Thomas Gold and Teamworx draw on nostalgic big room, with ‘We Remember’

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Thomas Gold and Teamworx draw on nostalgic big room, with ‘We Remember’Thomas Gold Teamwor

Thomas Gold has teamed up with Israeli DJ and production duo Teamworx for unrelenting new single, “We Remember.” The package comes equipped with both a standard version and extended cut.

Gold and Teamworx draw inspiration from the pervasive big room sounds that permeated electronic music of the earlier 2000s. They employ mechanical synths propelling the track forward along a thumping bassline, as a vocal cut chants, “Do you remember house?”

In the extended version of the release, additional synth work and otherworldly vocals fade in and out of the introduction for a slightly more complex and metallic-tinged version of the original. “We Remember” is the perfect track for a mainstage or big venue club drop.

The single and extended version have been released via Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings.

Thomas Gold shines on official remix of Madonna’s ‘I Rise’

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Thomas Gold shines on official remix of Madonna’s ‘I Rise’Press Shot Thomas Gold

Thomas Gold has been keeping busy producing music and touring, but the artist has kept it particularly fresh for fans as he continues to diversify his portfolio. Whether with his tech house alias AU-1 or experimenting with new sounds like tropical-leaning “Seventeen,” Gold is one of those producers who increasingly has something for everyone. His latest release is his remix of Madonna‘s “I Rise,” which is the final release from recent album Madame X.

Gold spoke with Dancing Astronaut about being chosen to do the remix, explaining, “It’s a great honor to do an official remix for Madonna. I grew up to all her music, she was kind of always ‘there’ as she released so many great songs throughout the years. So when I got the request to do a remix for ‘I Rise,’ I was like ‘Yes, I want to do this, but I want to deliver something which pays respect to Madonna’s voice and the vibe of the original song.’”

The original track is a slow and sultry tune that highlights Madonna’s vocals. A slow pulsating humming in the background is juxtaposed with her singing, leaving the vocals to do most of the work on the track. Gold speaks to his goal for the remix, saying, “As the original version runs at a much slower tempo than my remix, I had to find the right way to speed up the vocal and the sounds I intended to use – without losing the vibe of the original.”

Gold keeps Madonna’s alluring vocals intact with the same cool tone of the original, but he completely transforms the BPM and enlists a vintage house style that is fitting, as those who are familiar with Madonna’s earlier releases can attest.

He explains the creative process behind what yielded his final result, saying, “I went for a classic house style approach with some well-known organ and piano sounds (hello Korg M1!), which I thought would fit perfectly for her voice. For the verses, I created a completely new chord progression. It was actually just a spontaneous idea I had, but I liked it, so I kept it. Once I had put together the basic sounds and the layout structure of the remix, it was just about creating a good flow throughout the track. I also used almost the entire original vocal, this was not too difficult, and it was fun to see how everything came together nicely.”

Ultimately, Gold trades in some of the sultry mood for more of a euphoric one, and his remix takes the track to a dance-worthy and fun-loving piece of music that showcases both artists at their finest. It’s an infectious song to begin with, but Gold’s house touch takes the track to the next level.

“At the end, I was happy that I had been able to still maintain some of the typical ‘Madonna’ vocal sound whilst giving the music a completely fresh approach,” Gold says. “And I was super happy when I got the final approval from Madonna and her team!”

Thomas Gold and Raiden reveal orchestral release, ‘Someone New’

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Thomas Gold and Raiden reveal orchestral release, ‘Someone New’Press Shot Thomas Gold

Following the release of tropical-leaning “Seventeen,” Thomas Gold is continuing to push the boundaries of his sound with new release “Someone New.” Gold teamed up with South Korean mainstay Raiden for the release, and not only is it the duo’s first time working together, but it is Gold’s first time working with an Asian artist.

“‘Someone New’ is very special to me – first because it’s my second release this year on Protocol Recordings, so I’m happy to be on Nicky’s label again,” Gold told Dancing Astronaut. “Second, because it is my very first collaboration with an Asian artist. Raiden is a big name in his home country, South Korea, and I really love his productions. I remember that, when we met each other for the first time in person in Miami during Winter Conference 2019, we talked a lot of production stuff, and we had tons of ideas regarding our collaboration. It all started with a rough vocal demo which I received early 2019. I created a rough production draft with the basic sounds and melodies and sent it to Raiden. After meeting up in Miami and discussing our ideas, he took the layout and continued working on sounds and the allover arrangement. Then we got to the point where we would send back and forth versions to discuss details and to finalize the production. I think we made a really nice song/track, perfect for the summer festival season, and I’m excited to have it out now!”

The track itself features a pop vocalist and initially lures the listener in with catchy crossover appeal. The drop takes an unexpected but sonically delightful turn with orchestral loops bouncing euphorically amidst upbeat synths. The duo have also put out an extended mix of the track, which kicks up the energy even more, priming it for the main stage.

