Meet Arthur Dubois, the 72-year-old grandpa producing trap

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Meet Arthur Dubois, the 72-year-old grandpa producing trapScreen Shot 2019 03 07 At 10.47.59 PM

Old ain’t nothing but a number, and Arthur Dubois is telling it like it is. The 72-year-old grandfather and Chicago resident caught the attention of Windy City rapper Add-2, who tweeted a now-viral video of Dubois’ beats. The tweet has racked up more than 17,000 likes after being posted on March 4 and caught the attention of outlets like XXL and Buzzfeed News with overwhelmingly positive reactions from people online.

Dubois’ journey started six years ago when he decided to give producing a try. He discovered trap in his sixties and was drawn to it as it was a sub-genre that didn’t exist during his time. As he kept improving his producing abilities as a hobby, he finally committed to seeking feedback, leading him to Haven Studios where he met the owner Andre “Add-2” Daniels and asked him if he could play him a beat.

While Daniels originally hesitated, he gave Dubois a shot and was immediately taken aback by the quality.

“When I heard his music I was in complete disbelief because you wouldn’t expect him to make this style of music, to be able to do it well, and to appreciate it as music, where sometimes our elders don’t see it as music,” Daniels said.

Dubois has been since been coming into Haven Studios almost daily to work with Daniels on arranging and mixing his songs as well as set up his Twitter. His story has resonated and inspired the community in a heartwarmingly beautiful message that says it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

“A person can do whatever they want to — if they want to do it, let them do it,” Dubois told Buzzfeed News.

H/T: Buzzfeed News

Photo credit: Andre “Add-2” Daniels

Getter delivers wobbly, experimental trap cut on ‘Ham Sandwich’

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Getter delivers wobbly, experimental trap cut on ‘Ham Sandwich’Getter Visceral Album Release

Getter is becoming an expert at keeping fans on their toes. Whether he is quitting electronic music or just renouncing dubstep, the artist has switched creative directions plenty of times and thus proven he is far more than a one trick pony when it comes to manufacturing screeching synths and heavy drops.

Getter released full length album Visceral in 2018 after opening up about his desire to produce more than just the hard-hitting electronic music that catapulted him into stardom. The album spanned a bevy of genres, and the LP ultimately enjoyed widespread positive acclaim. At the time, some fans of his earlier, heavier handed sound expressed displeasure when the “Big Mouth” producer stepped away from his championed genre entirely, so now Getter is back and he’s giving the people what they want on his latest, “Ham Sandwich.” Well, sort of.

“Ham Sandwich” combines wobbly, wonky synth layers with a steady drum beat for a syrupy, downtempo drip that has all the makings of a menacing bass cut, but rather opts for a more laid back disposition that relies heavily on the experimental trap sound Getter fans know and love.

Photo Credit: Rukes

BENZI unloads new ‘Girl Trapz 15’ mix featuring Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, and many more

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BENZI unloads new ‘Girl Trapz 15’ mix featuring Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, and many moreDwHjNFKVsAARfmw

BENZI, A favorite “make-out party DJ,” let loose the 15th rendition of his high energy GIRL TRAPZ series. Featuring 45 cuts and all-star caliber sounds from the likes of Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and many more, Benzi continues to showcase his energized appeal on a platter of popular new edits paired with older gems. The future bass and trap mix is perfect for fake iPhone DJing, divorce ceremonies, keggers, pregames, slapping the bag, primetime, tailgates, frat parties, and even festival sets if a DJ forgets their go-to USB.

Known for his beloved edits, mashups, and bootlegs; BENZIis a BBC Radio 1 mainstay and Diplo & Friends stop-by who is also featured on Sirius XM #BANGUERS with BENZI. With crates running deep, there’s no telling what this genre chemist will come up with next, but what’s certain is uncontrollable head bobbing while organizing an impromptu party with all your friends. 


Ekali road tests explosive Skrillex trap ID [Watch]

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Ekali road tests explosive Skrillex trap ID [Watch]Ekali Teases Skrille Trap Id

Skrillex hype fever is in full swing, and the prescription is more Skrillex hype. Thankfully, OWSLA label mate Ekali came through by unleashing a rumored Skrillex ID during Sunday’s tour stop on his Crystal Eyes tour. The unreleased trap heater called to mind past trap anthems from the producer like the “Purple Lamborghini,” with signature growls and blaring horn stabs filling out a slapping drop.

Reddit user u/Samwise78 caught a quick clip of the track’s build and drop while Ekali’s crowd basked in the ID. The song is rumored to feature vocals from fast-rising vocalist Dounia, who Skrillex was pictured with this summer. Music fans have eagerly awaited teasers of what to expect from the bass legend’s much anticipated new album, and if this and his upcoming collab with JOYRYDE are any indicator, it’s going to pack some serious heat.


