Porter Robinson x Madeon – Shelter (JayKode Remix)

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Porter Robinson and Madeon’s “Shelter” collaboration was unequivocally one of the biggest tracks of 2016 — in fact, we even named it our #3 top track of the year.

While remixes of the blockbuster collaboration pervaded 2016, “Shelter” has now received a refreshing facelift from multi-talented beatsmith JayKode. The LA-based producer lays down a charmingly sedative backdrop for the vocal anthem, transposing the vocals to give it an entirely new feel.

It’s a highly inventive spin on the track. As it happens, it was never meant to be a remix. “I had no plan to remix shelter since the original was perfect in every aspect,” JayKode writes. “I was actually working on a hip-hop instrumental and messing around with some guitars. Then I started plugging in different a capellas just for fun and when I plugged shelter in, it was complete magic.”

Listen to JayKode’s remix of “Shelter” below, and download it for free here.

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MUST LISTEN: Nick Gunner seemlessly intertwines Illenium & Porter Robinson on this heavenly mashup

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Chicago-based producer Nick Gunner has made significant waves with his latest intriguing mashup. Having previously worked his magic on Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE‘s “Frontlines,” the rising producer truly steps up his game on his latest venture.

For his latest fusion, Gunner weaves Illenium‘s “Where’d You Go” and Porter Robinson‘s akin “Divinity” into a joint venture. The result is a match made in heaven. Indeed, the track’s share immense similarities, but on Nick Gunner’s mashup, one has to wonder how they’ve never been combined before.

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Porter Robinson and Madeon release limited-edition Shelter merch collection

Porter Robinson and Madeon release limited-edition Shelter merch collection

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Porter Robinson and Madeon may have given their final performance of their massive Shelter tour this past April, but fans lucky enough to witness the legendary duo firsthand will likely let the experience live on forever in their memories—and now their wardrobe.

While the duo did release a merch line for the Shelter tour, now they’ve decided to release a limited run, this time tailoring it around the music video for “Shelter.” The new limited-edition merch line includes multiple “Rin-themed” shirts, a hat, a stuffed bear, and a beach towel. Of course, Rin is the anime that Porter had created with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. See the full, limited-edition merch line here.


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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 5

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

What’s better than a happy hardcore remix of a Disney song? Nanobii’s rework of “Go The Distance” from Hercules is everything you never knew you needed. It’s both tender and rage-worthy, transporting the listener directly back to their childhood. Lindsey Marie’s vocals fit in perfectly with Nanobii’s playful, upbeat take on the quintessential Disney song. Personally, I need to go rewatch Hercules right. now.

Since the release of “Shelter” a year ago, there have been a plethora of creative takes the iconic Porter Robinson and Madeon collaboration. The track has been converted into every genre imaginable, and future bass — being insanely popular right now — accounted for many of them. Here with a completely different future bass take on “Shelter” are Frankie Sanchez and vocalist Cenji, who have given the song a completely fresh feel. Cenji’s vocals are deep and haunting, and Sanchez complements the vocals perfectly with understated beats and a subtle piano. It’s a beautiful rendition.

I’ve been following Rob Gasser for a few years, and each release of his has impressed me more than the last. He’s developed so much as a producer, and I look forward to everything he puts out, no matter the genre. His latest is a drum & bass remix of Chime’s “Wait For It.” With a playful, Wave Racer-esque intro with trippy vocals and racing synths, he ushers the listener into a summer-splashed rework of the track. As a total sucker for drum & bass, I fell in love immediately.

Though Dancing Astronaut covered this collaboration when it came out, I can’t NOT plug it again. As a fan of Fox Stevenson‘s since before he was Fox Stevenson (Stan SB, anyone?) I have enjoyed watching as he releases songs of all genres and build up a loyal fan base. When he announced he had a collaboration with Ookay coming out on Monstercat, I was ecstatic. It’s every bit as good as I could’ve hoped for. With tantalizing vocals from Stevenson and a ear-catching melody, this is guaranteed to be a favorite of mine for months to come.

