Where in the world is GRiZ going?

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After a tweeting a series of cryptic messages, Grant Kwiecinski has been stirring up quite the rumor mill amongst fans, media friends, and his devoted GRiZ family. Is GRiZ retiring? Where is he going? Is it an overseas world tour? How am I to go on living?

Such is the goal of any carefully executed guerrilla marketing strategy: keep the people questioning.

Many wondered whether the series of tweets were pointing to an impending announcement that the All Good Records label head would be soon parting ways with his imprint. After all, rumors that he no longer retained full control over his label bandied about the community of faithful since last November — when the label’s socials went completely dark.

And when the dust settled after 24 hours, Kwiecinski kept the feeding frenzy going by tweeting another cryptic message — this time a photo with the caption, “it’s about time we talked.” The photo displayed several documents with blurred text, alluding to the documents as important to said overdue conversation.

At this point, Kwiecinski’s tweet feels a lot like some hypothetical parental talk whereby Grant the Man has been keeping something hidden from us and needs to come clean. One thing has become clear, though: Grant is teasing us. 

If the series of tweets weren’t enough, Kwiecinski is taking things one step further each and every day. Recently, GRiZ also wiped his entire Instagram account clean, except for one post displaying nothing more than a blank sheet of paper and no caption.

Nowadays, it is common practice for artists to wipe their social media accounts before some big announcement, so it’s safe to assume that GRiZ has something new coming soon. Something new and something big considering this is a guy whose career can be defined by its prolificness — he’s released a new studio album or mixtape every year since 2015 and held his annual GRiZmas gatherings for years, to say nothing of his headlining appearances at Lightning in Bottle, Electric Forest, and Backwoods. Here is an artist who finds joy in tirelessly working to bring his fanbase new and fresh material.

A post shared by GRiZ (@griz) on

As one fan’s Instagram comment alludes to, Grant Kwiecinski could very well be turning a “new page” in the GRiZ saga. That much has become clear, but what new and big direction could the funk master be taking?

On Feb. 2, GRiZ took to Twitter again to release a professionally produced promotional video in which he reveals another piece of the puzzle. The short video rendering shows Kwiecinski sitting on a stool in an empty room. He then proceeds to perform a spoken word piece, one he delivers with emotion and conviction.

“I wanna tell you a story. I wanna tell you a story and I want it to be perfect and I want it be your favorite. It’s for me but it’s also for you. It’s about all of us. It’s about time we talked.”

While it is likely this performance is an avenue of growth as opposed to complete shift in his artistic output, it seems whatever GRiZ is keeping under wraps signals a period where the artist will remain incommunicado from his fans. The only thing that remains certain at this point is that GRiZ is a master of suspense, leaving fans and the electronic music community on the edge of their seats until his next big announcement.

Drum ‘n’ bass producer Mistabishi makes several racist comments on social media

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English drum ‘n’ bass producer Mistabishi has sparked controversy after recently voicing a series of racist comments on Facebook and Twitter. Mistabishi first targeted London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, after Khan expressed pleasure once Donald Trump’s visit to London was cancelled.

“Khan is from a migrant family,” the artist wrote, “He’s not English and London is not his capital city. He is a Muslim and his capital is Mecca.” Mistabishi meanwhile asserted his status as a “real Londoner,” remarking that his family “can be traced back over a thousand years.”


Photo Credit: Mixmag

Mistabishi’s response to the Mayor elicited retaliation from a Facebook user who wrote “Britain doesn’t want you, either” on the producer’s page. Mistabishi fired back “Feel free to beat your child cousin bride and throw gay people off buildings because ‘it’s your culture,’ Muzzy.”

UK artist, Chimpo screenshotted and tweeted the Facebook thread containing the comments, captioning the photo “Wow Mistabishi! How u gonna hate immigrants and make d’n’b and techno? Racists aren’t welcome here mate.”

Mistabishi extended his deragatoy comments to Twitter, where he called a Twitter user a chimp, informing the tweeter that he didn’t “want a braindead semi-literate dj chimp” playing his music.


Photo Credit: Mixmag

While Mistabishi has since deleted the defamatory Facebook remarks, a post that the producer published on a forum in August has surfaced.