Ekali playing new Skrillex heater last night from r/trap

Worth the wait: ODESZA releases studio version of long buried trap piece, ‘Loyal’ [Stream]

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Worth the wait: ODESZA releases studio version of long buried trap piece, ‘Loyal’ [Stream]Odesza 1

Originally debuted in 2015, ODESZA‘s trap-leaning “Loyal” ceases to revel in its unreleased glory, and instead enjoys a long delayed and highly anticipated formal release. A celebrated sonic staple of ODESZA sets, “Loyal” saw heavy circulation in the performances that have taken place in the three years following the electronic duo’s initial unveiling of the bass punctuated production. ODESZA fans clamored for a studio version of “Loyal” with increased fervor after the track surfaced in Seattle duo’s headlining appearance at Coachella 2018, after a fan captured and uploaded a live clip of the elusive bass cut to YouTube.

The In Return producers teased the surprise arrival of the studio rendition in a short video upload to Instagram that honed into a television, the song’s title emblazoned on the screen. The live opus rounds together booming drum and horn arrangements into a cinematic hair-raiser that recalls a heavily percussive trap format similar to earlier RL Grime products and cuts from TNGHT. To say that the early ODESZA favorite has aged well is an understatement, and as “Loyal” makes its mastered debut, the song’s official release must, for fans, feel much like welcoming home a friend.

Baauer gives his latest single ‘Hate Me’ featuring internet phenom Miquela a buzzing VIP rework

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Baauer gives his latest single ‘Hate Me’ featuring internet phenom Miquela a buzzing VIP reworkBaauer Sus Boy E1458523018412

2018 — a year where CGI-animated characters can become pop-stars and link with marquee producers insanely catchy dance tracks. What a time to be alive.

Bauuer‘s latest single “Hate Me,” featuring the digital art project turned Instagram model/musician Miquela, has been gaining steady traction since its August 17 release. The world’s bound to shake when a former viral sensation collaborates on a song with a new age social media phenomenon, so it only made sense for Baauer to circle back with his own equally intriguing VIP mix. So far, we’ve got a a cutting-edge lyric video, which was Miquela’s first moving on-screen appearance, and now Baauer’s back with his own second take spin on “Hate Me.”

Bauuer takes the quirky, upbeat pop-leaning framework of the original track and given it a buzzing VIP mix designed for club monitors. The edit is perfectly crafted to make a climactic appearance at an upcoming Bauuer performance, with looped Miquela vocals building straight into an bumping, distorted trap break. Baauer and Miquela proved to be a complementary pairing on their collaborative effort, but Baauer’s solo take might be one of his strongest outings of the year.

Good Morning Mix: Benzi comes through with new summer heat on tenth anniversary ‘Get Right Radio’ mix installment

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Good Morning Mix: Benzi comes through with new summer heat on tenth anniversary ‘Get Right Radio’ mix installmentGRR2018

Your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ is back at it again. Summer time inevitably means a new “Get Right Radio” mix installment from LA-based edit dealer Benzi, and for the 10th anniversary edition of his running mix series, the Girl Trapz proponent has definitely pulled out all the stops. Famous for his endless trove of personal edits, mashups, underground exclusive VIP cuts, and unheard gems that might never see the light of day, Benzi has become the plug for the LA dance scene over the years, but he always finds time to share his goodies with the rest of us.

On this year’s edition of “Get Right,” Benzi whips up a mile-long tracklist of trap, hip-hop, bass, and pop, bringing Drake, Jauz, Calvin Harris, Falcons, Childish Gambino, Nitti Gritti, Zeds Dead, Post Malone, and Outkast to the mix, along with so many more. Spanning nearly 50 tracks, Benzi laces dance music’s top power players with mainstream pop and rap’s most in-demand authorities, all glued together by a slew of Benzi’s famous personal edits. Originally premiered on Benzi’s longtime home of BBC Radio 1, the “Get Right Radio” series continues to age like fine wine, and we’ll undoubtedly be reaching for this mix all summer long. To celebrate this year’s session, Benzi and collaborator Blush have also dropped off a new remix of Youngboy NBA’s “No Smoke” via Atlantic Records. Tune in here.

Yellow Claw teams up with A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz on ‘Fake Chanel’

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Yellow Claw is cruising their way into a massive summer, setting up the season with the release of another party-primed collaboration, “Fake Chanel” featuring A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz. The new drop comes hot off the heels of the Dutch duo’s recent joint effort, “BITTERSWEET” featuring Sofia Reyes.

The new tune packs a bumping dose of Yellow Claw’s signature heavy bass, laying down an aggressive trap beat as the backdrop for catchy bars from Ferg and the Boyz. Coming through with some high-octane set list ammunition, Yellow Claw is gearing up for the release of their upcoming album New Blood, available on June 22, and if “Fake Chanel” gives an accurate preview, we’re in for an exciting new LP from the Barong Family mainstays.

Bishu gives up new freebie with heavy trap flip of Comethazine’s ‘Bands’

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Bishu has released a heavy-handed trap remix of Comethazine’s single, “Bands,” that definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a festival trap build that culminates in growling bass, industrial percussion, and flanger play. From hip-hop to hard trap, this Bishu remix flips the chill disposition of the original mix upside down as the drop divulges into high-energy, sinister trap replete with robotic, purring low-end blows.

