Introducing Lunar Lunes: DA’s new weekly SoundCloud playlist

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Introducing Lunar Lunes: DA’s new weekly SoundCloud playlistLunar Lunes E1540831560592

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes will be a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

This week’s Lunar Lunes is highlighted by 25 new tunes from artists like Wolfgang Gartner, i_o and No Mana, CURBI, Luca Lush, and many more. Win and Woo channel warm summer days in their latest, “Satisfied.” Black Coffee and Aquatone have remixed AGORIA’s “Embrace” to craft a mellow, peaceful environment. Melodic dubstep aficionado Au5 tackles Celldweller’s “Eon” in an interesting turn of events. Justin Caruso taps Jake Miller for a pop-friendly original, “Don’t Know You” on Big Beat Records. Ephwurd teams up with ATRIP to sample Beastie Boys’ iconic “Ch-Check It Out” in a bass-laden house track. Jaenga melds dubstep and elements of drum & bass in his take on Zeds Dead and 1000 Volts’ “Kill Em.”

The selection will be updated every Lunes (Monday).

SoundCloud’s updated artist contract is seriously troubling for music creators

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SoundCloud’s updated artist contract is seriously troubling for music creatorsSoundcloud Artist Agreement Raw Deal

It’s been a rocky couple of years for SoundCloud to say the least. The platform is an undisputed facet of dance music’s rise and directly helped bring exposure and breaks to artists too numerous to name. Despite this, there were whispers the streaming giant was on the ropes last year, before they thankfully put them to rest. With Spotify quickly rising to the forefront of the streaming economy, the onus has been on SoundCloud to reinvigorate its status as a service built for music creators. Despite a flurry of shiny new updates like Instagram stories integration, the fine print in the platform’s recent artist contract reveals some deeply troubling pitfalls for unsuspecting musicians.

The two largest black marks in the usual mountain of legalese can be boiled down to two wince-worthy truths. First, although SoundCloud touts its revenue split as the strongest in streaming, they can change pretty much anything they want in terms of when, how, and how much artists get paid at their discretion – which leads worryingly into the second bombshell. Regardless of the non-exclusive nature of the artist agreement, artists taking part effectively sign away any ability to ever take legal action against the Soundcloud. The combination essentially grants SoundCloud the freedom to change anything and everything they want about the contract in the future on the fly, even if it’s an exceedingly raw deal for artists, and guarantee zero repercussions. The situation is a troubling one for the wide array of creators who continue to find their footing in the SoundCloud ecosystem.

H/T: The Verge

SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integration

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SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSoundcloud Instagram Stories

SoundCloud has been working to become the No. 1 platform for music discovery for years, though users note that their mobile app has often left much to desire. Making a major move toward social media integration, SoundCloud has now announced the ability to share tracks via Instagram Stories.

Similar to the feature that Spotify rolled out earlier this year, users will now be able to share Instagram Story posts that include the album artwork, the name of the track, and a link to take their followers directly to the track on the SoundCloud app. Artists seem to be excited about the feature, with Bob Moses noting that “when creatives are able to share their songs via Stories it allows fans and followers to get the information instantly. Instead of dm’ing and commenting, they can easily click through to be taken directly to the track.”

For all the serial music sharers out there, check out the feature’s functionality below.

SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSweetie 1

Good Morning Mix: Ekali gives unknown Soundcloud producers a platform in newest episode of Awakening Radio

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Good Morning Mix: Ekali gives unknown Soundcloud producers a platform in newest episode of Awakening RadioEkali

The third session of Ekali‘s SiriusXM Insomniac Channel’s radio session called Awakening Radio has just landed, and this session is particularly unique. The Canadian producer states he hand selected most of the releases for the session from producers who have little to no SoundCloud following, yet are releasing fantastic music. For those who like discovering unknown and up and coming producers, this radio session is just the place.

The mix features a variety of ear-perking remixes and mashups of mainstream tracks with a side of enamoring originals. He of course sprinkles in releases of his own — aptly-timed, considering he’s currently on his Crystal Eyes tour in honor of the release of his full album of the same name. The next stop of his tour will be in Denver, Colorado, where he has two back to back shows on the 23 and 24. Ekali has been dropping unreleased OWSLA ID’s on his tour, most recently dropped Skrillex‘s collaboration with JOYRIDE before its full release.