“Someone New” is out now via Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings.

Thomas Gold delivers summer in a song with ‘Seventeen’ and accompanying music video

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Thomas Gold delivers summer in a song with ‘Seventeen’ and accompanying music videoThomas Gold Press Shot 1920

Thomas Gold has mastered blending an enamoring vocal into a variety of production backdrops to keep his releases fresh, but consistent throughout the years. From progressive, to commercial, to tech house, Gold has done it all. The producer is now out with one of his most unique releases to date in the form of “Seventeen,” featuring Bright Sparks.

The track was released recently, with a humming low-end framing the vocals before the song falls into a bouncy note progression that makes for a perfect light-hearted track for a summer day. Its tropical atmosphere is outside his usual sonic realm, and demonstrates his continued exploration to push and refresh the boundaries of his own productions.

He has now released the accompanying music video for the infectious release, and it’s a montage of Gold’s own nights on tour and exploring cities across the world. These moments are separated by scenes of different characters traveling and enjoying the world around them, juxtaposing their adventure’s with Gold’s. The video is the perfect compliment to the feel good track, and both the song and video are out now via Universal Music.

Thomas Gold and Kosling induce euphoria with new release, ‘Wildest Dreams’

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Thomas Gold and Kosling induce euphoria with new release, ‘Wildest Dreams’Thomas Gold Press Shot 1920

Thomas Gold marks his official return to Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings with a new collaboration with up-and-comer Kosling titled “Wildest Dream.” They have released an original and extended cut of the track, both of which build around singer Matthew Steeper’s polarizing vocal lines. The track blends piano and high-pitched electronic notes to create a bouncy and upbeat tune that takes the listener to a happy place.

Gold spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the release, saying, “I’m super excited to be back on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings with ‘Wildest Dream.’ For this one, I went for a 100 percent vocal progressive house approach. First of all, I fell in love with the vocal from the moment I heard the demo, and it was super fun to work on the music together with Kosling. I love his style, so we came up with the production quickly. I love the uplifting and emotional energy of the track and can’t wait to play it out everywhere in the world!”

Gold is known for his progressive house sound and his ability to blend unique vocals with upbeat tracks, and “Wildest Dream” does just that making it to the perfect addition to his catalog of releases.

NMF Roundup: Medasin returns with ‘Mr. Skitters,’ i_o teams up with Tommy Trash, Feed Me releases first single from new album + more

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NMF Roundup: Medasin returns with ‘Mr. Skitters,’ i_o teams up with Tommy Trash, Feed Me releases first single from new album + moreStatement Festival Annika Berglund

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. With the overwhelming amount of tunes hitting the airwaves today, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25.

Above & Beyond kick off New Music Friday in fine fashion with their new single, “Distorted Truth.” Tommy Trash and i_o unleash their much-anticipated collaboration, “Let Me Go,” and Medasin returns with his first original of 2019, “Mr. Skitters.” Diplo and Octavian make an impeccable team on “New Shapes,” as do Feed Me and Rosie Doonan on “Feel Love.” Hardwell and Dannic unveil “Chase The Sun,” and Au5 rounds out his two-track Energize EP with “Activate.” The Chainsmokers bring another pop-inspired number via “Who Do You Love” with 5 Seconds of Summer, and David Guetta, Brooks, and Loote gear up for festival season with “Better When You’re Gone.” Quintino can’t be brought down in his new single, and Pixel Terror return to Monstercat with “Ultima.” Tisoki delivers a fresh remix of Party Favor‘s “Blame,” and Jay Hardway takes off into the atmosphere with “Aliens.” R3HAB joins forces with Icona Pop for “This Is How We Party,” and Darude and Sebastian Rejman craft a euphoric dance number in “Release Me.”

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

Photo credit: Annika Berglund

Transport to the underground with new house release by AU-1

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Transport to the underground with new house release by AU-1AU 1 YOU GOT ME

Thomas Gold has nailed the formula for catchy festival house tracks that lure listeners in and captivate far past a song’s conclusion. What many do not realize is that the producer’s foray into music production was heavily influenced by the tech house scene, which hasn’t always been apparent with his feel good releases.

In 2018, Gold returned to his musical roots with the release of a tech house alias AU-1. His AU-1 project has been characterized by darker releases with tech house undertones, and the producer is back with his third original under the alias titled “You Got Me.” The eight-minute release transports the listener to the earlier days of house music, with house kicks propelling the record forward. Vocal chants add an energetic accent to the track, remaining the consistent glue that keeps “You Got Me” connected as the song dips into electro territory halfway through. The track is out now on NYC house music label, Strictly Rhythm.

