Bruce Springsteen credited as writer on Arty’s new track

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To the average listener, Russian producer Arty‘s latest track, “Supposed To Be,” with vocalist Coyle Girelli might just sound like another fun, electronic-pop crossover.

Take a closer look at the song’s credits, though: Artem Stolyarov, Girelli, David Brook, Smarterchild and… Bruce Springsteen?

The 67-year-old rock legend appears to have had a part in Arty’s latest piece of work, marking Springsteen’s entrance into the ever-growing dance music scene. Over his many years as a musician, “The Boss” has won 20 Grammy awards and sold more than 120 million records worldwide, making him one of rock music’s most decorated and celebrated artists of all time.

“Supposed To Be,” which came out Sept. 8 on Martin Garrix‘s selective STMPD Records, is an emotion-packed pop song that dips its toes lightly into the electronic side of music. With a focus on stirring vocals and light guitar undertones, Springsteen’s involvement makes sense. Parts of the introduction and verses even seem to echo loosely of Springsteen’s 1982 hit, “Atlantic City.”

While how such a collaboration came to be remains unknown, we can rest assured knowing that if The Boss had something to do with it, the piece of work will be a masterpiece.

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Arty – Supposed to Be (Original Mix)

This post was originally published on this site

Between Arty and Alpha 9, it’s hard to keep up with the onslaught of new music the Russian producer has been releasing as of late. His newest single is titled “Supposed to Be” and is out now on STMPD Records, Martin Garrix‘s label. Arty joins a small group of artists who have been carefully chosen to release music on Garrix’s emerging label.

The track itself is downtempo with a tropical pop flair, and it will likely appeal to a much broader audience with its catchy vocals combined with the unique style. Arty spoke about working on the song and its meaning to him as a producer.

“Working on this record was an unbelievable experience. The lyrics are so meaningful and powerful that I wanted to make sure that all of the instruments I was using were reflecting the overall significance of the song. We all go through the tough moments in our life when we lose purpose, get stuck in the past, and don’t see how to move on. At these points, we need to remember that God is smiling on us and we have so many reasons to live.”

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