Seven Lions leads the pack on SLANDER, Dabin collaborative track, ‘First Time’

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Seven Lions leads the pack on SLANDER, Dabin collaborative track, ‘First Time’Seven Lions First Time 1

When it comes to euphoric, transcendent bass music, Seven Lions has essentially cornered the market. The American producer’s insatiable musical repertoire and stylistic reach (spanning dubstep, trance, electro, and progressive house) is nearly as full-bodied as his languorous head of hair—and that’s saying something. 

Most recently, while amid his The Journey 2 Tour, Seven Lions has invited SLANDER and Dabin  for a joint release, “First Time,” featuring vocalist, Dylan Matthew, on his very own Ophelia Records. The track encompasses Seven Lions’s overpoweringly euphoric variety of melodic chill-step, with his hallmark stop-and-go synth patches, slapping snares, utopian melodicism.

Similarly, Dabin (a repeat offender on Ophelia) and the SLANDER duo have also been carrying out their own auspicious endeavors. SLANDER just signed on with NGHTMRE, to form their very own label, GUD VIBRATIONS, fashioned from the threesome’s cornerstone collaboration of the same name. Dabin has been dabbling in revitalizing his experiential productions with more live instrumentation, while performing alongside some top-notch electronic talents like Illenium and Said The Sky.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 57

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 57Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

Seven Lions is a master at building cinematic, picturesque soundscapes. When “Dreamin’” with Fiora came out in July, listeners were enraptured with the blissful beauty of the vocals layered over Seven Lions’ production. The artist just revealed a three-track set of remixes for the track, featuring a drum & bass take by Mazare, a trance remix by Sunny Lax, and melodic dubstep version by Last Heroes. While each one brings something refreshing to the table, Mazare’s drum & bass rendition is particularly entrancing. It’s subtle but strong — my favorite kind of music.

QUIX continues his consistent release schedule with a future bass-meets-trap power piece with Jaden Michaels. The contrast in this track is  jarring — but in a good way. While Michaels’ vocals can be tender at times, she amps up the power in sync with QUIX, who builds into a series of gut-punching drops over the course of the song. This was intentional. “I especially wanted this track to be remembered  for having a powerful first drop and a hard second drop,” he notes in the track’s description.

Hunter Siegel has been churning out a series of genre-spanning tracks this year, ranging in classification from hip-hop to house to electro. His latest, though, dives deep into the bass house realm. He teams up with Seelo for a searing bass-backed heater called “12 Gauge” on Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats imprint. With feisty vocals and an overpowering dosage of bass, these two have crafted a short but engaging piece of work, encouraging a late-night dance floor fiend to “pump ya body like 12 gauge shotty.”

Talk about a talented trio of artists. Bearson links up with Lemaitre and josh pan for this stunning original, “It’s Not This.” Though seemingly simple, this laid-back track is backed by crisp production, a mellow beat, and a moving melody. Though summer ends officially tomorrow, songs like “It’s Not This” show the timeless quality of sun-soaked rhythms and vocals.

Dutch downtempo producer Allay just released an ethereal collection of tracks, Journey Of The Velvet Adorned Nomad. As mystical-sounding as the LP title, Allay delivers “Adrift In the Borderless Sea” with Rod V. This six-minute venture is ushered in by a saintly set of synths that crescendo into a haunting melody. Its enigmatic qualities draw the listener in immediately, leading them into a song that’s rich in light percussion and lush piano themes.

Seven Lions expands palette on new EP, ‘Start Again’

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Seven Lions expands palette on new EP, ‘Start Again’Seven Lions Start Again EP

Summer of 2018 brought forth a new chapter for Seven Lions, who introduced his new label Ophelia Records to the world. Its first release saw him sign fellow Anjunabeats alumnus Jason Ross for a norm-defying, melodic dubstep number. Now, the founder himself has officially christened the nascent project with a four-tracker EP titled Start Again.

The EP receives assistance from Fiora, whose voice is well-known in the dance music arena. Her touch was first heard in the euphoric “Dreamin’,” which doubled as a teaser for what was to come. “Start Again” is equally sentimental, bittersweet melodies and gentle off-beat sways leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

After Dark” followed “Dreamin’” as a precursor to Start Again, and saw Seven Lions throwing in a bit of psy flavor once again into his work. This is a theme he’s explored before to much success. He steps outside his signature sound and into the 4/4 realm with finesse, crafting equally enjoyable pieces to the rest of the record. The EP closes with a light, “Let Go,” whose calming melodies listen like a weight off one’s chest. Overall, Seven Lions has a well-rounded record on his hands.


Seven Lions surprises with new psytrance collaboration, ‘After Dark’

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Seven Lions surprises with new psytrance collaboration, ‘After Dark’Seven Lions After Dark

Seven Lions reunites with esteemed vocalist Fiora and teams up with Israeli producer Blastoyz for new release “After Dark.” The release showcases a new direction for Seven Lions’ productions.

Fiora’s enthralling vocals have a mysterious twist with echoing chords resonating during the track’s build. The song takes a very surprising turn during the drop, falling into a hectic psytrance high energy beat. This is undoubtedly thanks to collaborator Blastoyz’s influence, since he is known for his psytrance releases.

“After Dark” is the second single off of Seven Lions’ forthcoming EP, which is out via his own imprint Ophelia. He will also be stopping on a 42-stop North American tour, for those who would like to witness the track performed live.

