SoundCloud shares tips for getting more plays

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In a music industry where artists are constantly vying for plays, marketing music to listeners can often be a challenge. A recent blog post from SoundCloud has offered tips to artists on how to make the most of the platform and get their tracks in front of the right people.

Firstly, they recommend keeping track, album, and playlist titles clean. “We’re not talking censorship here. We’re talking about all those times you were told as a kid to tidy your room. The same principle applies. A tidy track title helps fans know exactly what they’re listening to.” The post recommends a simple “artist name – track title” format to ensure the track can be easily identified.

They also suggest making the most of images and descriptions. “Your music shouldn’t just sound good, it should also look good.” The SoundCloud pros note to always upload high resolution artwork for tracks and albums and include additional information in the description section of the upload. They recommend including a track’s backstory, adding credits, lyrics, gear lists or guest lists where applicable.

Third, they note the importance of genre and mood tags. “SoundCloud uses an algorithm to recommend track to users, so it’s important to tag your tracks with accurate genre information.” After selecting a main genre tag, tag tracks with relevant sub-genres and moods that describe the track. They add that it’s better to add a handful of relevant tags than go crazy and add as many as possible.

Next, they recommend building your own SoundCloud discography. Playlists marked as an album, EP, single, or compilation will be displayed in the albums section of your profile, listed in order of release date to make it easier for fans to find. “If you want to dig into your own archive and upload some old tracks, they will be displayed in your discography without taking attention away from your most recent tracks.”

Lastly, they share a tip for editing multiple tracks at once. Artists can make changes — like updating settings, tags, artwork — to multiple tracks at once, along with creating  a new playlist from a selection of tracks. They can edit multiple tracks by visiting Select the tracks, then click ‘edit’ or ‘add’ to make changes.

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SoundCloud’s revenue soars past $100 million mark, but is it enough?

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SoundCloud’s 2017 revenues have dramatically increased, but despite the financial gains made by the music streaming service, SoundCloud isn’t out of the woods just yet.

After facing what then appeared to be imminent bankruptcy last year, SoundCloud has made strides in the economic arena, exceeding its financial and user growth targets. SoundCloud has additionally surpassed its revenue goal of $100 million, less than a year after angel investors, The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings, saved the platform in a $150-million-dollar joint redemptive investment, one that notably secured a controlling stake in SoundCloud for The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings. SoundCloud “has never been healthier financially,” says CEO Kerry Trainor.

Trainor’s involvement with the company has led SoundCloud to depart from a business strategy that imitates Spotify’s model, to instead aggrandize its market of up-and-coming music producers. SoundCloud now markets music creation tools to its independent content creators for $70-100 a year, a move that initiates a positive feedback loop in which artists purchase the tools to generate content that they then post on SoundCloud, thus attracting listeners to the streaming service, and motivating artists to continue to purchase the tools from SoundCloud as their listener counts soar.

SoundCloud has and continues to execute a fiscal comeback that aims to situate financial woes permanently in the past, but the platform’s long-term sustainability will remain in question if the company does not devise a formidable plan of monetary attack for the future. SoundCloud’s subscription streaming service, SoundCloud Go, for instance, remains only in its nascent stages, and has yet to gain popularity among listeners.

Managing Director of Midia Research, Mark Mulligan localizes SoundCloud’s most attractive prospect for economic endurance in a later acquisition, preferably by Spotify. Although Spotify retreated from a potential acquisition of SoundCloud two years ago, Trainor seems also to share Mulligan’s view that an acquisition would be the best route for SoundCloud. Trainor has said that SoundCloud “will potentially be of interest [to suitors]” in the years to come, assuming, of course, that SoundCloud can maintain its current momentum.

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Soundcloud releases new scheduling feature for track releases

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Have a track you want to share, but don’t want to share it right this minute? SoundCloud is taking extra steps to ensure that releasing tracks on their platform is easier than ever before. The streaming giant has unveiled a new program in which users can schedule track releases ahead of time. Artists can now schedule releases by setting the specific date and time in advance with Soundcloud’s new Pro Unlimited feature.

