Tim Gunter flips Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’

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Tim Gunter flips Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’Tim Gunter Press Photo

Texas-born Tim Gunter is giving fans exactly what they want in 2018, following up a Chainsmokers remix with an upbeat, hour-long summer mix. Hailing from Austin, the DJ/producer continues this success streak in flipping Loud Luxury‘s Billboard Top 10 hit “Body.” According to the edit’s SoundCloud description, Gunter’s been ready to drop this one for a while, and now its finally seeing the light of day:

“Made this flip for my sets and people liked it so much I decided to put it out. Shout out to Loud Luxury for making this bop.”

The edit takes all the catchy, melodic elements of Loud Luxury’s original work and elevates them to new heights, with a high-octane, multi-layered future bass drop. The edit was designed for Gunter’s live performances, and as one can imagine, when played for a crowd, the new “Body” remix bound to turn heads. According to Billboard, the original has finally reached Top 10 status on the Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart. This was a slow journey, as Loud Luxury’s hit track had been climbing the charts for 37 weeks. With a fresh perspective from Tim Gunter, expect the track’s charting shelf-life to be extended well into the end of summer.

Could The Chainsmokers be Super Bowl 2019’s half time entertainment?

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Could The Chainsmokers be Super Bowl 2019’s half time entertainment?Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers‘ exclusive one evening only performance at LA’s Hollywood Palladium on July 24  has some wondering whether the DJ duo has ‘something just like this’ in store for fans during the 2019 football season.

A part of Pepsi Co.’s Pepsi Generations Summer Music Campaign, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s recent headlining show in The Golden State honored musical icons and past Pepsi commercial stars, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Ray Charles. Special guests Kehlani and Max joined The Chainsmokers to deliver renditions of classics from the catalogues of each of the three celebrated artists, and as The Wrap Party Report speculated since, the magnitude of The Chainsmokers’ billing could indicate the pair’s potentiality to be Super Bowl 2019’s half time entertainment.

As The Wrap Party Report proposes, the NFL has selected the artists behind its half time show via a halftime-by-committee process in past years, and could possibly tap The Chainsmokers for the 2019 responsibility if the NFL utilizes this method of entertainment election this year. The NFL customarily reveals the identity of the chosen performer in the opening weeks of the professional football season, meaning that a formal decision is due in the near future.

Dancing Astronaut has reached out to The Chainsmokers for comment, but for now, this is ‘all we know.’


The Chainsmokers release their five-track EP, ‘Sick Boy…Side Effects’

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The Chainsmokers release their five-track EP, ‘Sick Boy…Side Effects’37849324 1977488555616858 6034302061581959168 O

Love them or hate them, there is no denying The Chainsmokers‘ exhilarating music abilities along with their endless versatility in writing and production. Alex Paul and Drew Taggart have made their mark from multiple chart topping singles like “Closer” and “Roses,” to winning a Grammy, two American Music Awards and five iHeart Radio Music Awards. They’ve certainly come a long way from their “Selfie” days.

In their most recent venture, the pair release a five-track pop leaning EP called Sick Boy…Side Effects, which serves as a witty title playing off two of the tracks featured on the work. The EP features four previously released singles, one of which feature’s They.‘s very own Drew Love, and one new one called “Side Effects” featuring the lovely Emily Warren, who was also featured on their album Memories…Do Not Open.

In this tune the guys channel a classic house sound and compound it with a lively bassline, warm atmospherics and a stunning vocal from Emily that captivates from the moment the track starts.


Photo credit: Facebook / The Chainsmokers

Boehm drops euphoric new single, ‘Cool Kidz’

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Boehm drops euphoric new single, ‘Cool Kidz’35527315 1665554183540679 817400029537894400 N

It’s been quite some time since fans have gotten an original from Romanian DJ/producer Boehm. Since the release of “Outside of the Lines,” a successful hit single featuring Laurell, he’s been on a steady remix track, producing official edits for Tritonal, Bingo Players, Olmos, and more.

In releasing “Cool Kidz” on Ultra Music, Boehm has gifted listeners with a fresh new production that is a guaranteed summer crowd-pleaser. The masterpiece is chock-full of lively synths, pitched vocals, and piano riffs, making way for a signature beach playlist spot.

Keep an eye out for new material from Boehm, as there’s an array of heavy weight DJs/artists who have requested official remixes from the producer including Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, Charlie Puth, and more. He’s been steadily rising in reputation for his original works as well, which, like “Cool Kidz” often show off his penchant for mellow, yet infectious creations.



