NMF roundup: new heat from Hotel Garuda, DJ Tennis, Dombresky + more

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The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

Manila Killa lent his dreamy style to a remix of Kailee Morgue‘s “Medusa”…

…and had a doubly productive day, as his collaborative project with Candleweather, Hotel Garuda, debuted their remix of Jai Wolf‘s “Gravity.”

Jauz‘s new imprint, Bite This, continues its hot start with a the manic dubstep track “Boss” from AFK and Carbin.

DJ Tennis puts a mysterious, melancholic spin on Tricky‘s “Running Wild.”

Zack Martino kicked the energy way up for the weekend with the release of “Hold On To Me.”

An evocation of twilight, Keys N Krates unleash the ponderous, RnB tinged “Glitter” with New Orleans-based vocalist Ambré.

Tchami‘s Confession label debuted an intriguing take on house courtesy of Movenchy and his Siamese Flamingo EP.

Dombresky and Tony Romero bring the fire with a funky, disco-infused heater, “Girls Night Out.”

Anjunadeep‘s Gallago debuted the airy “Lost Signal.”

Though LOUDPVCK is now a solo act after Ryan Marks left the duo, Kenny Beats keeps the momentum going with a hip-hop-infused trap anthem, “Jumanji” featuring Reese La Flare.

Closely following a remix of Kid Froopy‘s “Down” and an original, “You Don’t Really Know,” Ducky lightens the mood with an invigoratingly well-produced single, “Drop It.”

Gent & Jawns burst onto Monstercat by debuting a ferocious trap single, “The Meaning.”

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Tchami & Malaa deliver The Sermon of house music

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Parisian house producers Tchami aka “The Father” (of house music) and the villainously masked Malaa have released their second collaborative work this year, “The Sermon,” via Tchami’s own Confession label. The track precedes their North American, double-headlined No Redemption Tour that commences November 10.

The contrapositive pair have each been toiling away in the beat laboratory this year, with Tchami releasing his vibrant Revelations EP in August, and Malaa pumping out a slew of dark and nefarious tunes including “Contagious,” and “Hostyl,” a collab with fellow Frenchman, Dombresky.

“The Sermon” trails the saint and sinner’s bouncy, hip-hop infused “Summer ’99,” released in September, along with their tech-oriented future house hit “Prophecy,” from 2016. However, in “The Sermon,” more audible are Tchami’s jazzy nuances, especially in the bassline, with Malaa’s distinct influence in the pitched down vocal chops and warehouse texturing, most apparent in the interludes.



Photo Credit: EDM Sauce


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ANGELZ releases Saint Thug II EP on Confession

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While his name may not be immediately recognized yet across the globe, ANGELZ has remained a staple addition to Tchami‘s branded Confession label. After touring with the esteemed French mega-producer for his nationwide Prophecy tour, ANGELZ has caught the ears of many with his trenchant G-house approach.

He continues steady success and growth with the delivery of a voracious three-track EP,  Saint Thug II,  — a “sequel” of sorts to his last one. Each individual track is emblazoned with a pleasingly anomalous bass-line that effectively captivate listeners into a hypnotic state of house.

Opening the EP with the first single “So Fly,” fans are quickly drawn into underlying percussive hits layered underneath endearing vocals from Kaleem Taylor, a recurring vocalist on Confession. Pushing a gritty bass-line amongst wailing sirens, “So Fly” exerts an underground feel right from the start.

Following up with his second hit “98 J.Lo,” rap verses immediately consume listeners as tenacious synth-lines take over the core production of this track. Incorporating brusque bass-hits that tie right into the typical G-house characteristics, “98 J.Lo” constructs the workings of a late-night warehouse anthem.

ANGELZ closes the EP by adding a unique addition to his EP with “Supafly.” Clearing the dance-floor with this stomper, muffled lyrics work their way into the track’s infectious melody line.

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AC Slater teams with Tchami for trap infused house hit, ‘Dealer’ Ft. Rome Fortune

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AC Slater has announced his new album, Outsider, to be released this September on his imprint, Night Bass. The Los Angeles producer has teamed up with Tchami for a heavy house trap-infused collaboration featuring Rome Fortune, released on OWSLA. “Dealer,” marks the first track released off the album, and has garnered massive support for its addictive yet ominous vibe and intriguing structure.