This feature will allow artists to make their mixes available as soon as they’ve finished a set, time a track release with its live debut, and deliver a weekly podcast at the same time every week. Learn more on SoundCloud’s blog.

A cryptic SoundCloud upload has some speculating it’s a Daft Punk ‘leak’

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Daft Punk Resident Advisor

Activity on the r/daftpunk subreddit is momentarily diverting ticket holders’ attention from the Swedish House Mafia rumor mill, and directing it instead toward Daft Punk‘s.

The speculation surrounding a Daft Punk reunion on the final day of Ultra Music Festival has continued to mount since the iron-on patches enclosed in the Ultra 20 ticket canisters originally spawned speculation that Daft Punk would close out the festival. A SoundCloud upload entitled “x” by a “User19972001200420132019” has made its way to the r/daftpunk, and despite some Redditors’ doubts, many believe the track to be an “unconfirmed leak” of some kind. The moderators of the subreddit reportedly know the source of the “leak” and have determined that the SoundCloud post could be legitimate.

User19972001200420132019’s supposed leak has since been compared to a previous “leak” of “Overnight,” a single that Daft Punk released in 2017. Redditors have also questioned the significance of the username. Some perceive the series of numbers to be arbitrary, whereas other have suggested that the years represent album release dates.

Comment from discussion x.

The SoundCloud post surfaces — for now — as a connection to a possible Daft Punk anniversary performance at Ultra Music Festival that is tenuous at best.

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Twitter writes off its $70 million investment in SoundCloud from 2016

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As SoundCloud struggles to keep a sinking ship above water, Twitter has written off the considerable chunk of change the social media giant invested in the music streaming platform less than two years ago — a cool $70 million to be exact. That figure, however, could have been a much heavier blow, as many will remember that Twitter was just about 140 characters away from purchasing SoundCloud outright back in 2014 for just over $1 billion. When the dust from the failed purchase settled, Twitter injected SoundCloud with a much-needed round of funding in the summer of 2016, in hopes of leveraging massive pop stars like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna‘s thriving social followings as direct-to-user music distribution networks. Less than two years later and Twitter is facing the music — they’ll likely never recoup those funds, or if they do, it’ll take much longer than they’re willing to wait.

Moving on because the funds are, “not expected to be recoverable within a reasonable period of time,” the sizable write-off shouldn’t really be more than a speedbump for Twitter this year. By the end of 2017, reports revealed that the platform had raked in nearly $2.4 billion in revenue, and another $4.4 billion short-term investments.

Meanwhile, SoundCloud continues a seemingly never-ending cycle of survival measures, pivoting away from their $10 monthly subscription model to a more affordable $5 subscription as well as a renewed emphasis on a plan provided to music producers and other prosumers. Spotify and Apple Music may be putting up healthy numbers in 2018, but Twitter’s write-off proves that the digital music marketplace is still very much an uncertain and shifting landscape.

Songwriters win big as Copyright Royalty Board boosts streaming pay nearly 50 percent

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Washington DC, United States landmark. National Capitol building with US flag.

Since the dawn of streaming nearly 10 years ago, writer royalties have been based on a strict percentage of each streaming service’s revenue, putting songwriters at the mercy of corporate decision-making. In a court ruling issued Jan. 27 in Washington D.C., the Copyright Royalty Board has voted to increase songwriter rates for music streaming by 43.8 percent over the next five years.

President and CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association, David Isrealite, calls the victory “the biggest rate increase granted in CRB history.” The federal decision ruled in favor of the NMPA and the Nashville Songwriters’ Association International, requiring Amazon, Apple, GooglePandora and Spotify to pay more for the use of music.

“Crucially, the decision also allows songwriters to benefit from deals done by record labels in the free market,” Isrealite says. “The ratio of what labels are paid by the services versus what publishers are paid has significantly improved, resulting in the most favorable balance in the history of the industry.”