Photo credit: Facebook / Boehm

Popular dance music videographer Rory Kramer severely injured in automobile accident

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Popular dance music videographer Rory Kramer severely injured in automobile accidentRory Kramer Website

Warning — the contents of this article feature graphic descriptions and images

Videographer and photographer for prominent pop and electronic acts including The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, and Krewella, Rory Kramer has been hospitalized following an automobile accident.

“48 hours ago, I lost control of my car at a very high speed on a gravel road, hitting a tree that flipped me upside down, dragging the side of my face and shoulder against the gravel,” Kramer wrote in an Instagram post. “It peeled my skin right off, leaving me as a bloody mess, screaming for help,” the caption continues.

Kramer goes on to cites struggles with anxiety, depression, and coping with his ailing father’s condition as stressors central to his unsafe conduct behind the wheel. Kramer goes on to describe the grisly wreck, explaining that the speaker in his car essentially served as a roll bar and saved his life. The post concludes with a word to the wise about surface appearances and the often glamorized industry life that we see on social media. See Rory Kramer’s full post below.

DISCLAIMER, GRAPHIC POST: 48 hours ago, I lost control of my car at a very high speed on a gravel road, hitting a tree that flipped me upside down, dragging the side of my face and shoulder against the gravel. It peeled my skin right off, leaving me as a bloody mess, screaming for help. I stood there looking at my upside down totaled car in disbelief. I knew I had made a huge mistake of running from my problems of anxiety, depression, dealing with a father with cancer, rather than admitting them and seeking help. I had lost my phone in the process and I was unable to call 911. So I crawled down the road to the nearest farm house and started pounding on the door until they answered and asked them to call an ambulance. I woke up in the ER and called my Dad as he is one of the only numbers I remembered off the top of my head. He went to track down my car so he could find my belongings. When he got to the junk yard, the guy that found my car said he couldn’t believe I walked away from a wreck like that and that my soundboks severed as a roll bar and saved my life. What I did was stupid and I could have easily lost my life. I am hoping to make changes in my life but I also hope to shed light on the fact you never know the pain someone carries until you lend an ear and listen as a friend. From the outside looking in, my life looks amazing and it is pretty freaking sick but I’m also a human being with real feelings and emotions and how we operate nowadays with social media people hide their issues and problems because we so easily judge and compare each other and are led to believe we can’t have anything wrong with ourselves. So be willing to have deep conversations with those close to you and be understanding of others and their feelings. Here’s to the beginning of the next chapter. Thank you to my family, friends, and nurses/doctors that took care of me and keeping me alive the last few days. Keep runnin’ it !

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Photo Credit: RoryKramer.com

Relive Armin Van Buuren’s full set from Ultra Europe in Croatia

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Relive Armin Van Buuren’s full set from Ultra Europe in CroatiaArmin Van Buuren Rukes

For those that we’re able to make the pilgrimage to Croatia this year for the 2018 installment of Ultra Europe, fear not, a major festival highlight is now available for your viewing pleasure. The festival took place from July 6 to July 8, and, aside from trance king Armin Van Buuren, featured headliners such as Axwell / Ingrosso, DJ Snake, Galantis, The Chainsmokers, and more. Now, Armin fans can enjoy his full 93-minute live set from Ultra Europe on YouTube.

Attendees can relive the riveting experience while others are guaranteed a deserved dose of delayed FOMO, as the video captures everything from the suspenseful intro to Armin’s stunning visual effects. And, let’s face it, the veteran DJ icon’s signature full extension of his arms atop the stage is one of the most entertaining things to watch, it never gets old. Armin Van Buuren recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of his label Armada Music and he’s maintained a packed summer itinerary, heading to Belgium for Tomorrowland on July 21 and the UK for Creamfields on August 24.

Report: Calvin Harris earns an average job’s annual salary in as little as three hours

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Forbes2017 report outlined the world’s 100 top-grossing celebrities, who collectively raked in $5.15 billion. Although various artists appeared at the very top of the list—Diddy notably occupied the #1 slot with $130 million—electronic artists too enjoyed representation on the list of the highest-paid personalities, with Calvin Harris then emerging as the highest earning DJ, boasting an income of $48.5 million. Tiësto and The Chainsmokers followed Harris with $39 million and $38 million, respectively.

In January 2018, Oxfam International released its annual inequality report, indicating that “In the US, it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year.” This claim would be the impetus for Magnetic Magazine to examine the income differentials between the world’s “top musicians and ordinary job workers.”

Magnetic enumerated the median annual salaries of five common jobs: truck drivers ($41,340/yr), elementary school teachers ($59,020/yr), registered nurses ($68,450/yr), real estate brokers ($79,340/yr), and software developers ($100,080/yr). Magnetic set out to determine “how long it would take the world’s best-paid musicians to earn annual salaries in these jobs,” and the mag’s findings, reflected in Magnetic’s infographic, prove astonishing.