“Dealer” begins with Rome Fortune’s vocals contrasted by a teasing snare pattern which then builds into a bass laden climax. The combination of AC Slater and Tchami’s style produces a familiar and distinct sound of wobbly, growling bass progressions that makes grooving along irresistible. With his latest, AC Slater makes waiting for Outsider suspenseful yet exciting.

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Tchami – Adieu (Heroless Remix)

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Tchami‘s “Adieu” marked a surprising yet pleasant departure from the future house pioneer’s signature sound as the track was recently deemed one of the most played-out tracks of the 2017 festival season thus far. While the tracks structure lives in the house space, rising producer Heroless has stepped up to the plate to flip “Adieu” into a future trap version of his own.

Swapping the four-on-the-floor pattern for a bouncing ensemble of trap percussion, the Norwegian young gun successfully leaves the blissful atmosphere Tchami originally instilled while splashing his own style on to give a new way to consume the track.

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Tchami goes tropical with ‘World To Me’

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A master of consistency, Tchami has been very active in 2017, releasing two fantastic new “Confession” mixes and a single titled “Adieu,” which has since gone viral — not a first for the talented Frenchman. The pioneering producer has just released a brand new single, “World To Me,” which will likely be included on his upcoming second EP.

Interestingly, the Tchami has deserted his finely-honed, proven future house sounds in favor of the trending tropical house genre, receiving a lukewarm reception from fans in the process. While the track still features fabulously produced bass and percussion, ethereal organ-sample synths, and dreamy vocals by two-time Grammy nominee Luke James, it is still a style most fans don’t associate Tchami with and would definitely take some getting used to. As a stand alone single however, “World To Me” is perfectly solid and seems destined to gain significant traction as the weeks progress.

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Roundtable: Revisit 10 iconic DJ Snake tracks in honor of his birthday

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Though time comes and goes, DJ Snake’s birthday comes but once a year. To honor everyone’s favorite Frenchman, join the Dancing Astronaut staff in reflection on 10 of his most iconic tracks to date. From the ubiquitous to the regrettably underplayed, they’re all here.

Allons y!



Perhaps no other song is better suited for inclusion on this list. “Bird Machine” is not only a fond reminder of the days before DJ Snake set his sights on the charts and Alesia veered toward future bass with Point Point. It is the impetus for DJ Snake’s success (and quite possibly the birth of dance music’s twerk movement, in general). It’s always a stab in the gut to see Snake neglect this track in his sets today. But, in a way, its absence from the main-stage helps preserve its purity.

Will McCarthy



When DJ Snake’s album arrived in August of last year, I was stoked as hell. I mean really stoked. And while Encore impressed as a whole, the album’s innocuous closer became one of my favorite DJ Snake releases of all time.

“Here Comes The Night’ loops forgotten Kanye collaborator Mr. Hudson right back into his element. Best known for his collaborative and production work on 808s & Heartbreak Hudson’s efforts are uniquely well suited for the track which manages to hover along the razor’s edge between the dark and the danceable. This dark, synthpop inspired song plays out like the last magical dance in a Brat Pack prom movie, sparkling with the effervescent melancholy of a great night’s inevitable end.

Because he is a merciful god, DJ Snake released a killer remix EP for “Here Comes The Night.” Tucked alongside heavy hitting flips (Crankdat OWNS the release), was an almost unbelievable acoustic version that has to be heard to be believed.

Alexandra Blair



This enormous track took the world by storm in March of 2015, since garnering more than 40 platinum certifications worldwide and literally more plays than humans on Earth. The collaboration with Major Lazer and MØ — which was passed on by the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj — was at one point the most streamed track on Spotify and to date remains in their top 5. Many have even credited the track with a change in the RIAA certification process which now considers streaming metrics when bestowing records with “gold” and “platinum” honors.

At 100BPM and with a breezy vibe, “Lean On” helped usher in the tropical, dancehall feel that is currently dominating popular music, proof enough of its cultural impact.

