San Holo shares epic and emotive new Caspian collab, ‘surface,’ from upcoming debut LP

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San Holo shares epic and emotive new Caspian collab, ‘surface,’ from upcoming debut LPSan Solo Caspian Collab Surface

After months of buildup, the wait for San Holo‘s highly anticipated debut album is finally almost over. In the days leading up to the release, the bitbird label boss has been piecing out tracks from the LP, with the most recent being a melancholic collab with Duskus called “Forever Free.” With just a short work week between music fans and the first-ever San Holo album, the artist has shared what could be his emotional track yet: a majestic collaboration with Massachusetts-based post-rock band Caspian titled “surface.”

The song begins in a bed of pillowy synths and Caspian vocals that delivers major Porter Robinson Worlds-esque sonic flavor. Robotic harmonies flow into a detuned lead line that instills an instant sense of longing in the listener. The build erupts into a San Holo-helmed drop, combining arena rock drums with a wall of elevating pads and vocal textures. The song pauses momentarily on a delicate breakdown of acoustic guitar and sweeping strings, before the epic chorus begins again. The collaboration brings the best out of both artists, and promises a project bursting with creativity and emotion when San Holo’s album1 drops in full Friday, Sept. 21.

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San Holo revs his engine on ‘forever free’ just ahead of full album drop

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San Holo revs his engine on ‘forever free’ just ahead of full album dropSan Holo Forever Free 1

San Holo represents all that is airy and luminous within the electronic circuit, with indelible tracks like “Light” and “We Rise” succeeding in nestling listeners atop his effervescent cloud of sonic serenity. Simply because fans can always find Holo where the light is (John Mayer patrons, interpret as you will) doesn’t mean the Dutch producer can’t be forceful. His latest, featuring Duskus, “forever free,” is less like a lullaby and more like a house-driven journey through an enchanted wood.

Set for a September 21 release date on his self-housed bitbird label, Holo’s forthcoming album1 will include “forever free,” as well as the menagerie of other tracks he’s rolled out in anticipation for the new project. The new technicolor track turns a somehow soothingly driving kaleidoscope before the listener’s unsuspecting eye, patiently leading into the fervent chorus with wispy guitar plucks and halcyon, pitch-distorted vocal chops. “forever free” is a dance party in the trees beyond earth’s periphery.

San Holo primes for debut album release with luminous mini mix [Watch]

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San Holo primes for debut album release with luminous mini mix [Watch]San Holo Slam Mini Mi Video

As San Holo gears up to release his long-anticipated debut LP, album1, the future bass star dropped off a fresh mini mix to prime ears for the album’s landing. The video sees the producer rip through hits including “We Rise” and an epic remix of “Light” courtesy of bitbird label mate EASTGHOST. As expected, there are also tasty IDs to be discovered amongst the fan favorites as well.

With previously released album singles “Brighter Days” representing big in the set alongside the artist’s classics, the set is the latest clue that album1 has the potential makings of a future bass opus. On top of the September 21 album drop, San Holo is set to crush Red Rocks alongside Big Gigantic and DROELOE, dazzle crowds at Austin City Limits festival, and hit cities across North America on an extensive fall tour. With all that in mind, it’s safe to say San Holo season is just getting started.

San Holo’s long-awaited debut LP, ‘album1,’ gets track list and release date

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San Holo’s long-awaited debut LP, ‘album1,’ gets track list and release dateSan Holo Album1 Announcement

San Holo has announced juicy details of his long-awaited debut album, giving the project an official September 21 release date and a full track list. Fittingly titled album1, the LP will alive via the prolific producer’s own bitbird imprint. The lo-fi bass don earned a loyal following on the strength of lush and melodic hits like “Light” and “We Rise,” as well as a label fanbase thirsty for the latest carefully curated talent. A years-in-the-making San Holo full-length vision with complete creative freedom is a tantalizing prospect. Recently shared singles including the post-rock flirtations of “Wonder,” and the breezy stylings of “brighter days” promise a diverse journey of moods and genre blending spanning the entirety of San Holo’s sonic universe.