SoundCloud introduces SoundCloud Weekly personalized playlist feature

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SoundCloud introduces SoundCloud Weekly personalized playlist featureSoundcloud Ad

In continuing its efforts to compete with Spotify, SoundCloud has launched a Discover Weekly-type feature called SoundCloud Weekly.

The streaming platform feature will update every Monday, creating a personalized playlist based around the artists and tracks a listener likes, shares, and listens to the most. In a statement from SoundCloud, the service says the new feature will feature music from millions of unique creators — “multiple times more than are featured in other playlists on other streaming services.”

SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor noted in the release that the streaming platform has the “largest, most diverse music catalog” ever created.

“SoundCloud Weekly draws from our global creator community to deliver a simple, personalized music experience that connects more creators with new listeners than ever before,” he said. “Our commitment to giving more creators more ways to be discovered is why what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.”

SoundCloud Weekly is available now at the top of the home screen under the “Discover” tab.

SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer link for ‘Music Liberates Music’ initiative

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SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer link for ‘Music Liberates Music’ initiativeMajor Lazer Know No Better Press Shot Credit Shane Mccauley

The digital streaming era has proven itself to be a lucrative, fast paced, and unforgiving landscape, and virtually every corner of the creative industry has felt the effects, perhaps those emerging into the music industry most. With today’s current status quo in mind, SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer have partnered on an exciting new Music Liberates Music initiative.

According to Digital Music News, the initiative aims to discover new artists from the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas who can submit music to SoundCloud for the project. The music will then be reviewed and Major Lazer will critique twelve finalists using SoundCloud’s commenting function.  In the end, four artists will be tapped as winners. The final four, from there, will be in the hands of SoundCloud’s users. Factors like the number of plays, shares, and likes will decide who takes the cake, which in this case, is a music video production, fully funded by Bacardi.

“We’re excited to work with Bacardi on Music Liberates Music because it showcases the incredible emerging talent on our platform and aligns with our mission to empower the world’s audio creators,”

explained Chris Blackburn, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships at SoundCloud. 

Specific contest details have yet to be released, with a launch date expected to be announced soon. With Diplo‘s proven A&R track record, SoundCloud’s distribution capabilities, and Bacardi’s budget, one lucky bedroom producer could be looking at a life-changing opportunity. 

SoundCloud relaunches comment capability for mobile users

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SoundCloud relaunches comment capability for mobile usersSoundcloud Ad

SoundCloud relaunches comment capability for mobile usersGif Small 1

The comment section has made its way back to mobile SoundCloud users — finally.

In a release published on Aug. 7, SoundCloud announced that was relaunching its commenting capabilities for iOS and Android users. The reinstated feature boasts easy navigation, the ability to give and receive feedback instantly, and more control and freedom. Users can tap the app’s conversation bubble to leave their own comment or read what others have posted. They can also leave replies to other users’ comments in the same manner.

“As the world’s largest music streaming platform sparking social connections between artists and fans around the world, SoundCloud creates an open, authentic and dynamic community where everyone can share and connect,” the release states. “So be heard. Hear back. Connect anytime, anywhere – first on SoundCloud.”

Creators like DRAM have been vocal about the importance of comment sections on platforms like SoundCloud.

“I have been so appreciative for what SoundCloud has done for current music to this day,” DRAM said in promotional video for the music streaming platform. “And the fact that [SoundCloud is] gonna add comments on mobile? That’s lit!… It’s instant feedback.”

The commenting feature begins rolling out to users on Aug. 7 via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app.

Premiere: Phlegmatic Dogs AMFAMFAMF Guest Mix

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Premiere: Phlegmatic Dogs AMFAMFAMF Guest MixAMF PhlegmaticDogsMi 1

Just a few weeks away from the very first All My Friends (AMFAMFAMF) music festival, Gary Richards, aka Destructo, shares the second Guest Mix leading up to the August 18-19 LA endeavor via the Phlegmatic Dogs. Destructo’s pre-fest mixtapes, 15 of which he has already mixed himself and uploaded to the AMFAMFAMF Soundcloud page, are somewhat of an anomaly, a rather unparalleled pre-festival feature.