Known for his versatility in style, Bishu has produced varieties of EDM from electro pop to heavy trap. The young Canadian producer has a stacked list of credentials, with releases on Monstercat, Trap Nation, and Elysian Records along with collaborations featuring Quix and Nina Sky. This time, he’s worked from a piece from St. Louis rapper Comethazine’s catalog for his first hip-hop vocal project.

Download the track for free here.

Photo Credit: @welcome2bishu/Instagram

Beyond the Booth 013: Carmada give us a taste of their outdoor lives

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Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

L D R U and Yahtzel have an infectious chemistry that has carried them far in their careers. As Carmada, the two have taken the bass world by storm, landing themselves coveted spots on OWSLA, Mad Decent, and the like. They possess a knack for musicmaking and performance that leaves audiences hungering for their presence worldwide — not only in a club setting, but also on stage at reputable festival institutions.

Sometimes, however, absence makes the heart grow fonder — and the music tastier. L D R U and Yahtzel have been focused inward the past couple years, focusing mainly on honing their solo artistry. The break has been beneficial, based off their latest original work, “Ready For It.” Bright, poppy, and tasteful, the Tribes-assisted production signals a new chapter for Carmada.

Who are Carmada outside the music? It turns out, quite the active outdoorsmen. They’re known to be avid campers, even finding time while on tour to sleep under the stars and wake up surrounded by nature. Fans are also invited in on the fun; recently, Camp Carmada unfolded as an almost renegade event, which saw the duo holding an open-invitation camping trip filled with music and “stories around the campfire” with those willing to brave the elements.

Naturally, we had to go deep into camping and all things outdoors with Carmada, getting them to divulge some of their most intriguing tales from times they’ve spent “in the bush,” their favorite camping items, and more.

If you were forced to take only one of these items with you on a camping trip, would you choose: sunscreen, or bug repellent?
Bug spray for sure. Have you ever tried to sleep with 30 mosquitos buzzing around your head? That’s a norm for a balmy Aussie night.

What are the niftiest outdoor tricks/hacks you guys know?
Well, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a trick or hack, but Yahtzel is really good at whipping up a campfire. We went 4wd in a shitty car through the rocky mountains recently, we got a little too confident, went off road and inevitably got the car bogged in about 4ft of snow. There was about 30 minutes of sunlight left and a lot of digging through snow ahead of us. Before any of us even wrapped our head around the situation, Yahtzel had the perfect campfire going. We ended up getting the car-free 2hrs later.

What is the most daring camping endeavor you’ve been on?
The most daring thing I’ve (Yahtzel) ever done camping, was seeing how long I could last in the bush by myself. I stayed out there for six nights; If I didn’t run out of food and water, I would have stayed longer.

Tell us about your funniest memory while camping.
I think the funniest thing I’ve seen camping was my friends first bush poo. I don’t think he realised you need to pull your pants all the way down, because generally when you go number 2, you also go number 1. So poor old Barney had to spend the rest of the night covered in pee.

Between using an actual toilet the first time and taking your first hot shower, which feels the best after a camping trip, in your opinion?
Shower for sure. You don’t have to worry about aiming when peeing outdoors.

Do you have any camping gear brands you prefer in particular? Why?
The Jolly Swagman, if you don’t know what a Swag is here’s a Facebook page we created just for them.

How would you describe your camping preferences? Do you prefer beach camping, backpacking in the forest, taking roadtrips and stopping at parks along the way, etc?
We’re pretty lucky living in Australia in terms of camping options. No matter where you live, you can drive 1-2 hours and be surrounded by bush. I generally take the car and drive ten mins from my family home in Ulladulla and camp in the bush by the beach. For L D R U’s Australian regional tour he hired a massive campervan and drove up and down the east coast of Australia. He would play a show, then his TM would drive to the closest beach, and they would wake up to the sound of the ocean. That’s a cool way to tour.

Have any of you encountered a terrifying wild creature while camping? What did you do to get out of the situation?
Americans always say everything in Australia can kill you and yeah we have snakes and spiders etc. but we don’t have FUCKING Bears, Mountain Lions and Mousse have you seen the size of those things. There bigger than a pickup truck! Back to the question, nothing to our of the ordinary. But my Manager and I did a little bit of bat country skiing in Whistler recently and we stumbled across a heap of fresh bear prints and the next 30 minutes of skiing were petrifying.

Tell us more about Camp Carmada. What sorts of things did you get up to?
Camp Carmada was amazing; we had an open invitation to our fans to come camping with. We played a guerilla bush set to 50 people and sat around the campfire telling stories. I don’t think you could ever recreate that magic.

Finally, the best question: after having such a powerful reunion, what do you two have in the works for the rest of 2018?
We’ve been quiet the last couple of years, working on our solo projects (Yahtzel, L D R U). 2018 is all about Carmada coming back into the spotlight. I think conceptualising/filming the film clip for our recent single “Ready For It” was our favourite. We had stunt actors, car chances, fight scenes and a whole of action. It was great being apart of the process from start to finish and seeing your vision translate to screen. We have a big show at Splendour In The Grass this year, debuting out new show Carmada by LDRU & Yahtzel. I think that is going to be the best show we’ve ever played, can’t wait!


Feature image credit: Stacey Queffert