Photo Credit: Mixmag

The image of the summer forum post shows the artist state that black culture is “destructive to social integration.” Mistabishi uses several racial slurs to articulate his point therein.


H/T: Mixmag

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It looks like a Zhu and Tame Impala collaboration may be in the works

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As far as strange sonic pairings go, sometimes musical opposites really do attract — just ask Elton John and Eminem, Kanye West and Bon Iver, or Aerosmith and Run DMC, among many others. Now, possibly the next artistic convergence to to join the odd collaborations ranks could be Zhu and Tame Impala, as they’re rumored to have linked up for an upcoming project. This set of rumors reignited speculation that first began circulating on the internet in late 2017.

Zhu took to Twitter to fan the flames, leaving a perfectly nondescript message that will either leave fans scratching their heads, or salivating for a first listen. If this materializes, will Zhu’s enigmatic electro-noir style complement Tame Impala‘s buzzing psychedelic rock fare? Only time will tell, though all signs point to a hit waiting to happen. Fingers crossed.

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The Chainsmokers send fans into a frenzy with new logo, mysterious tweet

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New year, new marketing approach? Maybe so, says The Chainsmokers’ recent social media activity.

The electronic duo notably outfitted their Instagram and Twitter accounts with a revamped “TCS” logo, tweeting out a vague question in conjunction with the simplistic new graphic. “How many likes is my life worth?” the tweet reads.

While fans have since speculated that producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart’s provocative tweet contains the thread of an album concept for a potential sophomore release, the context of the tweeted question remains unknown, but details will inevitably follow as January unfolds.

H/T: Billboard

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Virtual Riot offers a satirical outline of ‘EDM News in 2055’

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Monstercat alum Virtual Riot offers a potential shape for “EDM News in 2055” in a recent slew of tweets that show shades of the producer’s futuristic sense of humor.

Highlights of Virtual Riot’s vision of the electronic future include a “half-robotdinosaur-half-human surgery” for Excision, a Skism-secured Guinness World Record for a 20 CDJ-supported set, and the sale of EDC Las Vegas “virtual reality tickets,” for tech-transcendent “owls.”

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Hundreds of popular apps are secretly tracking everything you do on your phone

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Uber, Tinder, Skype, Twitter, Spotify, and Snapchat are keeping tabs on their users. Researchers from Yale University’s Privacy Lab have discovered that these popular apps contain hidden trackers that observe all that app users do on their phones, unbeknownst to the cellular users. The researchers indicate that such hidden tracker monitoring is likely a widespread practice, spanning apps even beyond those already mentioned.

The researchers contend that people should “be alarmed by the data.” “Publication of this information is in the public interest as it reveals clandestine surveillance software that is unknown to Android users at the time of app installation,” the Privacy Lab team noted in a recent blog post discussing the findings. “Lack of transparency about the collection, transmission, and processing of data via these trackers raises serious privacy concerns and may have grave security implications for mobile software downloaded and in active use by billions of people worldwide,” the post continues.

Yale researchers examined 25 of 44 total identified trackers. The trackers, although diverse in their “features and purpose,” facilitate “targeted advertising, behavioral analytics, and location tracking.” Working in conjunction with Exodus Privacy, an organization that assesses privacy concerns in Android applications, the Lab members determined that more than 75% of the 300+ apps evaluated by Exodus Privacy bore evidence of tracker use. The researchers qualified their designation of certain apps as tracker free by stating that the apps devoid of trackers might in actuality use trackers that the team has yet to identify.

The Privacy Lab and Exodus Privacy are urging both app developers and Google to be straightforward about the prevalence of trackers across Google Play supported apps. “The process of Android app development and submission to the Google Play store has revealed the ease of adding tracker codes and the ubiquity of trackers,” researchers state.

To illustrate the simplicity of tracker inclusion in apps submitted to the digital store, researchers produced an app called FaceGrok, submitting the app to the Google Play platform. Capable of identifying faces in an Android’s camera, FaceGrok does not transfer facial recognition data garnered from app use to a third-party, but could in fact do so with a few tweaks. If transmission did occur, it would do so at the ignorance of the app user.