When No Copyright Sounds released Phantom Sage‘s new EP a few days ago, one track really stood out to me.”When I’m Gone” features a gorgeous piano melody and nostalgic vocals, and I can’t stop listening. The vibe of it is similar to a Madeon song, which is probably what drew me to it. Phantom Sage is ridiculously talented and has produced a wide range of remixes and singles that have all been astounding. The 19-year-old is one to watch.

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Porter Robinson’s seminal ‘Worlds’ is now three years old

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Three years ago this month, Porter Robinson unleashed an iconic collection of songs that for many defined an era of electronic music.

Robinson released Worlds on Aug. 12, 2014. The 12-track compilation, highlighted by standout tracks like “Sad Machine” and “Sea of Voices,” topped the Billboard charts that year and was enthusiastically received by Robinson’s fan base and the dance music scene alike.

Worlds, Robinson’s debut studio-length album, marked a shift — somewhat unexpectedly — in his music from heavy electro to a more alternative form of electronic music. Tracks like “Flicker” brilliantly showed the influence Japanese culture had on Robinson’s work, while “Lionhearted” with Urban Cone delivered more of a synthpop feel to the album. Fans of previous emotion-packed hits like “Language” weren’t totally lost in this new feel from Robinson, however. Worlds elegantly emulated the beauty of Robinson’s music and perfectly showcased his incomparable emotive style.

What’s perhaps more interesting is the fact that Worlds represented a massive left turn for the producer at the time. Up until its release, he was something of an electro house wunderkind. To so aggressively abandon that sound for something else, something pioneering would in and of itself be an accomplishment of artistic growth. To pull it off so astoundingly, however, raises Worlds and Robinson himself into another stratosphere was a musician.

Since Worlds, Robinson has kept busy. The release of “Shelter” with French producer Madeon, its anime music video, and the accompanying tour had Robinson flying all over the globe performing a glorious blend of his and Madeon’s music, much to the delight of fans who have been vying for the two to work together for years.

From “Say My Name” in 2010 to the wild Shelter tour, Robinson has proven time and time again that his music mastery knows no limits. At only 25 years old, the producer is sure to thrill us for many years to come.

Revisit the quintessential album below.

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Porter Robinson – Language (Inukshuk Cover)

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Hi I’m Ghost Re-work)

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Infusing exotic elements and blissfully distorted vocals into the world renown collaborative piece, “Shelter,” producers Porter Robinson and Madeon co-created a wonderfully colorful track that has won over the hearts of millions. With such a mesmerizing and rich sound, the chance to remix “Shelter” has been a treat for artists such as Mat Zo and Robotaki.

Newcomers Thiago Nunez and Nathan Davis, who comprise Hi I’m Ghost, have taken the plunge to render their own spin on the notable anthem, taking the piece one step further with a more mellifluous production than their standard fare.

Although the build is prolonged by a more downtempo soft filter, adding an uplifting sweetness to the track, layers of melodic future bass sound complement an exaggerated rugged bass line. With samples from Madeon’s “Pay No Mind,” “You’re On,” and Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine,” Hi I’m Ghost pay tribute to many of the legendary artists’ songs while staying true to the main structure of their “Shelter” remix.

Taking the collaborative classic to new heights, Hi I’m Ghost flaunt their creative juices with fervor, showing off their distinct, skillful, and promising potential.

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Robotaki releases his remix of Porter Robinson & Madeon’s ‘Shelter’

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Slushii Remix)

Porter Robinson shares video teaser of his and Madeon’s ‘Sea of Voices’ edit

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Porter Robinson and Madeon recently announced that their Coachella appearance would be the final stop of their wildly successful Shelter tour.  As disappointing as the tour’s ephemerality is to many fans, its conclusion is bittersweet, allowing the two prodigious artists to return to the studio and take some well-deserved time off the road.

Throughout the Shelter tour, Porter Robinson has shared glimpses of their performances, which tease his and Madeon’s live edits of each other’s songs, which build the foundation of the sets themselves. In a Facebook post which laconically states, “the shelter live tour is coming to a close. europe/australia/japan/coachella/end,” Robinson uploaded a video which gives his followers a brief peek of a Shelter performance, set to the correlating live edit of “Sea of Voices.”

