Cazztek gets a Martin Garrix co-sign on new single, ‘Down Like That’

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Cazztek gets a Martin Garrix co-sign on new single, ‘Down Like That’Cazztek Press Shot

Cazztek is back with a new single titled “Down Like That,” in collaboration with Man 3 Faces. Cazztek’s new drop comes by way of Martin Garrix‘s continually dominant STMPD RCRDS, pushing a quirky G-house inspired blend on his latest product.

“Down Like That” is a certified club burner, clocking in at three minutes of straight grooving, upbeat footwork house. The kick-snare combo is intertwined with chopped rap vocals throughout, weaving stylistic hip-hop accents into the fold for a sure-shot setlist weapon. Cazztek drops off a well-rounded dance party piece that’s primed for heavy DJ set rotations and bound to continue raising the emerging force’s profile on “Down Like That”. Fans can catch Cazztek perform at Martin Garrix’s closing party at Ushuaïa Ibiza later this month.

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‘The Martin Garrix Show’ continues third season with episode two [Watch]

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‘The Martin Garrix Show’ continues third season with episode two [Watch]Martin Garri Quinn Tucker Coachella G0225014

The Martin Garrix Show, now in its third season, invites fans of the electronic wunderkind to venture even further into Garrix‘s world and in the show’s newest episode, Garrix expands upon the third season’s opener in Amsterdam. The latest installment in the series follows Martin Garrix from his set at RAI Convention Center for Amsterdam Dance Event to STMPD RCRDS‘ newly established recording studios, also located in Amsterdam.

Episode two garnishes its coverage of Garrix’s ADE performance with exhilarating clips of the producer’s live setup — rigged with accenting light and LEDs, including pyrotechnic bursts, billows of smoke, and a scarlet balloon drop. “This isn’t my work, this is our work,” Garrix states at the video’s end, in a direct address to listeners that underscores the young DJ’s gratitude for the fan base that has so ardently embraced his music since he originally struck gold with “Animals” back in 2013, but also the extensive team of people that help make the international star’s work a reality.

Dyro – Bring It Down

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Dyro is known for his ability to produce smooth electro house tracks juxtaposed with heavy bass tracks. He has gone dubstep for his debut release on Martin Garrix‘s STMPD RCRDS titled “Bring It Down.”

The monstrous production features commanding vocals that fall into a hectic and heavy drop manufactured for live performance. The Amsterdam based DJ and producer is sure to drop this in upcoming performances, and fans can see him at Balaton Sound festival in Hungary.

Crash Land slings out celestial hip-hop gem, ‘Time Warp’

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It was only a matter of time until an impressive new artist crash-landed into the ears of millions by way of Martin Garrix’s record label, STMPD RCRDS.

As it just so happens, that moment has arrived. Garrix’s first signee, Crash Land, have released their second single “Time Warp,” following their self-titled debut.

In an amalgamation of sweet nostalgia and soft synths, rapper Crash Land achieves a celestial, melodic flow — one that surely takes its listener on a journey through the sonic time spectrum. “Time Warp” is a cohesive, fresh futuristic take on hip-hop, and yet, it’s one that finds its balance among infused elements of the past. It’s a number glimmering in originality, one that brings innovators like Flying Lotus to mind.

According to Crash Land, the track tells the story of an all-encompassing love and desire that knows no boundaries of time or place. As it begins, listeners are given a mere glimpse into the future, as a wave of euphoria washes over them. Subtle instrumentals are layered underneath the rappers wherein a sharp drum sequence takes its listeners forward in time.

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Listen to Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Matisse & Sadko, ‘Forever’

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For months, Martin Garrix fans have been waiting to get their hands on a fixture in his summer sets: “Forever,” a collaboration with Matisse & Sadko. “Forever” marks the fourth time Garrix has teamed up with Matisse & Sadko, following hits like  “Dragon,” “Break Through The Silence,” and “Together.” Like its predecessors, “Forever” is a well-rounded festival anthem, complete with  and a dramatic organ introduction and a nostalgia-inducing melody.

The melodic house collaboration comes just days after the release of Garrix’s track with Brooks, “Boomerang,” which he put out under his old alias Grx.

“Forever” is out now on STMPD RCRDS.

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