As the producer prepares to embark on a heavy fall touring schedule to support the upcoming debut, he took a moment to share the personal importance of the project with fans.

“For the last year my life has revolved around writing and producing my debut album,” said San Holo via Twitter. “I’m so happy I get to finally share it with all of you.”

The shared track list promises 12 songs, including features from Duskus and indie rock stalwarts Caspian. Experience the album in person when the artist’s North American fall tour kicks off October 31.

Check out San Holo’s Airbnb studio in new ‘brighter days’ lyric video with Bipolar Sunshine

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Check out San Holo’s Airbnb studio in new ‘brighter days’ lyric video with Bipolar SunshineSan Holo Brighter Days

Almost anywhere can prove be a creative recording space. Ever wonder what it was like to record in an Airbnb? Get a behind-the-scenes look on that experience in the new lyric video for San Holo‘s latest single “brighter days” featuring English vocalist Bipolar Sunshine. The video includes footage of San Holo’s instrumental/production elements in real time as well as some vocal takes from Sunshine, with an added retro filter for effect. Yet, at the end of the day, it’s really showcasing two friends just hanging out, having fun, and making music — a concept that’s often over-looked in the recording process. To give the video some context, San Holo had some remarks in its description,

“One of my favorite parts about writing album1 was being able to invite friends and all kinds of musicians over to my Airbnb at Vestal Avenue. Bipolar Sunshine was one of the people that stopped by. We wrote and recorded the whole song in two sessions.”

Look out for the Dutch producer’s upcoming record album1, which will be accompanied by an impending tour of the same name to cap off 2018.

San Holo taps Bipolar Sunshine for breezy new collaboration, ‘brighter days’

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San Holo taps Bipolar Sunshine for breezy new collaboration, ‘brighter days’San Holo Brighter Days

San Holo has teamed up with Bipolar Sunshine on his latest for some minimalist magic on “brighter days.” The track arrives via San Holo’s own Bitbird imprint, with airy vocal textures and wistful low-fi production that perfectly soundtracks that bittersweet late summer feeling. The single is one of just a handful of new originals from the “Light” producer since his 2017 EP The Trip, as he ramps up promotion for his impending new LP, album1. 

The song sees San Holo exercise a deft and delicate touch from the opening notes. Bipolar Sunshine knows his way around an electronic track, with past features on releases from Lane 8 and DJ Snake. His voice is the perfect costar to San Holo’s vibrant, relaxed production. Unlike past hits from the producer, the track offers no blasting sub or trap-influenced drop in a welcomed stylistic switch up. Vocal chops and warm 808s pack weight, without edge or aggression. When the rounded and echoing melody gives way to a kick driven chorus, it’s easy to picture this one fitting in perfectly to a laid back, grassy mid-afternoon DJ set.

San Holo releases a soothing lyric video for ‘lift me off the ground’ [WATCH]

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San Holo releases a soothing lyric video for ‘lift me off the ground’ [WATCH]San Holo

San Holo proved long before his breakout single “Light” soared close to a top ten spot on Billboard‘s Hot Dance/Electronic charts that he was going to be one of electronic music’s strongest torch carriers for the foreseeable future. However, since that time, future bass, like any popular dance genre, experienced a considerable wave of saturation, leaving San wanting to recreate his sound to find that originality he so adored, once more. This urge led him back to one of his first loves, the guitar, where he realized he could switch out synths for acoustic instruments and therefore create a whole new style, while staying in the electronic soundscape.

Thus, San Holo starts to present his next chapter with his upcoming debut album, where he’s aiming to take all of his experiences and melt them down into sonically beautiful original works. On the album’s first singles “lift me from the ground” featuring Sofie Winters and “worthy,” San Holo shows off his new style with incorporates his songwriting and vocal skills. San Holo explains,

“‘lift me from the ground’  is a very poppy dance track in the footsteps of my previously released songs, ‘Light’ and ‘We Rise.’  After I added in guitars, it is really the hybrid/transition to full electronic and this new sound that I am doing.”