For every $3.82 to the label, writer/publishers get $1.00.

“The CRB was a long and difficult process but songwriters and music publishers together presented a powerful case for higher streaming royalty rates,” says Bart Herbison, executive director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. “Songwriters desperately need and deserve [these] rate increases.”

The change will be insignificant to the bottom lines of tech giants Apple, Amazon and Google. Yet, smaller streaming services like Spotify and Pandora may feel the cost. Arguing in favor of the status quo were Amazon, Google, Pandora and Spotify. Apple broke with the ranks, however, conceding that the current royalty rate was much “too complex” and “economically unsound.” Apple advocated for “a single per-play rate that is the same for all services,” which signals an artistic sympathy that may have interesting market implications moving forward.

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Soundcloud introduces real time feedback feature

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Soundcloud is continuing their efforts towards catalyzing independent artists success in the music industry. On the streaming apps newest feature, musicians and creators can track — in real time — performance statistics and streaming insights.

“Whether you just shared your very first upload or have over a million followers, creators know the importance of monitoring a track’s performance,” reads on official press release from Soundcloud, “particularly in key moments such as a new release or during a promotional push. Culture moves fast and you need to stay on top of your tracks, catching and capitalizing on each surge, spike, and share right when it occurs.”

The feature will allow the streaming giant to continue to foster the careers of thousands of independent artists across the globe.

Soundcloud Artist Feedback Feature

SoundCloud denies allegations over altered streaming quality

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After a calm closing fiscal quarter for SoundCloud — which was preceded by large scale employee layoffs and rumors of bankruptcy — the Berlin-based streaming service has entered the news cycle once again. Allegations have arisen suggesting Soundcloud had secretly decreased the quality of its playback format from the standard 128 kbps MP3 codec to the newer 64 kbps Opus one. The change, as some claimed, led to a noticeable reduction in audio quality.

SoundCloud has since released an official statement calling the reports “inaccurate,” further asserting that the streaming service has in fact used the Opus format for several years now.

“SoundCloud has not altered its approach to audio quality,” the statement continued. “We have been using the Opus codec (among others) since 2016, and we regularly test different combinations of encoding and streaming to offer listeners a quality experience on any device.”

Beyond the falsity of the claims, developers of Opus further argue that a lower bitrate doesn’t actually equate to a loss of audio quality.

Source: Consequence of Sound

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SoundCloud reflects on the year in music in its 2017 ‘Playback’

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Musical retrospectives are all the rage as 2017 winds down, with SoundCloud’s “2017 Playback” graphic being the latest to enter the yearly recap ring. The visual review identifies Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv Is Rage 2 as the most frequently streamed album on the platform, and “XO Tour Llif3” as the Top Rap/Hip Hop Track of the year.


Two Friends claims a triumph in the Top DJ Set category for Volume 11 of their high energy Big Bootie Mix series. Electronic music is represented across SoundCloud’s Playback. R3HAB is accordingly recognized as Top Remixer, while Marshmello gets a special spotlight as one of the “Artists Who Were On SoundCloud First And Owned The Internet in 2017,” a nod to Marshmello’s musical origins.

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Slushii releases comedic new track to accompany Drone Vlog

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Watch Slushii experiment with a drone in his new Vlog and accompanying song titled “Drone Song.” The producer, real name is Julian Scanlan, films as he tries to make a drone fly in a parking lot. He produced a song to accompany the video, and while “Drone Song” certainly won’t be winning him a Grammy, it does have a certain unforgettable appeal.

On Twitter Scanlan writes “New Vlog on YouTube. I dare you to watch the full thing and not get the song stuck in your head.”

The song is out on Soundcloud and mixes synthesized vocal chants with a groovy backdrop. The full Vlog includes the track, and takes viewers on Scanlan’s struggling drone flying journey. Applause to Slushii for acknowledging the true purpose of this creation with “Drone Song’s” genre on Soundcloud tagged as #comedy.

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