Premiere: Shall Ocin – Cicada

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Maceo Plex protégé Shall Ocin entered the last half of 2017 swinging, with the foundation of his very own Clash Lion imprint whose first release was none other than Maceo himself under his long-lost Maetrik alias. Now, Ocin debuts his own work on his home label in an enticing fashion.

Bounty Hunter offers three mighty tracks that heavily embrace the dark qualities that can emanate from analog sounds. Its opener “Cicada,” which Dancing Astronaut has the pleasure of premiering, is a sinister embodiment of the EP’s aura. Creepy, twinkling samples set at a high octave create a sense of unease, as shaking kicks and deep, humming basslines continue to build this feeling into an explosion of grueling techno that wreaks havoc to all in its path.

“Cicada,” along with the rest of Bounty Hunter, is due for a December 15 release. Pre-order it here





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Jimmy Edgar to release unknown electro artist’s tapes as an Ultramajic EP

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Berlin’s Ultramajic record label is set to release a rare collection of late-90’s electro tracks from an unknown Detroit artist named Ashtar Lavanda.

Not much is known about Ashtar Lavanda, whose tapes Jimmy Edgar — the founder of the label —  found after receiving a tip about a storage unit being auctioned off in East Detroit that contained boxed techno artifacts.

Ashtar’s Lavanda’s tapes boast a jaw-dropping Detroit electro exudence from an artist who is believed to have never released any music under the moniker, comparable to acts like AUX88, Ectomorph, and more, according to Edgar.

Edgar’s discovery has consequently led to a present-day six-track release — the artist’s first EP, aptly titled Unsolved Mysteries via Ultramajic — and will also include continued releases to honor the artist’s work.

“I just wanted to see my music on The New Dance Show, I wanted to hear it on 97.9FM but I didn’t have the hustle to get the music out there”, Lavanda said when speaking about his long lost tapes. Despite Lavanda’s doubts, Edgar believes Ashtar Lavanda will soon be revered as “one of the true pioneers in late 90s Detroit Electro alongside artists such as AUX88, Ectomorph, Dopplereffekt, and Drexciya.”

1. Opulence
2. Moth
3. Rozwell
4. Gratior Shake
5. Unsolved Mysteries
6. Marfa Lights

Ultramajic will release Ashtar Lavanda’s Unsolved Mysteries on February 9.

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Is rap duo Rae Sremmurd switching to techno?

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Most likely not, but it’s doubtful that anyone would be opposed if it did.

Slim Jxmm and Swae Lee of rap duo Rae Sremmurd recently sat down to record a new installment in Noisey’s The People Vs. series. In characteristic People Vs. fashion, the episode follows Jxmm and Lee as the Rae Sremmurd members read aloud and then respond to a series of YouTube comments. Rae Sremmurd spiritedly react to comments of both positive and negative poles, thanking the user that wrote “Cool thanks best song ever,” before answering a number of comments that accuse the rappers of comparing themselves to The Beatles.

Rae Sremmurd emphasizes that the track doesn’t set out to equate Rae Sremmurd to The Beatles, but instead embodies the concept of the “new age” rockstar. “We are not The Beatles,” Jxmm emphasizes, “we’re not comparing ourselves to The Beatles, we’re the Black Beatles, we’re rockstars — new age new generation.”

Lee chimes in to underscore Rae Sremmurd’s musical versatility: “We’re going to all genres, doing everything,” Lee states. “Next we might make some techno, you never know from Rae Sremmurd.” The joke alludes to the range of genres in which Rae Sremmurd can work, leaving an underground Rae Sremmurd release not altogether outside the realm of possibility, but unlikely for now.


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Good Morning Mix: Kickstart your morning with Heidi’s timeless ENTER.Terrace mix at Space Ibiza

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Take a trip back in time this morning. Explore, discover, and enter the sonic soundscapes of Space Ibiza on July 10, 2014.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.17.09 PM

Three years ago, Richie Hawtin took his ENTER. performance to Space Ibiza. In his quintessential curatorial culmination of music, sake, and technology, senses were heightened and experience amplified. Exemplifying the soaring, calculated ethos of said event was Heidi, largely known as the label head of the spearheading Jackathon Jams and a late pioneer in today’s house and techno realm. At ENTER., Heidi took the crowd on a contemplative journey of house and techno.

Having launched her illustrious career over a decade ago and since hosted her own radio show on BBC Radio 1, “In New DJs We Trust,” she’s certainly solidified her status as a global tastemaker. From there, she scored a permanent residency on the network and has partied across the globe via Jackathon Jams.

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Rihanna & SZA – consideration (MK remix)

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Mark Kinchen, known better as MK, has released his remix of Rihanna and SZA’s “consideration.” With hundreds of releases under his belt, a career spanning three decades, and a hands on education in Detroit techno, Kinchen brings his expert production to the table, injecting his own Chicago house influenced synths and signature textures to the track.

At its core, the track is an amalgamation of contemporary hip hop and underground dance music. Synthesizing contemporary vocals from such legendary vocalists as Rihanna and SZA with prodding, deep house drums and atmospheric synths is no easy feat, yet Kinchen certainly seems up to the task. Kinchen showcase an impressive ability to draw out Rihanna’s latent dancehall influence; a testament to his quicksilver production M.O. Kinchen seems to turn everything he touches into dance-floor gold.