A relatively smaller name on the AMFAMFAMF ticket, the Phlegmatic Dogs have been causing quite a ruckus in heavy house circles as of late, with irreverent singles like “Keepmastik” and “Westcoaster,” permeating through underground and main stage house sets alike. With their high-energy AMFAMFAMF mixtape, the Night Bass duo brings equal parts tenacity and quirk, oscillating between mainstays like Habstrakt‘s “Movie” and obscure garage house offerings like fellow Night Bass-ian, Chris Lorenzo‘s “Horn Porn,” as well as a hefty amount of their own kookyily-named concoctions like “Cuatrocats.” If this mix is any indicator, the Phlegmatic Dogs are primed to reap destruction at the August gathering when they take the stage.

Get tickets to AMFAMFAMF Fest here


SoundCloud shares tips for getting more plays

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In a music industry where artists are constantly vying for plays, marketing music to listeners can often be a challenge. A recent blog post from SoundCloud has offered tips to artists on how to make the most of the platform and get their tracks in front of the right people.

Firstly, they recommend keeping track, album, and playlist titles clean. “We’re not talking censorship here. We’re talking about all those times you were told as a kid to tidy your room. The same principle applies. A tidy track title helps fans know exactly what they’re listening to.” The post recommends a simple “artist name – track title” format to ensure the track can be easily identified.

They also suggest making the most of images and descriptions. “Your music shouldn’t just sound good, it should also look good.” The SoundCloud pros note to always upload high resolution artwork for tracks and albums and include additional information in the description section of the upload. They recommend including a track’s backstory, adding credits, lyrics, gear lists or guest lists where applicable.

Third, they note the importance of genre and mood tags. “SoundCloud uses an algorithm to recommend track to users, so it’s important to tag your tracks with accurate genre information.” After selecting a main genre tag, tag tracks with relevant sub-genres and moods that describe the track. They add that it’s better to add a handful of relevant tags than go crazy and add as many as possible.

Next, they recommend building your own SoundCloud discography. Playlists marked as an album, EP, single, or compilation will be displayed in the albums section of your profile, listed in order of release date to make it easier for fans to find. “If you want to dig into your own archive and upload some old tracks, they will be displayed in your discography without taking attention away from your most recent tracks.”

Lastly, they share a tip for editing multiple tracks at once. Artists can make changes — like updating settings, tags, artwork — to multiple tracks at once, along with creating  a new playlist from a selection of tracks. They can edit multiple tracks by visiting Select the tracks, then click ‘edit’ or ‘add’ to make changes.

Photo credit: The SoundCloud Blog

SoundCloud’s revenue soars past $100 million mark, but is it enough?

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SoundCloud’s 2017 revenues have dramatically increased, but despite the financial gains made by the music streaming service, SoundCloud isn’t out of the woods just yet.

After facing what then appeared to be imminent bankruptcy last year, SoundCloud has made strides in the economic arena, exceeding its financial and user growth targets. SoundCloud has additionally surpassed its revenue goal of $100 million, less than a year after angel investors, The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings, saved the platform in a $150-million-dollar joint redemptive investment, one that notably secured a controlling stake in SoundCloud for The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings. SoundCloud “has never been healthier financially,” says CEO Kerry Trainor.

Trainor’s involvement with the company has led SoundCloud to depart from a business strategy that imitates Spotify’s model, to instead aggrandize its market of up-and-coming music producers. SoundCloud now markets music creation tools to its independent content creators for $70-100 a year, a move that initiates a positive feedback loop in which artists purchase the tools to generate content that they then post on SoundCloud, thus attracting listeners to the streaming service, and motivating artists to continue to purchase the tools from SoundCloud as their listener counts soar.

SoundCloud has and continues to execute a fiscal comeback that aims to situate financial woes permanently in the past, but the platform’s long-term sustainability will remain in question if the company does not devise a formidable plan of monetary attack for the future. SoundCloud’s subscription streaming service, SoundCloud Go, for instance, remains only in its nascent stages, and has yet to gain popularity among listeners.

Managing Director of Midia Research, Mark Mulligan localizes SoundCloud’s most attractive prospect for economic endurance in a later acquisition, preferably by Spotify. Although Spotify retreated from a potential acquisition of SoundCloud two years ago, Trainor seems also to share Mulligan’s view that an acquisition would be the best route for SoundCloud. Trainor has said that SoundCloud “will potentially be of interest [to suitors]” in the years to come, assuming, of course, that SoundCloud can maintain its current momentum.

H/T: Digital Music News