Thomas Gold returns to Armada with ‘Real Love’ and talks about his inspirations behind the release

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Thomas Gold returns to Armada with ‘Real Love’ and talks about his inspirations behind the releasePress Shot Thomas Gold

Armada regular Thomas Gold has enjoyed a series of high profile releases over the past year, in addition to the debut of his tech house side project AU-1. He ends a successful 2018 with a return to Armada for a catchy”Real Love,” that adds to his repertoire of radio-friendly productions. He collaborates with Berlin-based vocalist Graham Candy, a favorite among the house community.

Gold spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the song, and why he has been particularly excited to release it: “‘Real Love’ marks a milestone in my musical career. With this production, I’m stepping a bit into the commercial deep house genre, which you can hear a lot all across the globe, but especially in my home country Germany where it’s a huge movement right now…and as everybody knows, I‘m passionate about house music in general.”

He continues, “With the musical roots of my own and those deep house influences, I got into a lucky situation where I received the song demo for ‘Real Love’ from Graham back in the summer. I had been a fan of Graham’s voice already, and ‘Real Love’ was such a beautiful song. I instantly had this idea of a house inspired dance version with Graham’s cool and vibey voice on top.”

It becomes apparent upon listening to the track why Gold was drawn to Candy’s quirky high range vocals. The melodic backdrop has a calming effect on the listener, and it showcases a new dimension to Gold’s studio abilities. Bubbly festival house has been always been Gold’s forte, but his increasingly diverse array of releases demonstrates his continued desire to push his personal limits.

Gold further spoke with Dancing Astronaut about his creative process, noting, “When I started working on the production, it was an easy go – there was this nice flow of creativity which made me finish the track quickly. With some back and forth between Graham’s team and me, it only took a few days until we had the final version done, and we’re both super happy with the result!” “Real Love” is out now on Armada Music.

Thomas Gold unveils new tech house alias AU-1

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Thomas Gold unveils new tech house alias AU-1AU 1 Oh Yo Bah Cover Artwork

Commercial House mainstay Thomas Gold has unveiled a new side project by the name AU-1. The German producer is returning to his house and techno roots with this new production alias, and his first release under it begs the question of what we can expect moving forward.

“Oh Yo Bah” transports the listener to the club with its upbeat tempo, exotic vocal chants and pumping bassline, creating a tribal atmosphere whose catchy accents translate to dancefloor destruction. The unique combination of elements makes the release an unforgettable one, and is quite the debut for Gold’s AU-1 alias. Gold spoke with DA about the new project, and what inspired his AU-1 debut.

 “I have been planning to create a separate tech-house project for a while already. I’ve played a lot of cool clubs (like the legendary ’Space’ terrace in Miami where i did some afterhour sets) with this kind of sound, but I wanted to give this ’side’ of myself a proper platform, also for releases. AU-1 goes back to my roots from when I used to release tracks on Toolroom etc., but I’m taking it a step further now. I am super excited to have my first release on Mark Knight’s Toolroom label (which also marks the launch of AU-1).” -Gold

Gold also spoke about what we can expect from this production alias moving forward.

“The second one (release) is coming on July 6. It’s a remix I did on a track I was already involved with back in the days: Lee Cabrera & Thomas Gold ‘Shake It’ – in a 2k18 AU-1 fashion 🙂 I’ve been super productive in the studio and already have the 3rd release lined up which I can tell more about at a later stage. It’ll come in end July. The feedback I’m already getting from fans, DJs and friends is amazing and I can’t wait to get more AU-1 stuff out in the next couple of months!” -Gold

One element tying the producers two production styles together is his music’s ability to keep the listener dancing. He has released an original and extended version of “Oh Yo Bah,” and it is out now on Mark Knight‘s label Toolroom.


Premiere: Montana Tucker stars in Thomas Gold’s music video for hit track ‘Begin Again’

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Instagram celebrity and singer Montana Tucker has opened for the likes of Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Lil Wayne, but her next booking takes a different turn as the star of Thomas Gold‘s music video for hit track “Begin Again.” Tucker dances the viewer through the video, first on a neighborhood street, and next in a pink wonderland of a bedroom. She also lip syncs the male vocals, giving the video an interesting twist.

Gold makes a cameo a minute in, handing off car keys to Tucker who dances the video away from there. Gold spoke with DA about “Begin Again,” as well as working with Tucker for the video.

“‘Begin Again’ marks kind of a milestone for me. I went back from the downtempo stuff (like ‘Magic’ and ‘Dreamer’) to a more uptempo vibe, but the production still has a crossover approach. To me, this kind of defines the 2018 summer sound, and I am super excited about the video we did – it features Montana Tucker all throughout, in different scenes and places. I met her when we shot the video, and apart from her super cool acting,  it was a lot of fun to work with her!”

Gold released the track on Armada Music, and it showcases his diverse production abilities as he goes in a different direction with his sound. Gold is kicking off his summer with an Asia tour, and will certainly be dropping the catchy track throughout.

Photo Credit: Thomas Gold Instagram