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Involve Records releases 5 year anniversary compilation CD

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Involve Records has released a 5 year anniversary compilation to celebrate their genesis as a record label. The Madrid, Spain record label has chartered groundbreaking territory in the global techno-sphere since 2012. With releases from such artists as Jay Lumen, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Marco Bailey, Involve has planted themselves as an independent powerhouse in the techno underground. The label has gained global notoriety and esteem in recent years as a result of their authenticity and consistent stream of quality releases.

The anniversary CD features tracks from Yotam Anvi, Alien Rain, FJAAK, Regal, Exilles, and a diverse roster of additional producers.

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This Berlin-based artist makes LEGO turntables and synthesizers

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Australian graphic and web designer Arran Hearn was addicted to building LEGOs in his early childhood, and so it was with this passion in mind that he opened the doors at innovative Berlin-based company called Numode. Hearn’s venture creates custom LEGO kits in an effort to merge his passions for hip-hop, active turntablism, and the venerable building blocks.

Numode creates miniature replicas of the classic Technics SL1200 turntable and mixer, as well as the Roland TR-808, TB-303, MPC-2000XL and Akai MPC.

And while Numode is not yet an official LEGO partner and is designed by Hearn himself, we surely admire the attention to detail. For each set comes completes with a color-printed instruction booklet and custom-made, grooved discs that certainly mimic the best look and feel of vinyl on the most similar small-scale possible.












Learn more about Numode here.

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Launchpad: Wind down with this emotive post-club playlist

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here

The weekend is upon us. Hopefully, you can finally set aside some downtime to relax and reflect. Whether you’re staying in this weekend or are on the cusp of a big night out, we’ve crafted the perfect post-club playlist. Our latest Launchpad playlist is an emotive arch of deep house, techno, and electronica.  It’s a deliverance that’s drowning in introspection, perfect for the after-after party and easy listening alike.

DA Launchpad Selects:
FromDropTillDawn – “Deja Vu”

You’ve still got one dance in you, so this track’s got you covered. Deja Vu. It’s as if you’re back on the dancefloor. The This Ain’t Bristol mainstay FromDropTillDawn serves up a sultry deep house number in this undertaking, and it’s an insatiably moving deliverance.

Nils Frahm – “Says (Echo 6 Remix)”

Echo 6, better known as Charly Martin, works his down-tempo magic on the seminal Berlin-based composer Nils Frahm’s track “Says” and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include it in this arched playlist. Originally recorded on Frahm’s Spaces album, Echo 6 reworks the emotive number in an incredibly endearing fashion. The newly minted tune is perfect for ending an evening out in its near eight minutes of sheer sonic bliss.




FromDropTillDawn – “Deja Vu”
Luckless – “So Talk (Ducks! Spinning Circles Remix)”
TJ Lawton & Dan Wainwright  – “Easy Come, Easy Go”
Nils Frahm – “Says (Echo 6 Remix)”
CRi – “Keep It Real (ft Jesse Mac Cormack)”



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Heathered Pearls unveils an exuberant apex of ambient techno on ‘Detroit, MI 1997-2001’

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The Ghostly International artist Heathered Pearls has released an exuberant techno EP — Detroit, MI 1997-2001 — that acts as a follow up to his 2015 album Body Complex and a more recent remix of Tycho‘s “Divison.”

Detroit, MI 1997-2001 is a love letter to the city of Detroit. It’s a pulsating melange of both meandering and meticulously crafted ambient techno, pulsating in a fashion that’s very much akin to its Midwestern rave memories. For the project’s Jakub Alexander, “The music pulses like a memory resurfacing, vivid but inexact: a form both familiar and new.”

Immediately obvious in the EP is Alexander’s varied and poised production style. Hailing from a diverse city and serving as an A&R head of a label likely lend way to such accomplishments, but it’s a stunning display of explorative cohesion nonetheless.

Between the swirling atmosphere of “Under The Bridge” to the artist’s befitting sinisterness of “The Packard Plant,” Heathered Pearls solidifies his amorphous production capabilities on Detroit, MI 1997-2001, all while honoring an illustrious city that’s lent its way to this pearlescent moniker.

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Tale Of Us to mix fabric 97

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Following the recent release of their Endless remix package, the beloved techno titans Tale Of Us are set to mix fabric 97 — out February 16, 2018.

Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri rose in the techno reigns with their early sets in the club, making Tale Of Us a natural choice of the seminal mix series.

Near half of the tracks on the new mix are exclusive to the compilation, which is set to include unreleased tracks from Afterlife label regulars and upcoming acts. Tale Of Us’ fabric 97 mix promises to be an emotive showcase dictating the duo’s rise. An exclusive from the two will also be served up near the mix’s end, entitled “Error Error.”

Having a keen knack for the synthesis of brooding and blistering techno, fabric 97 will undoubtedly be a fluid tale of the two simultaneously cementing their reputation and hinting the best is yet to come.

1. Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe
2. Recondite – Saudade
3. Trikk – Metala
4. Agents Of Time – Ness
5. Mind Against & Aether – Covenant
6. Pisetzky – Bawas
7. Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
8. Reference – Ghetto Nebula
9. Mario Canal – Faint Light
10. Fideles – Resonant
11. Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet
12. Mathame – Lifetime
13. Denis Horvat – 4th Wall
14. Brian Cid – Plot Thickens
15. Fur Coat – Spiral
16. Adana Twins – Sequenze 01
17. Soulholic & 7Options – Memorial Day
18. Kevin De Vries – Path To Immortality
19. Tale Of Us – Error Error
20. Adriatique – Ray

fabric will release fabric 97 on February 16, 2018.

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