tour throughout the summer.

Deorro releases ‘All This Time’ ahead of global summer tourWorld Tour Deorro 2019

Miami commissioner seeks to expedite Ultra’s return to Bayfront Park

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Miami commissioner seeks to expedite Ultra’s return to Bayfront ParkUltra 2018 Mainstage ALIVE Coverage

Despite the tumultuous course of events in the past year between Ultra Music Festival and the city of Miami, there’s a slim chance that the hallmark US dance music event may return to its longtime stomping grounds in 2020.

Thanks to a proposal championed by the city’s Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Miami city officials will hold a meeting on June 27 to see if the relationship can be rectified. The proposal needs a decisive three out of five commissioners’ votes for approval. The new agreement would reinstate Ultra’s contract at Bayfront on a year-by-year basis; though, as the proposal states, commissioners would need a sweeping five-out-of-five vote to revoke its tenure should they seek to do so. The new proposal tightens operating capabilities for organizers, allowing only a month for set up and tear down, after a $2 million hosting fee is paid to the city. The event would also be hypothetically capped at 55,000 attendees, though that number is subject to change.

Ultra 2019 was stifled in part by tactical oversights, the most glaring being the lack of available transportation to and from the festival’s new housing on Virginia Key, as well as more-than-audible qualms from surrounding residents. According to the Miami Herald, Ultra reportedly still owes Miami payment from 2019’s Virginia Key iteration for fire and police services and waste disposal. If the new proposal is approved, Ultra would have until July 15 to pay the outstanding balance or reach an agreement with the city.

H/T: The Miami Herald

Watch Skrillex unload a metric ton of IDs at Ultra Korea

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Watch Skrillex unload a metric ton of IDs at Ultra KoreaSkrille Jasmine Safaeian

Skrillex wasn’t yanking chains when he said he was going to release a stronghold of new music this year. It seems festival-goers at Ultra Korea got more than a taste of what’s to come.

The robust hour-and-a-half set features various IDs, an unreleased Dog Blood track with Ty Dolla $ign, “Midnight Hour,” an unreleased remix of Space Laces‘ “Slice n Dice,” his new collaboration with TroyBoi, “War Cry,” coming out this week, and a gargantuan grip of high-energy mashups of his own volition. Another highlight of the night was a heavy-handed edit of Avicii & Skrillex vs. SQUNTO, “Levels” versus “Sayim” (Slushii Edit) into a short and sweet “Sing it for Tim” tribute.

The entire track list can be found here in case the bass should have viewers so inclined, and avid Skrillex fans will find multiple gems to keep them on their toes for official releases this summer. The dubstep poster child continues to solidify himself in dance music majesty, and this set is simply another notch in his belt of highest-level execution.

Photo Credit: Scotty Hawk

Swedish House Mafia may cancel upcoming festival appearances after alleged deal with Live Nation

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Swedish House Mafia may cancel upcoming festival appearances after alleged deal with Live NationD2iqPbccAUHBBt

While Axwell may have declared that it’s “Swedish House Mafia for life this time” during the trio’s reunion appearance at Ultra Music Festival in 2018, the supergroup’s upcoming festival schedule across Europe may be in jeopardy.

The recent turmoil first ignited this past weekend after Sebastian Ingrosso did not take the stage for a slated back-to-back performance alongside Steve Angello at XS Las Vegas as a result of “passport issues.” In a completely unprecedented announcement just two days following, Ultra Korea was unwillingly forced to cancel the Swede’s closing headlining slot and while the reason has not been disclosed, speculation has arose that it was due to stage production disagreements. At this time, no official statement has been released from Swedish House Mafia or their team.

The story has now taken a striking turn according to a report from DJ Mag Germany, with an intriguing, yet-to-be-substantiated bit of info that they’ve received from sources close to Swedish House Mafia. The report reveals that the Swedes have quietly closed a deal with Live Nation for an upcoming North American stadium tour and it may affect their forthcoming summer festival appearances. Those close to Swedish House Mafia believe that both Live Nation and the trio “have the intention to cancel the festival gigs where Live Nation doesn’t profit directly or indirectly.” It comes as no surprise that an artist’s headlining tour provides an immeasurable ceiling of freedom in determining all event elements and that was evident in the trio’s intricate stage production during their inaugural handful of reunion dates this past May.

Fans across the Eastern Hemisphere would certainly suffer if Swedish House Mafia and Live Nation pull the plug on their festival appearances this summer, which currently include Ultra Europe, Creamfields, Ushuaïa and countless others running through the end of September.

Dancing Astronaut has reached out to Live Nation for comment at time of publishing, with no reply yet received.

H/T: DJ Mag Germany

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City of Miami officials want Ultra Music Festival to return to Bayfront Park

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City of Miami officials want Ultra Music Festival to return to Bayfront ParkDoMyeYrVsAEi0YC

Nearly two weeks removed from Ultra Music Festival voluntarily annulling their license with the City of Miami and teasing “a new South Florida location” for 2020, Miami officials are now attempting to have the festival return to its home base. The festival was forced to host their chaotic 2019 iteration in Virginia Key after 18 successful years in Downtown Miami but ultimately decided to cut their losses from their one-off venue.

On May 21, the City of Miami held a “Sunshine Meeting” where officials reinstated discussions on Ultra’s future to conclude whether or not they were interested in “re-engaging” with the festival’s organizers. Among those present for the meeting were Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez along with commissioners Ken Russell, Keon Hardemon, and Joe Carollo. Gonzalez made his concerns over Ultra exiting the Miami area evident in stating that it was a “huge loss” and that there would be irreparable economic damages. The Miami City Manager ended his exchange by emphasizing that he would not hesitate to have Ultra back. The discussion is currently tabled until June 27, as the clock continues to tick closer to March 2020.

There appears to be more than a handful of options for the festival at the moment though as Ultra was reportedly in talks with Homestead-Miami Speedway earlier this month and just last week, a Miami Beach Commissioner suggested that the festival take place in Lummus Park located on the edge of South Beach.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

Ultra Music Festival’s new home may have just been revealed

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Ultra Music Festival’s new home may have just been revealedRukes For Ultra Music Festival 1

On May 8, Ultra announced their decision to voluntarily leave Miami, ahead of a May 9 vote that would have likely kicked the festival out of its second home in two years. Ultra’s statement included a primer on a new permanent host venue to be announced soon, though the cat might be out of the bag now.

Sources close to the situation believe Ultra’s new home will be about an hour south of Miami, in Homestead, likely at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The Miami Herald, which described May 8 as “the day electronic dance music died in Miami,” spoke with Homestead City Manager George Gretsas who confirmed that he and the Homestead City Council are aware of the talks between the festival and the NASCAR venue. At this point, the deal seems imminent, though nothing has been confirmed as final yet.

Currently though, its hard who will come out on top of all of this. Ultra lost its home at Bayfront Park and as a result, was forced into a new venue at Virginia Key Beach, which proved to be a logistic disaster this year. But after two tumultuous blows, the festival has seemingly gotten its just desserts, beating the City of Miami to the punch with its voluntary withdrawal and undoubtedly taking millions away from the city’s bottom line. But with EDC Las Vegas and HARD Summer both being previously forced out of major metropolitan venues in Los Angeles, the speedway venues they’ve both adopted have proven to work in those events’ favor, so maybe the Homestead-Miami Speedway will be Ultra’s saving grace in 2020. We’ll have to wait and see.

Via: The Miami Herald

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