Michael Cooper



DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” hit the internet just after I had attended Spring Awakening–my first-ever electronic music festival. For me, this iconic remix takes me back to my early days of electronic music discovery: summer days spent combing the depths of Soundcloud for anything and everything that would further fuel my love for this scene I was discovering. Snake’s “You Know You Like It” remix was so innovative – smoothly mixing Aluna Francis’ sultry vocals into an ungodly catchy, dark beat. I still have to hit repeat when I hear it even to this day.”

Robyn Dexter



I remember hearing “Middle” for the first time during a SoulCycle class. As the track came on, the energy in the room completely changed. The spin instructor started singing along and by the end of it, I was completely hooked.

“Middle” has an easy beat and catchy lyrics which add a euphoric vibe to an already vibrant bouncy melody that makes grooving along to DJ Snake’s uplifting arrangement irresistible. Although I’ve heard the anthem at countless shows and many festivals, every time I hear it, I am brought back to that dimly lit studio where I completely jammed out on the bike where, in that moment, DJ Snake’s sound made me feel limitless.

Kassi Chrys



The phrase “Get low when the whistle go” activates primal instincts to hit the dancefloor with reckless abandon when uttered. It’s almost involuntary at this point. “Get Low” and its countless remixes and edits have the uncanny ability to turn nearly any setting into a hedonistic dance sauna: club floors, festival stages, school dances — it doesn’t matter.

Like the inescapable hit by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys of the same name which is 11 years its senior, DJ Snake and Dillon Francis’ “Get Low” has solidified its place as one of current decade’s most defining party jams, as well as one of dance and pop’s biggest crossover moments to date.

David Klemow



“Turn Down For What” is the alpha and omega of trap crossover hits. It’s the unofficial anthem that characterized rambunctious spring break trips, kegger parties, and those weddings where the bride and groom like to be “hip.”

DJ Snake created this song in his bedroom with a Redman sample before pitching it to Lil Jon via email, and was surely unaware of the tsunami effect it would soon have on the world.

I, like most others, went through many stages of denial before accepting that this song simply owned my 2013… and then my 2014… and, finally, my 2015 before it started to die down. As such, “TDFW” maintains in a special place in my heart, and will never fade.

Natalie Pereira



At the time of its release, crossover tracks between pop and dance weren’t exactly the thing just yet, so I was more than a little taken aback when I heard Justin Bieber was set to be featured on DJ Snake’s debut LP, Encore.

Lo and behold, “Let Me Love You” became an instant chart-topper, showcasing DJ Snake’s creative sensibility as a producer. Aside from resonating with millions of fans, the track helped blur the lines between various genres, which I think, made dance music culture slightly more accessible in the mainstream.

From lovelorn lyrics to booming synth pads, “Let Me Love You” rightfully earns its place as one of the DJ Snake’s best.

Matt Sia

Photo courtesy of Ultra



The beauty of DJ Snake’s sonic identity is that one minute he’ll release the summer’s biggest festival anthem, while the next, he’ll collaborate with pop’s biggest stars for the next Billboard chart topper.

In Encore, the Parisian producer decided to highlight this ability to pull from different ends of the dance spectrum. While its first single, “Middle,” went on to be a global hit, “Propaganda” was directed towards at DJ Snake’s original fans – the diehard devotees who spent 10 hours at the Ultra main stage wearing Mad Decent apparel.

At its core, the track is a haunting number dominated by a drop of metallic clamors, thunderous 808s, and bellowing synths. Arguably, “Propaganda” solidified Snake as one of trap’s most influential titans.

Austin Evenson

Photo courtesy of Ultra & Rukes



Then a breakout producer, Tchami delivered a striking deep house masterpiece in 2013 with “Promesses.” The track featured stunning vocals by Kaleem Taylor, as well as Tchami’s signature mysterious, future house style. The piece is a bruising addition to Tchami’s arsenal, showcasing transparent layers of sound and weighty bass progressions which create a clean arrangement that’s tied together by suspenseful builds, and enticing percussion.