Robinson originally released “Sea of Voices” in early 2014 to announce the stylistic departure he would be undertaking with his then-unreleased debut album, Worlds. The Shelter edit of the song retains the somber ethereality of its ancestor, but revitalizes its slow tempo with enlivening drums and blithe auditory gesticulations.

View the teaser in the above video player.

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Porter Robinson & Madeon are reportedly releasing a ‘Shelter’ mini-album in Japan

Watch this electrifying drum cover of Porter Robinson & Madeon’s ‘Shelter’

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There is a certain quality within the music of Porter Robinson and Madeon that inspires creative fans to offer up their own creative covers of the artists’ works. Take, for example, the fan-made recreation of the duo’s live mashup of “Easy” with “Pay No Mind.” Or, perhaps, the classical reinterpretation of Robinson’s Worlds hit, “Sad Machine.” Indeed, the number of fan-made recreations of Porter Robinson’s work alone is incredibly extensive. So extensive, in fact, that there could very well be more widely-circulated covers of the his original tracks on the Internet than there are Porter Robinson tracks to even cover.

The latest tribute to the two young producers’ work comes in the form of a rhythmic revitalization from drummer Matt McGuire. On his YouTube channel, McGuire has an extensive array of percussive reinterpretations of popular producers’ songs, ranging from Illenium’s remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” to Skrillex and Rick Ross’s “Purple Lamborghini.” Through intricate hi-hat flutters and rapid-fire drum rolls, McGuire has complemented Porter Robinson and Madeon’s hit with an energy that successfully enlivens the original production, rather than overshadowing it.

Watch Matt McGuire’s “Shelter” drum cover below:

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Porter Robinson & Madeon are reprtedly releasing a ‘Shelter’ mini-album in Japan

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Keen redditors have happened upon a bit of news coming out of Japan that brings immense joy to Porter Robinson and Madeon fans. Though the Shelter tour is ending after Coachella, a preorder link from Japan reveals that the minds behind the magic will be releasing a “Mini Album” in mid-February that features ten favorites from their own repertoires which have been favorites from the tour thus far, in addition to five remixes. Highlights of the album include the title track “Shelter,” “Sad Machine,” “Pay No Mind,” and the Mat Zo remix to “Flicker.” The album is sold in a bundle which includes a CD, a blu-ray of Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” anime, and a flag based on the film.

“Shelter” began as an anime-infused, eclectic collaboration from Porter and Madeon, before the two announced they’d be touring together under the name shortly after the track’s release. The song and its accompanying tour proved to be a moment in the dance music canon of 2016, bringing about countless sold out shows across the United States and internationally. View the artwork for the “Shelter” mini-album below, as well as an English translation of the album’s tracklist.

porter robinson madeon shelter mini album


Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Mat Zo Remix)
Porter Robinson – Sad Machine
Madeon – You’re On (Feat. Kaan)
Porter Robinson – Flicker
Madeon – Pay No Mind (Feat. Passion Pit)
Madeon – Nonsense (Feat. Mark Foster)
Porter Robinson – Divinity (Feat. Amy Milan)
Madeon – Home
Porter Robinson – Goodbye to a World
Porter Robinson – Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)
Madeon – Pay No Mind feat. Passion · Pit (Yasutaka Nakata ‘Capsule’ Remix)
Porter Robinson – Fresh Static Snow (Last Island Remix)
Madeon – You’re On (Oliver Remix)
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Piano Version)

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Porter Robinson and Madeon announce European and Australian tour dates for ‘Shelter Live’

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Porter Robinson and Madeon have garnered significant traction over the last several months with their collaborative “Shelter” live tour. The performance, which sees the two prodigious talents providing live edits to each other’s original productions, has been met with tremendous success in the United States on both a commercial and critical level.

Now, the duo are bringing their show to an international stage. Robinson and Madeon have announced a new leg of their tour which will visit Europe and Australia early in 2017. On February 7, the two artists will begin their endeavor abroad in London, prior to visiting Amsterdam and Paris. The pair will commence their Australian cycle in Brisbane on February 24, before bringing their show to Sydney and Melbourne in the following two days.

View the details for this leg of the tour in full below.

porter robinson madeon shelter live eu aus dates

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Mat Zo has remixed Porter Robinson & Madeon’s ‘Shelter’

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