Student translates Star Wars’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation [Watch]

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The Star Wars subreddit has unearthed a new, unusual gem.

Reddit user ‘smallgoblin’ has ascended to Reddit royalty after posting a video clip that shows the user converting the movie series’ ‘Cantina Theme’ into a mathematical equation.

“It started with x+4…and I couldn’t unhear it,” smallgoblin wrote of the experiment, “Instead of doing my math homework I figured out what the Cantina Theme would sound like if your instrument was a pencil.”

The formulaic result would be x + 4783 – x + 4v|VE| (x + 4)(f – 711) = A, an answer that when worked through comes out to be ~299,792,457, or in other words, the speed of light, when measured in meters per second.

Smallgoblin’s post has since become the fifth most-upvoted post of all time in the history of the Star Wars subreddit.


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A techno track has been made solely from Star Wars sound effects

A techno track has been made solely from Star Wars sound effects

This post was originally published on this site

The Star Wars franchise is undeniably an integral part of American pop-culture, with an almost fanatical fandom that is religiously involved in every aspect of the Star Wars brand from the movies to the sought-after merchandise.

Given the breadth of Stars Wars, it’s little surprise that that many also happen to be DJs — as espoused by the number of remixes of the Star Wars theme that are available on the internet. However, the latest such “remix” is rather bizarre: it’s made exclusively from the audio effects found in the films.

This odd creation is the work of Eclectic Method, a group that specializes in making music using sound effects, has been created to resemble a typical 90s rave track.  Another interesting aspect is the video, which is synced to the moments throughout the films when the sounds were sampled.

H/T: Mixmag

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Get spellbound at this Harry Potter-themed rave

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If you solemnly swear you are up to no good, a Harry Potter-themed rave is the place for you.

Unified Events in North Carolina has conjured up a series of raves, centered around popular TV, film and book themes like Harry Potter, Rick & Morty and Star Wars.

With a vision to unite the music scene and combine it with everyone’s favorite magical book and movie series, Unified has brought together an assortment of DJs for monthly “Spellbound” Harry Potter raves.

For the Sept. 9 event, guests are encouraged to dress up in their Hogwarts best and show their house pride. Muggles must be 16 years old to be admitted and 21+ to “drink potions.”

Even if those didn’t bring a date to the Yule Ball, can still get down to music provided by Sam Wild, DJ B-Nasty, DWN LO, Nah Fam, Jordan Castle and more.

In addition to the rave itself, attendees can enter to win raffle items like a box set of all eight films and all seven books, along with other HP-themed trinkets.

harry potter rave


If you’re in the area or can apparate to Marshall High Studios, the party starts at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9 and goes until 2 a.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Learn more here.

Mischief managed.

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