Many don’t realize that the track was actually co-written and co-produced by fellow Pardon My French cohort–and the man of the hour–DJ Snake. Together, the two producers nailed “Promesses” with a raw energy and a kinetic vibes that beckon listeners to the dance floor.

Kassi Chrys

Stream Tchami’s sixth ‘Confessions’ mix

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Three months have passed since Tchami shared his most recent “Confessions” mix, which came in February, shortly after his  latest single, “Adieu.” Now, days after the release of Chace’s broadly-reaching “Adieu” remix, the French future house influencer has published the sixth installment of his fervently followed mix series.

Tchami opens “Confessions #6” with Kevin Spacey’s chilling delivery of the foreboding line, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Thereafter, the stage is set for Martin Bresso’s musical opener – Habstrakt and Dustycloud’s menacing, unreleased bass house collaboration, “Crows.” Throughout the hourlong set, Bresso vacillates between an array of bass house (including Habstrakt’s high-profile Skrillex joint, “Chicken Soup), future house, and club-germane tech house.

Some standout selections from “Confessions #6” include Cazztek’s formidable remix of “Devils” by ANGELZ and CamelPhat’s “Hangin’ Out With Charlie” – a current tech house favorite in clubs globally.

Tracklist (Via 1001):

01. Dustycloud & Habstrakt – Crows
02. BROHUG – If I’m Wrong [CONFESSION]
03. Loge21 – Just Bass
04. RICCI – Boom
6. Chris Lake – I Want You
07. Redlight ft. Taya – Here With Me (ID Remix) [WEA]
08. t q d – A Letter To EZ
09. Direct – Rikos Revenge
10. Tchami – Superlativ
11. Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup
12 ANGELZ – Devils (CAZZTEK Remix)
13. Taiki Nulight & Tchami – Fallin’
14. Dillon Nathaniel – Frequent
15. Niels Van Gogh – Yucatan
16. CamelPhat – Hangin’ Out With Charlie
17. Noizu – Lazers
18. Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)
19. Stones & Bones ft. Toshi – Amahloni (Manoo Remix)

Featured image by Maria Boyadgis.

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Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)

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Teenage sensation Chace has widely been touted by fellow producers as something of a prodigy. Based out of Shanghai, the 18-year-old has already been signed onto Mad Decent and Yellow Claw’s Barong Family described the gifted producer as “one of those extraordinary musicians you encounter only once every few years.”

Having released two EPs at the tender age of 17, Chace tackles his most ambitious project to date, remixing future house legend, Tchami. Remixing the French juggernaut’s single “Adieu,” the wunderkind has tastefully re-worked the track, giving it his signature house treatment. From the outset the tone is set with a powerful kick drum and groovy percussive elements. Vocal samples further complement the track’s soothing tone, before it smoothly transitions into an equally slick bass drop, characterized by plucked guitar samples.

The club oriented remix is an impressive undertaking, especially as it inverts, rather than removes, the essence of Tchami’s gorgeous original.

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Ultra Singapore reveals phase 2 lineup as Bali edition secures 2017 dates

Listen to Tchami’s latest Confessions mix

Ultra Singapore reveals phase 2 lineup as Bali edition secures 2017 dates

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Ultra‘s intercontinental dance conquest continues today following the announcement of a new offshoot in Mexico City later this year. The events giant has now dropped a lengthy phase two reveal for Ultra Singapore’s summer 2017 edition, further sweetening the deal with date announcements for Ultra Beach Bali later in the year. The Singaporean edition, held June 10 – 11, includes live headlining performances from Pendulum, Tchami, and KSHMR, with Tiesto, Steve Angello, Sasha and John Digweed all taking top billings as well.

Don Diablo, Steve Aoki, Martin Solveig and Hardwell will all make their way to Singapore for this year’s event as well. Supporting acts billed for 2017 further include Rich Chigga, GTA, ANNA and more. Pairing the Singapore edition’s second phase lineup with more exciting news, Ultra Beach Bali will officially return this year on September 14-15.

From the orient to the occident, those looking for a festival on the go won’t have to look too far to hit an Ultra Worldwide event at any point on the globe.



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