Seven Lions unveils two-track remix pack for ‘Oceans’

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Fans of Jeff Montalvo’s emotive line of dubstep certainly have no reason to fret as Seven Lions has been on the prowl lately. With a 42-stop Journey 2 tour ahead of him, along with the launch of his own record label, Ophelia, and several new releases under his belt this year, Montalvo has become a gentle predator and 2018 is his prey.

Earlier this year, Seven Lions released one of his newly minted cornerstone tracks, “Ocean,” with Jason Ross and Jonathan Mendelsohn. He now unveils a powerful remix package for the single, featuring reinterpretations of the track from Au5 and Grant. Colorado-based producer Au5 brings an electrifying twist to the original, resulting in a glitchy-bass rendition of the track. On the other side of the coin is the upbeat, refreshing jolt of color and pop sensibility that Grant brings to “Ocean,” resulting in a version sure to be a summertime fan favorite.

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, and Au5 will all be hitting the road together this fall on The Journey 2 tour, along with additional support from MitiS.

Seven Lions, Kill The Noise, Tritonal, & Haliene combine for the stunning ‘Horizon’

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Seven LionsKill The NoiseTritonal, and HALIENE just released an instant classic, “Horizon.” The track, which has made appearances all of the artist’s live sets for months now, is a beautifully anthemic ballad with all the twists and turns of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

A cinematic and hypnotic opening draws listeners immediately in, buttressed with HALIENE’s angelic vocals and deep lyrics. The first drop leads into a beautifully blended whirlwind of synths and swirling melodies coming together in perfect pandemonium. At the song’s second drop, one is taken into a fantastically different direction with a wonky and wonderful display of half-time bass, along with glittering video game synths and arpeggiated chords that are akin to a Porter Robinson track.

Finally, “Horizons” takes a precipitous turn toward DnB-imbued terrain with an impressive finale design that explores speedier tempos and brisk drum work. The track is illuminating, incredibly dynamic, and yet cleanly packaged into a carefully designed masterpiece that is sure to ignite dance floors and festival main stages for years to come. Fans will assuredly be witnessing the song’s magical energy from Seven Lions, Kill The Noise, and HALIENE at EDC Las Vegas this weekend.

Monstercat to revamp EDC Vegas Art Car

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Just in time for one of EDM’s most quintessential weekends, independent label and omnipresent force in the electronic music domain, Monstercat has released the lineup for its second curation of EDC Vegas‘ Kalliope Art Car on May 19.

Monstercat’s sensational first year at the 2017 Art Car featured a wildly attended set from Kayzo. This year, the Canadian imprint has a carefully crafted caravan of artists in tow as it makes its way back to the Kalliope Car. In addition to well-versed Monstercat acts like Pegboard Nerds, Seven Lions, and Snavs, the lineup features noteworthy back-to-back sets from the likes of Modestep, Fox Stevenson, Eliminate, and Myro, as well as an undoubtedly hardcore set with Darren Styles and Gammer to close the night.

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Seven Lions – Without You My Love ft Rico & Miella (Myon Definitive Mix)

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Hungarian producer, Myon, has released a euphoric mix of Seven Lions‘ “Without You My Love” featuring Rico and Miella. Myon’s take features dreamy, melodic chords, vibrant beats, and is tied together by uplifting vocals. The piece is a colorful medley of sound, showcasing Myon’s innovative style which is categorized by heavenly notes contrasted with deeper undertones.

Myon has garnered support for his distinct progressive trance tone, which brings an alluring vibe to every one of his tracks. He is also known for working with Shane 54 on several hits such as “Strangers” featuring Tove Lo and “Under Your Cloud.” Whether he is collaborating with other artists, or producing solo, Myon brings an irresistible dynamic energy that has captivated listeners across the world.

Seven Lions returns with two new tracks in tow

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Seven Lions

Seven Lions continues to fortify his newly founded Ophelia label via the release of “Ocean” and “The Sirens,” both of which succeed “Calling You Home,” the very first production to make its Ophelia debut. Fans of the producer will recognize “Ocean” as a staple of Seven Lions sets. “‘Ocean’ is one of the tracks that I’ve been playing out for awhile and people have been asking about,” Seven Lions says of the track. The artist touts “Ocean” as “the most talked about unreleased song [of his catalogue] in awhile.”

“Ocean” places Jonathan Mendelsohn on vocal duties, layering Mendelsohn’s vocal contribution atop a melody that rises and falls with both balance and precision, making for one of Seven Lions’ most polished releases yet.

Seven Lions and Jason Ross unite on “The Sirens,” a point of sonic contrast for “Ocean.” A collaboration that conveys the strength of Seven Lions and Ross’ co-productive effort,“The Sirens” dwells in an inherently darker mood space in its embodiment of sharly implemented, punching psy-step percussion and inverted vocal elements.

H/T: Billboard

Seven Lions debuts first track, ‘Calling You Home,’ on his new label

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Calling you home

Seven Lions is the rare artist with an ability to captivate electronic music enthusiasts across multiple genres. From trance fans to dubstep lovers, the producer has something for everyone. His newest single “Calling You Home,” featuring Runn, certainly has the capacity to appeal to a diverse group of fans as well with its mystical vibe.

Runn’s vocals are a focal point of the track, but pulsing basslines with dramatic breaks and builds captivate the listener to their chore. The release comes on the heels of Seven Lions’ launch of his own record label, Ophelia. “Calling You Home” is the label’s inaugural release, and if this track characterizes what we can expect from future releases on Ophelia, fans will certainly have a new destination to curate great playlists from.