Photo Credit: Magnetic Magazine

It would take Harris a little over seven hours to accumulate what a truck driver makes in a year, slightly over ten-hours to collect a teacher’s yearly salary, and just over 12 hours to match the yearly pay of a registered nurse.

Tiësto would garner a truck driver’s yearly salary in nine hours and 17 minutes, a teacher’s in 13 hours and 15 minutes, and a nurses’s in 15 hours and 22 minutes. Hardly far behind, The Chainsmokers would follow suit in nine hours and 32 minutes, 13 hours and 36 minutes, and 15 hours and 48 minutes, when it came to earning the equivalent of a truck driver, teacher, and nurse’s salary, individually, leaving presumably all readers of Magnetic’s report with one question: is it too late to learn how to DJ?

H/T: Magnetic Magazine

NGHTMRE previews new collaboration with The Chainsmokers

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NGHTMRE has had a stream of high-profile collaborations in the past year with the likes of Dillon Francis and Ghastly, proving there’s no stopping him. The LA-based producer played a collaboration he has coming out with The Chainsmokers during his EDC Las Vegas set. The track showcases a different direction for both NGHTMRE and The Chainsmokers, with Drew Taggart‘s vocals falling into a dirty drop. The Chainsmokers have been leaning pop as of late, while NGHTMRE is known for his kicking bass drops.

No information has been released about the track name or release date, but fans attending an upcoming Chainsmokers or NGHTMRE show can expect to hear it played. Fans can listen to the new track starting at 14:35 of NGHTMRE’s set on Mixcloud.

Featured photo: Noah Sternberg

Melody VR showcases its extensive library of concert footage at NYC launch event, including The Chainsmokers, Kygo, and Kaskade

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Following the formal launch at Facebook‘s recent conference, UK-based Melody VR was featured at an Oculus Go launch event in Soho on Thursday. Members of the press were invited to experience the platform on one of the brand new Oculus Go wireless VR headsets. Dancing Astronaut had the chance to sit down with the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Steven Hancock, to learn more about the project.

Pictured: The Oculus Go wireless VR headset

Apparently Melody has worked with over 600 different artists to create and capture VR music content, which essentially involves recording 360 degree sound and audio from several different camera rigs in a venue. Melody has worked with The Chainsmokers, captured a private rooftop piano performance from Kygo, and says that one of their very first events was a club show a few years ago with Kaskade. It’s not just the artists that Melody VR has dealt with to make this happen – because of the complex nature of the music industry, they also had to sign deals with all of the major labels. Steven says that as a result, Melody VR is the only company that is authorized to go out and capture this kind of content from festivals and club venues. This should give them a good head start.

All of these concerts are available to purchase and download from the Melody VR store. Think of it like the iTunes store for VR. While this event was done in conjunction with Facebook/Oculus, Melody VR is actually available cross-platform: currently the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, with plans to be available on Playstation, Windows, and more.

The wireless nature of the Oculus Go is a great step in the direction of making VR more accessible for the broader public, so content companies like Melody VR are anticipating the future growth and preparing accordingly. Looking at future technology themselves, Melody is already planning on capturing video footage in 8K and 12K. Getting an early demo of the content, it’s clear that as technology improves, the overall experience will become even smoother, seamless, and more immersive.

Visit Melody VR’s website, here.

Photo Credit: Melody VR

Lost Lake Festival returns to Phoenix with impeccably curated sophomore lineup

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Phoenix is quickly becoming an enticing west coast festival market. Last year found Superfly, the events powerhouse behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, planting their flag in the desert with the inaugural Lost Lake Festival in the heart of Phoenix’s downtown district. Now, Lost Lake is back for a second edition in 2018, led by a stacked talent roster topped by Future, The Chainsmokers, rap’s current lead female SZA, and pop-rockers Imagine Dragons. Highlights on this year’s bill include Nas, Louis The Child, Mija, A$AP Ferg, Cashmere Cat, and T-Pain.

Bringing over 40 acts across October 19 – 21, Lost Lake boasts a uniquely curated festival experience, blending top-notch hip-hop, electronic music, and rock with a heavy emphasis on Phoenix’s burgeoning arts and culinary scenes. With festival amenities that include a marketplace to discover local artisans and creators, a philanthropic component with FOUNDation and an entire culinary experience dubbed Phoenix Flavors, Lost Lake applies just as much emphasis on its host city as its lineup. From Janelle Monáe and Young Thug to local favorites Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra and Jimmy Eat World, Lost Lake drops off one of the most diverse lineups of the summer for their 2018 installment.