Now fans have the perfect compliment to “lift me from the ground,” in the form of a lyric video that might as well be a full music video. San is seen lifted from the ground, soaring through different landscapes, as lyrics swirl and delicate atmospherics take over the speakers, giving an exciting preview to the album’s visual aesthetic.

San Holo officially shares two singles off upcoming ‘album1’

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San Holo officially shares two singles off upcoming ‘album1’San Holo

Turn on any future bass playlist, and San Holo‘s name is likely to make an appearance. The Dutch producer quickly stole hearts in the low end of the dance spectrum with his breakthrough hit “Light,” and other supremely mellifluous singles like “I Still See Your Face,” and “Right Here, Right Now.” On top of his studio successes and busy tour schedule, he also runs a very successful bitbird label, which as of late has been signing on quite a lot of experimental talent that potentially points out a new chapter for the imprint.

Bitbird’s foray into the experimental side of bass, it turns out, could also be taken as an indicator that San Holo himself is going through a change. Per a recent interview with Billboard, he stated that he was “on the quest for new music.” He reaffirmed this assertion sonically, satisfying fans’ hunger for new music with two vastly different tracks titled “worthy,” and “lift me from the ground. These are the first from his highly-anticipated, album1.

“Wonder” shows off the producer’s softer side and harkens to a personal moment for the producer between himself and an old flame where the question of personal contentment came up. We hear the internal conversation in this song, which flirts with post rock and electronica as it trips over bittersweet guitar riffs and scenic orchestral accents. A vocoded voice repeating the lyrics, “tell me, ‘Am I worth it?’” leads into a blissful conclusion, where it feels the ultimate resolution is that yes, the subject is “worth it.”

San Holo goes harder in “lift me off the ground,” which is a collaborative number with Sofie Winterson. It evokes a soaring effect with celestial synthwork and Hammock-esque guitar accent, packing in dancefloor-appropriate drops that add an extra layer of catchiness to the finished product. Though closer to what one might expect to hear from San Holo, “lift me off the ground” is still quite distinguished from his previous works, and opens the door to more explorative performances in the future. We’re looking forward to hearing what else is in store for album1.



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Crankdat spins some fresh IDs in new Diplo and Friends mix

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Crankdat spins some fresh IDs in new Diplo and Friends mix

Christian Smith, a.k.a. Crankdat became a breakout star through remixes for Zeds Dead, Jaden Smith, San Holo, and more. In addition, he’s added some equally successful originals to the portfolio, with his most recent being “Need Somebody.” Now, it seems this positive traction has caught Diplo‘s attention, as the rising producer has officially made his debut on BBC Radio 1’s Diplo & Friends.

Fans are in for a big treat here, as the bass-heavy mix features a wide array of fresh IDs from the Cleveland born DJ. He also blends famed remixes with throwbacks, hip-hop — including tracks by Kanye West and Lil Pump — and dance music anthems such as Galantis‘ “Runaway” and Calvin Harris‘ “Summer” (mashed up with some trap-y goodness). The hour long mix is ever-changing and will make listeners wonder where the time went.

Crankdat is currently on his “Outcast” tour, hitting stops all over the globe leading up to an Electric Zoo 2018 performance come Labor Day Weekend.


Featured Image taken from Crankdat’s Facebook

San Holo – Right Here, Right Now (Saint WKND Remix)

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Saint WKND

Few can create future bass in the utterly euphoric manner that San Holo can. The now-iconic producer has a way with melodies that tugs at the heart strings without feeling too contrived or cheesy — such is the case once more with his summery Taska Black collaboration “Right Here, Right Now.”

Among those chosen to re-work the new single was Saint WKND, who’s been making waves in the deep sphere out of his homeland of Germany. He preserves the original’s sunny output, but does so in a way completely his own, pitching down the vocals and amping up the bass grooves to create a satisfying, funk-driven record. Though short in length, Saint WKND effectively creates an afterglow in his rendition that lasts well past the song’s ending.