The group’s study of tracker use is limited to Android applications, but signals the probability of tracker presence in iOS apps as well.

H/T: Independent

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Slushii releases comedic new track to accompany Drone Vlog

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Watch Slushii experiment with a drone in his new Vlog and accompanying song titled “Drone Song.” The producer, real name is Julian Scanlan, films as he tries to make a drone fly in a parking lot. He produced a song to accompany the video, and while “Drone Song” certainly won’t be winning him a Grammy, it does have a certain unforgettable appeal.

On Twitter Scanlan writes “New Vlog on YouTube. I dare you to watch the full thing and not get the song stuck in your head.”

The song is out on Soundcloud and mixes synthesized vocal chants with a groovy backdrop. The full Vlog includes the track, and takes viewers on Scanlan’s struggling drone flying journey. Applause to Slushii for acknowledging the true purpose of this creation with “Drone Song’s” genre on Soundcloud tagged as #comedy.

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DJ Snake flies fan to Paris for upcoming hometown show

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DJ Snake has extended a warm Paris welcome to a fan.

Twitter user Gaurav Jain (@jain11gaurav) reached out to the Parisian producer with a tweet after realizing that tickets to DJ Snake’s show in had sold out. Jain, however, had already planned to fly to Paris, excited by the opportunity to see his favorite DJ perform live in his hometown. While Jain only asked DJ Snake to provide him with an extra show ticket, DJ Snake replied to Jain’s tweet, arranging to have a flight booked from India to Paris in light of the upcoming show.

DJ Snake then DM’d Jain “Welcome to Paris,” telling Jain to “save [his] money” once Jain thanked the DJ for arranging the flight.

DJ Snake

DJ Snake’s random act of kindness only further confirms that the producer loves his fans in a ‘different’ way.

H/T: Bangin Beats

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Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self Twitter account tweets out telling phone number

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Porter Robinson‘s mysterious Virtual Self project is slowly gaining clarity. Days ago, a Reddit user shared what appeared to be a poster advertising the first live Virtual Self performance, uncovered in Brooklyn after a recent Madeon show.

Robinson’s Virtual Self alias has only continued to garner attention, tweeting a phone number at 12 PM on November 7. The tweet was deleted not long after its posting, but the number, linked to Lake Park, Iowa remains active. When dialed, the number plays an existential pre-recorded message that Reddit user, admiraldaniels has transcribed in a Reddit comment here.


The phone number and message are representative of Robinson’s gradual underground exposition of Virtual Self, a revelation that for now, seems designed to depend exclusively on verbal, viral advertising. While this type of promotion can have its detriments — what with its lack of concrete physical evidence — Robinson’s elusive publicity strategy has already proved successful, amplifying curiosity among fans. Those interested in trying their hand at deciphering the mysterious phone message may call (712)-432-4609.

H/T: EDMTunes

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Flying Lotus apologizes for comments surrounding Gaslamp Killer controversy

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On October 12, Chelsea (who has asked to have her last name withheld) took to Twitter to allege that she and her best friend were drugged and raped at The Standard in Los Angeles by William Benjamin Bensussen, better known by his stage name, The Gaslamp Killer.

The Gaslamp Killer faced widespread backlash since the allegations were made — Low End Theory cut ties with the producer and he has had an Australian tour cancelled. Flying Lotus, one of the underground club’s co-founders, seemed to stand in solidarity with the musician at a recent performance, inciting a backlash of his own.

Following the incident, during his set at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on October 14, Flying Lotus ended his set with one of Gaslamp Killer’s songs stating, “The internet is a fuckin’ liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fuckin’ law, okay? … Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day.”

After Flying Lotus’ comments spread, fans and industry professionals expressed their outrage, prompting the artist to deliver an apology for his “insensitive comments.”

I wanted to sincerely apologize for my comments at my show. I realize they were insensitive. This is a tough time for all of us, as men and women. I’m having trouble finding my voice in all of this. I am truly heartbroken. My stage has always been a place for what’s in my heart until now. I feel as internet wielding people we have to learn to give each other space to feel, to honor each other’s reactions and experiences without bullying. I care about this community and its impact so much. -Flying Lotus

Via: HipHopDX

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